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Hello there, I am sorry to write this, I am usually not one to complain but I was extremely upset yesterday.. My name is Ray, I have been working on my wife for a few months on purchasing a toy for my self.. Usually everything we have goes into the kids and what they want, but this time it was my turn.. My wife and I started looking and she was wanting to by a can am, but I talked her into purchasing an rzr.
So Thursday was the day, we got off work, went and picked the one I wanted (which was in a where house with cars all around it so couldn't get a good look at it (close to closing time) . We went ahead and did all the financing, signed all the papers, and said I would be back tomorrow afternoon when I got off work. I received a call that the car was outside and ready to be picked up. I gave my side job I had scheduled away to someone else to be able to come pick up my brand new rzr.. I showed up to pick up the car, and was very upset when I saw the condition of the new cage on the rzr. The cage was scratched banged up and chipped in several spots, then the service guy at Ridenow Power Sports comes out to take the car for a final check.
Ok, the car wasn't ready? Hmmm.. I know that has nothing to do with polaris, but what does, was the cage..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Peoria, AZwhen I brought the cage issues to there attention, it was an issue from Polaris? They blamed it on poor create job.. ok fine, they were going to replace it with another cage from another car . Now I am getting bitter.. I just lost out on $400 in side work which is to help pay for things.. i return srveral hours later, I find over spray on the car from there attempt to paint the nickel size chip out of the corner of the cage. According to them, all the cages they have for this car have damage to them because of the way they are boxed together for shipping.. if this is true, what else is hidden and damaged from the create process and shipping? They claim they will order a new cage, but they wouldn't give me anything in writing.. now what do I do? This car was a big deal for me.. this is the first time in my life that I have purchased anything new for myself( other then clothes and shoes of course).
Here is my issue... the cage.. for the cage to be damaged, is it now unsafe for my kids to be in? For the cage to be hit in the bend hard enough to chip off the powder coat, or what ever it is, i am not 100% sure it is.. they sanded the spot tried to paint it, up can still see the 2 dings in the metal that obviously was a factory issue (from what they said) what do I do from here?

Polaris Industries
Polaris Industries

Mar 24, 2018

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