Pimsleur Approach Rapid Lannguage Learning Cd / Deceptive Hard Sell Scam

CA, United States

Their language learning approach might work (they claim the government uses it), but their marketing methods are incredibly deceptive. After watching an overly long and boringly redundant video on their internet site with incredible claims to learn language easily and practically overnight, you're offered a beginning Quick & Simple video for only $10 and FREE SHIPPING! Any buyer will suspect that other videos are available (probably at a higher price) and this is a way to try them out inexpensively. Fine. At check out, there is a small box to one side with very small and pale print (that most people would miss and obviously do) that states...
"Pimsleur Rapid Fluency Purchase Program:
One month after you receive your Quick & Simple you'll begin receiving 30 day trial copies of advanced Pimsleur courses in the language you selected. Each course is yours to try for 30 days. You'll receive a new course once every 60 days. For each course you keep we'll bill you in four monthly payments of $64. Remember, there's never an immediate obligation to buy any course because of the 30-day trial period provided with each shipment. And you may cancel future shipments at any time by calling ..." Have you done the math? That's $256 for each additional CD!! I had to go else were on the site to fine out that most courses have 3 to 4 other CDs. That's $768 to over a $1, 000! And they have the gall to "dis" the Rosetta Stone in their long video for the high cost of that competitor's materials . (And F.Y.I.--the rest of the site is colorful, big and "in your face" with grandiose info on the product, but never once mentions anything about a program and automatic delivery of more CDs.) Luckily I spotted that box, erased my general personal info, and left the website before ordering. But apparently my email was captured because now I'm getting emails every day filled with ridiculous pleas to "please come back"..."why didn't you order?"...I've been junking them, but they keep coming, so I'll be calling tomorrow and telling them STOP! This is BIG "BUYER BEWARE!" Don't go near the super hard sell, deceptive tactics of the Pimsleur Approach!! I wonder if PBS, Forbes, The New York Times and 10+ other newspapers and magazines know that they are shown heavily throughout the website to endorse Pimsleur?? They may not want that if they new about the shady sales tactics.

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