Pioneer Press / paper delivery just stopped when I moved.

Saint Paul, IN, United States
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Before my move, I called customer service early one morning and provided my new address more than once to a very sleepy gentleman who answered the phone. He assured me that my address would be updated and that my paper would be delivered to my new home.
After my move, I waited each Sunday in anticipation but did not receive the paper and called at least 4 occasions to report this. I was told each time that my account would be credited for the missing papers and that the delivery person would be notified. One even said they’d charge it to the delivery person.
I think it was my fourth call that I was told that my city was never updated from St. Paul to Hastings, which likely seemed to be the issue. And once again, I received yet another apology and was told I’d receive the paper shortly.
I felt relieved and joy, when after weeks of not getting a paper, I spotted a newspaper in my front yard on a Sunday morning. The disappointment returned when I picked it up and discovered that it was a free copy of the Star Tribune for me to try. They did find me.
Although I had been receiving the Pioneer Press for years for a great price and still wanted to do so, it appeared that was never going to happen. So, I subscribed to the Star Tribune at a much higher cost, because I figured that a paper for a higher cost was much more useful than no paper at a low cost.
I recently started getting daily calls about renewing my subscription. After I mentioned that I haven't received a paper for months, she said she'd have her manager contact me. I have yet to receive a call . . . . .

May 4, 2017

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