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Planet DVD Store / never got dvd set

1 Grand Rapids, MI, United States Review updated:

After searching for a website ( the one I ordered my dvd set from is has now vanished ) I came upon this complaint site. I too have ordered a complete set of "Then came Bronson for $57.00. I ordered it March 30, 2009. The e-mail indicated it would be 8 -10 days to receive it. I have sent the 3rd e-mail today to the only e-mail address I have from the copy I ran when ordering it. I'm not sure where this store is located but after viewing this site, there must be quite a few...I will start with my bank, where the debit went through. I believe from past experience that they have the name and numbers/address of who runs these payments through. I'm going to at least try. I have no intention of doing nothing, even though I have "nothing" and from all I've read maybe I'm lucky I don't! I will keep you all posted of my progress and I hope you all with for the rest of us suckers...these folks need to be caught and prosecuted for theft. What really burns me is I always use paypal, and the one time I didn't look what the hell happened! I'll know better and stick to E-bay next was just they didn't have this dvd set that I so wanted to get for my hubby :( I hate them!

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  17th of Apr, 2009
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The exact same thing happened to me! I ordered the Smothers Brothers DVD set March 30th 2009, which unfortunately is one of the more expensive sets. They charged me that day! I feel like a sucker. They haven't returned any emails (today I sent my 4th or 5th email) and there is no where on the site to cancel the order either. I haven't even received any kind of shipping notice. The only thing I could think of to do was file a report with my credit card company and hope they can cancel the transaction. Hopefully this will get resolved for both of us. I wish I would have found this complaint site before I bought from those frauds!

  17th of Apr, 2009
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I would think that some how in all of this, that Planet dvd store or as "beta dvd series " as cleared through my account could somehow be caught and prosecuted. After all, the money is taken from our accounts and going where?? I called my bank today and there is no address for this place. The phone number is 778-282-8099 which I called and left a message . They are soooooooo busy they can't come to the phone. I also registered with a place called tell oscar. I believe it is in Vancouver where this planet dvd store is from. It is another source to leave a complaint given to me from someone who contacted me after my posting yesterday. I appreciate that very much. For anyone that hasn't please do, you will fine MORE complaints about this store from others. I could only be grateful my loss was $57.95, some poor ladies daughter order several different box sets on a credit card costing $500! Never again will I not use paypal. At least you're protected from fraudent crap like this! I also went on ebay and noticed that if you go under Then came bronson at the tale end there are links to other of which is THEIRS! I contacted the e-bay folks to take them off as they are crooks and scamming people. You can actually bring up their website again from this link although it is no longer listed when you put it in your search engine. Unbelieveable!
This needs to stop, don't give up people! I'm not!!!

  18th of Apr, 2009
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Just to let everyone know, I did go to my bank today anf filed a dispute paper. I will get my money credited back into my account, even though I authorized the payment to them. I never received anything and many e-mails and phone calls went unanswered. It can take up to 90 days but the bank will follow through the investigation. This would go for all of those who actually got their bootleg poor quality stuff as you cannot return it if they do not furnish you with a physical address and don't answer e-mails or phone calls. So please go to your bank or credit card institution and file a dispute! I am also notifying the credit bureau although I am sure they are more than likely already on it. I may have had to distroy my debit card and a new one is on it's way..but at least I can sleep at night knowing they aren't going to try and run some more fraudulent transactions through. This is the only safe guard you can do it!

  1st of May, 2009
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I too never received my DVDs from, which showed up on my statement as BETADVDSERIES. I will attempt to get the $69.54 taken off of my card and find out what other precautions are necessary.

  14th of May, 2009
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If you never recieved the goods, or can return dodgy goods with proof you sent it back (registered mail) your bank can issue a Chargeback!
I want to do this for my item I got from, but I dont know where to sent the item back to.

  22nd of May, 2009
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I am headed to my bank today. I purchased the Knots Landing Box set. They took $153.75 from my account, then days later a $4.75 FOREIGN PROCESSING FEE came out of my account that I did NOT authorize!!! Planet DVD Store are phone numbers, no forwarding address...poor quality dvd's that are BOOTLEG!!!

  22nd of Feb, 2010
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Wow! That's a lot of angry people.
My Smothers Brothers complete set arrived two months late and twice! That's right, I have two copies and both arrived from China. The first set was damaged with broken merchandise and holes in the shipping box. The second set arrived in good condition. As I watch each disc (copies are recorded from the E! channel) I can say that about one is eight is unplayable, lots of skips, tiling, or no data. So far I have been able to trade discs with the damaged set with one exception, disc #18 is bad in both sets.
I have to say that I am not happy with the quality of the recording, it is a very, very poor picture and low, muffled sound. But I enjoy the trip back through time and, during the rare times when the picture is stable and the sound is audible, I really enjoy the show.
You get what you pay for. We didn't pay much. And we certainly didn't get much. Let's all have a laugh about this someday.

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