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Pos Laju / claimed fake attempt of delivery

1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Review updated:

My parcel did not reach me. On Thursday 3/1/2019 they claimed that they made an attempt but the premise was closed.. I saw the online status which was around 7pm whereby I was still at office waiting.

I immediately made a call to the toll free number (1300) and they arranged a second time delivery for the next working day Friday 4/1/219. I had clearly mentioned to put a remark to call when the person arrives and also double checked the address.

It's a office building, common sense, a guard will not know the name of thousands of employees working there. Which is why there is a column to give your phone number. So you expect a call and you go down and pick it up.

Obviously I did not receive any call. I it was about 3pm, I made a call to the toll free number again, and the person asked me to wait further till 6:30 pm as since its Friday, the parcels may be delivered a little later. I said ok and I patiently waited until around 6:30pm when I checked the status once more..the same status is updated around 6pm that the premise is closed. I mean are they saying we who are working inside are ghost?

I called the toll free again and explained what happened. Unbelievable he is asking me to pick it up myself. This is not the first time it's happened. The other day I had to go all the way to pick it up and it's not on my way home.. It's on a total opposite direction. By the way why are we paying postage fee then?

After much arguement, he said that he can't promise or guarantee that they will attempt delivery once more on Monday 7/1/2019. The best part is that from his side, in his view of the report, the postmen claims that he has tried CAlling me but no one answered and there is no such person exist. How lame.. No one called. I am more than willing to provide any proof for that.

I'm so disappointed with the service of the staffs. Because of some, the entire entity gets the bad name. We trust pos laju and this is the service we get?

What kind of work ethic is this? If no action is taken and no investigation is conducted In this matter, I will further write to the ministry to get justice of what happened. I am baffled of this behaviour.

This is not acceptable.

Pos Laju
Pos Laju
Pos Laju

Jan 4, 2019
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  • Ir
      23rd of Jan, 2019
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    Claimed fake attempt of delivery / Irresponsible postman

    I bought stuff from shopee, this has happen to me few times, but i keep silent. And now, i dont think i can be silent again. I stayed Penang before, and i never have any issue postlaju, i always received my items. Since i move in Johor, i encounter a lot of problem with poslaju.

    1, I bought item from shopee, at first they said premises closed where i know and i was at home 24hrs on that particular day, postman claimed that he call my phone but didnt get thru, i stayed in city and my phone was ON on that day, i can received others call why cant from the postman? At the end, i found that my item been deliver to someone else which is not me. How can they give the parcel to someone that is not the receiver name? IRRESPONSIBLE

    2, I am very angry when i know that postman never come to my place for delivery at all and ask me to come collect at their office with the same excuse that attempt delivery failed and etc. Think that i am a free person to go here and there? If so, what is the point im paying poslaju if i still need to collect myself? Let me do their work????

    3, No call / No notice, he just send me a notification unsuccessful delivery due to premise closed and ask me call their Hotline or come to their office to collect myself. I try to call to the hotline, invalid number / cant get thru / waited too long. I spend almost 2 hrs just trying to talk to POSLAJU people. End up, finished my phone credit and problem didnt solve.

  • Ma
      23rd of Jan, 2019
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