[Resolved] PODS / lack of communication, responsiveness

Our POD was scheduled to be delivered on Friday. When it came, the door was jammed and unable to be opened. The delivery driver, Glenn, told us he would be returning it to storage and they could possibly deliver it again within a couple of days. We asked to return the lock on to the unit and he declined. For the next three days, we heard little to no information about the status of our POD despite 1-3 phone calls per day. During each phone call, the agent would attempt to call the storage unit, they would not answer, and then the agent would go on to say there was little they could do. Upon asking if I should drive to the unit myself, I was told 'no.' On Tuesday, we heard from a friend who was receiving a POD that he had the same driver as we did who was talking to him about our POD. The driver stated to our friend that our POD had been opened 10 inches and they were still working on it. This through-the grapevine gossip by the driver from a friend was more than we had heard from the company itself in days, despite numerous attempts at more information. Upon continued phone calls, we finally heard that the pod had been opened on Wednesday. However, they would not deliver it until Friday (meaning we did not have out things for an additional week and our POD had been sitting without a lock) and we were told we had to go pick up our lawn mower and grill from storage ourselves, despite paying for all of our things to be delivered to our home. I told agent Nikki that I would be unable to go to pick up our things on Thursday since I would need assistance and to borrow/rent a truck. I called approximately 6 times on Thursday and left 2 voicemails with Nikki to figure out another time I could go to the unit before our POD was delivered Friday. She did not return my calls on Thursday to schedule a pick up time, and would later tell me she was in meetings all day. At the inappropriate time of 6:40a.m. on Friday, the driver called to tell me I needed to come pick up the grill/lawnmower and to drop off a lock or else he would not deliver the POD as scheduled. The company had a week to help me schedule a time to drop off a lock and pick up our things, but failed to help me until the morning of. After driving an hour to the storage unit, we saw not only our broken lawnmower and grill sitting out in an open, unattended warehouse, but a truck-full of other things that had been removed from our POD. Picture is below of what we saw. The POD did finally arrive on Friday, although the driver did not park as requested so we could continue to use our garage because of a non-working part of the truck (as seen in picture near wheel.) This potentially dangerous part of the truck had been pointed out to him during the initial drop off with us, so we were upset to see this particular trailer was still being used and had not been fixed. Overall, we are incredibly disappointed that what I was told was a common occurrence (jammed door) became such an incredible inconvenience to us-- we had nothing to sleep on, had to board our dogs, pay to stay elsewhere, eat out every meal, buy specific necessities we had planned to have, spend lots of time making phone calls, experience frustration, leave our things unlocked and unattended, receive limited communication, have my father-in-law taking time off of work so we could use his truck and he could help us load our things from storage we were told we had to drive an hour total for pick up... The situation should have been handled in a much better fashion, and we are now requesting a refund.

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Jul 30, 2018

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