Plumbforce Directliars, poor quality work, zero communication, much more expensive than anyone else

Awful company, please steer clear. Ripped me off with some blocked drainage work they carried out.

Failed to fix the problem despite charging over £450 for a couple of hours work. When I tried to get them back to fix it again they were nice in the phone and said someone was coming to have a look. But this took several days to organise despite us having no way of showering.

When they eventually got an appointment sorted they didn't show up. I had taken the day off work for nothing. But the worse thing was that they never phoned to update me, I had to phone them repeatedly and they just said they'll be there soon.

When I insisted they do something, someone eventually showed up late in the evening, they were rude and said it was too dark to fix it. Eventually I used another company who fixed it straight away for a third of the cost. Have never received any apology or compensation from them. Terrible experience!

Jan 28, 2017

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