PokerStars.comaccount frozen

To whom it may concern

Yesterday i logged into my laptop and opened to send an email to pokerstars support to delete my account.
but my mistake i sent it from my father email which is assigned to another account at pokerstars.
now they have blocked his account instead of mine.
but in the email i very well stated the username to be closed which does not match the email it was sent from .
so the email used to request to close account wa***** is not wa***** emails but my father email who also has an account in pokerstars .

my father and i have been sending email to the support team explaining to them the error that had happend . and we only got one reply after 5 hours .

till now my father username is frozen .

we have sent many emails . from my username as well as my father .
we are ready to provide any credential they ask for

please let us know what we should do next

Jan 09, 2017

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