Pokerstars / freezing my money and won't release it to me.

?, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
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I was playing a tournament that I paid cash for. All of a sudden I was disconnected and couldn't finish the game. I immediately sent an email to pokerstars and they told me that I was hacked and now I need to send them a picture of my identification that is clear and show all pertinent information. I gave them my phone number for they asked for it. They never have called me. I asked for a number that I could but still no response. They say they want to work with me but they don't. They have made me feel like a criminal and I have had this account for several years. They could ask me questions about my initial sign up. But they just keep sending back same email and I don't even know if its from they. I even asked them where I could go to make a complaint against them but they have ignored that. What can we do. My money is for less than $4). Canadian, but its the principle not the amoumt!

Dec 15, 2015

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