Plato's Closet / customer service and drug use by a manager

I have been a loyal customer for years. I recently went to the location at 835 bell road Antioch Tennessee. I approached an employee which was talking to a young girl, as I got closer I smelled a strong oder of marijuana coming from her. I waited for several minutes to ask a question and she didn't even acknowledge my presence and it was clear they weren't talking business. I walked away and asked another employee for a manager, that's when she pointed to the lady I just walked away from. so I told that employee what had happened, that's when she said the manager ( Mercede Baker ) comes in often from break with that smell and that the girl she was talking to is her girlfriend and she's in there all the time just standing around talking. Miss Baker needs to be sent for drug testing and /or fired for her behavior. if she is still there when I return, you will have lost a valued customer.

Dec 01, 2016

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