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D Nov 19, 2017

We were there this morning (11/19) with a 10:15 appointment. We were there a little early and Waite until 1140 before we started the picture process. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, I scheduled this time around naps and lunch. By the time we had pictures taken and look at them it was 12:30. On top of all that, the printer was broken so we didn't even get our pictures. You have everyone's phone numbers and emails, easily could have been communicated that you had someone call off and the printer was broke. My kids were very excited for pictures before we left, they were tired and miserable after 2 hours. We just wanted to leave and was told the least expensive way to get the pictures on a disk was with a 70 dollar package, I paid and we left. Now we are exploring other options to getting our pictures taken again somewhere else.

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