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New 2016 razor bought, first time rode off road, power steering went out and over heated. Polaris will not cover this under warranty do to rode in dusty and muddy conditions. If you can not ride an off road utv in the conditions its made for, off road, all terrain then they have a bad product and make the consumer pay for their bad product. Will not buy another polaris, be warned and buy anything except a polaris.

Oct 02, 2015
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      Nov 10, 2017

    I very much agree I hate to have more laws on the books but if Not only Polaris but other giants of the Industry like BRP, Artic, Yamaha don't want to warrenty a ATV or Snowmobile when its a purpose Built product They should Not be allowed to sell in that State and in Fact that brings up another Item, Std warrentys basically 1-riding season not a true full 12 Months of actual use at least in the North/East or Mid West. Mfgs should be required to Warrenty 2- years in states that units cannot be ridden year Around.
    ( Of coarse the Exceptions if Customer is proven to put a ATV in Mud/Water so deep that's gets into Air Intake or into vent lines) or bend / break chassis componets or expect Warry from total abuse or Racing then I would side with Mfg. Same goes for Snowmobile guys to take Sled sink it in water and expect Warry weeks or months latter then no-way But with today's technoligy so advanced the mfgs could put a tracer substance in ECU brain box, Air Intakes, Instruments, to see if water caused issue, And with Computers they can run History programs to see RPM and Temps of Engines and they set ECU to limit engine performance if getting too hot so we could not hurt the Engine. Polaris should stop the standard (out of Warrenty line )and become an Industry Leader in the Warrenty dept. Oh i forgot since 2000, too many big Exectives making big money, Polaris would rather Denni any possible problem, case in point 800 Snowmobiles more than 1-2 model years ( Grow up Polaris your Warrenty dept does not go out of its way to help any Customer or darn few in my experience, yes some exceptions. I think Polaris should have Roving Warranty Reps.To at-least stop at dealers & talk to Customers check 1st hand whats going on, Much like car mfgs do.Signed a 64 year Customer supporter of Polaris thanks V/r DC.

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