PoolSupplies.comSold Me Used Equipment as New

I purchased an above ground pool on-line and opted to pay an additional $999.99 for their "Premium" package. After I assembled the pool, I found that I was missing several parts for the pump and filter. I called them and they said they would FEDEX them to me. They did, however the FEDEX was not overnight, it was 3-day delivery so, my pool sat full of stagnant water for 4 days while I waited for the parts. When the parts arrived, the base unit that the pool and filter sat on was used, obvious from the dirt and rust stains on the part. When we called the company again, we were told that this was a re-conditioned part, that the company that made the filter and pump had gone out of business and this is what they had. I guess this is what I paid the extra $999.99 for obsolete, used parts. Oh, they did give me a $20 credit for my next purchase...FAT CHANCE!

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