Polarisvictory cross country.

Purchased a 2017 cross country new in end nov 2016. By December it was in the shop with check engine light. Dealer says it's the idler air control valve and to keep riding and it should not come on again after 2k miles.
I continue to ride after 2k light is on again. Back to dealer. They re flash ecu.
Coupel weeks it's bike week take of work to go. Oops check engine light on again bike in shop all week they replace ecu. miss out on bike week. Say good to go. Couple weeks later light on again. Call Polaris takes few days get in touch with support.
No answers why light still commming on. Get mechanic from dealer in touch with mechanic at factory. No answer. Dealer has no clue. Call support. Told have to wait for soft ware update not yet available. Will be available end of June. Calle support end of June. Leave messages no contact.
First of July rear of bike starts to wobble when passenger onboard.
Back to shop. Told nothing wrong. I say bull crap make them replace rear tire cost me $375.00. Call support no contact.
Fixes problem ask for old tire back. Tire has separation in tread and is coming apart.
Couple days later check engine light back on. Call support for 4 days straight till I get the support guy. Ask for supper visor get the runaround.
Bike in shop.
Have trip planed for the aug 19 supposed to ride out with a group.
Every time I get in the bike my stomach turns with disgust.
Every time I plan a trip the check engine light comes on.
I can't even enjoy the ride.
I'm so frustrated I don't even want the bike. Just give me my money back.

Aug 02, 2017

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