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PictureMe / 4.99/7.99 Package Scam!

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Okay... this 4.99 Monday- Thursday (32 sheets) and 7.99 Friday-Sunday (30 sheets) is just a scam and a way to get you into their studio. To get your "32" or "30" sheets of photos, it’s the FIRST SHOT/FIRST POSE ONLY.

Did they forget to mention that to you?

Or DID they mention that to you but failed to inform you that they have no intensions on selling you JUST that pose?

They are pushy... they need to make their sales average for the day. They figure selling this "unheard of" package is PERFECT in regards to raping you of your money.

ALSO, this "4.99" and "7.99" package consists of just a normal photo. You need to pay extra for enhancements. And trust me... being the slick photographers that they are, they will make SURE that there is something about that first shot/pose that you don't like... Want to know why? So they can sell you the other remaining 10 beautiful portraits they took of your child so wonderfully.

And you CAN’T nor will you be able to choose one of those 10 beautiful portraits for your "4.99" or "7.99" package.

Its first pose/first shot only... Remember?

You walk out pissed the hell off with no receipt of photos purchased because you trusted that it wasn't a scam, or you walk out pissed the hell off because you spent $200.00 - $300.00 dollars on photos when you're intensions were to spend NOTHING!

Let me guess…. They offered you the option of putting “Half Down Now” on the $300.00 purchase you made? They still got you right where they wanted you…..


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  • Un
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    PictureMe - Rude to the kids as well as parents
    Picture Me
    United States

    My sister and I took our children (2 infants/2 older children, 7 &8) to get their pictures taken and the photographer was yelling at the older children to get out of the way and yelling at them for not smiling good enough and told them that they ruined a good picture because they weren't smiling good enough... She was very negative about everything we asked about! Very dissatisfied!!!

  • Br
      29th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I took my twins aged 6 m0nths to a studio in NC and had the person who was taking appointments and money actually come up and put his finger on my child's tongue because, he wouldn't keep it in his mouth for the picture.

  • Am
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    Ewww! I would have flipped if some stranger put his gross finger on my daughters tongue!!!

    I manage the PictureMe in Scottsbluff, NE. And really, if you have a bad experience once, or at a particular studio, you cannot say ALL PictureMe studios have terrible service. It really depends on the photographer. I have pride in my studios great customer service and quality photography that happens in my studio every day! I urge you to try another PictureMe, if not a different photographer- a different store. We can do great things now, such as photo enhancements (colored eyes on a black and white print, faded edges, text...) New camera angles, floor poses... THE LIST GOES ON!!! Not to mention our prices are the lowest in the industry. When it comes to paying for what you get were an A+++++++!!! If you are anywhere near NE, come into Scottsbluff and see me!

  • Ki
      24th of Oct, 2008
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    PictureMe - Expensive
    601 Englewood pkwy
    United States
    Phone: 303 789 2970

    Don`t take your passport photo at "Picture Me" at Walmart. It is a rip off. I would rather go to Rite Aid.

  • Da
      29th of May, 2009
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    Are you serious? Its $9.99 for the set of 2. Ooooh Rite Aid is what? $8.99? I've had customers come in and tell me they were almost charged $30 for theirs from the government.
    And included in the price, my personality is also included. I'm always cheerful and joking with my customers. Vs. I've known 1st hand that drug stores will just say "sit down, look here *click*".

  • Pi
      10th of May, 2010
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    I work at a PIC ME
    You've been misinformed BIG time...
    First off, the 4.99 and 7.99 are the EXACT same thing
    4.99 is used as a promotion to get people in over the weekdays when we're slower

    Also it does NOT have to be of the FIRST pose it can be of any pose.
    but it has to be of the ONE pose only.

    And for the record the collections range from 389.97-79.99

    we're pushed to sell the top collections or our jobs are on the line at all times.
    why even if you only want that 4, 99/7.99 we still have to show you the collections first.

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