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Picture Me Studio - Wal Mart / Horrible excuse for customer service

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I had pictures of my daughter taken on 9/8/07. I was told they would be ready 9/28/07. I paid for them in full at the time the pictures were taken. (Lesson #1 - won't do that again!). When I picked up the pictures on the expected date, one of the poses had a big white spot on the side of my daughters head, where her hair should be. I pointed it out to Tara, the photographer, and showed her that this wasn't in any other picture, so it was either a printing error or a problem with the film. I understand this happens, so I wasn't upset at this point. I just wanted them to fix it if possible, or give me a different pose to replace these. She agreed it wasn't right, said she would order the replacement that very day, and all was well. It dawned me on after I left that she didn't tell me when the new pictures would be in. I waited two weeks, figuring that would be enough time to get them back. I stopped at the studio, and asked Mary Beth when my reprints would be ready. She said the computer didn't show a time, but she would call customer service and get back with me. I never heard from her again. So I called customer service myself on 10/17/07. Customer service told me they never got the reprint order, and that no one from the store had called either to check on it the week before (gee, no wonder they didn't get back to me - they didn't follow up as promised!). Anita, who answered the customer service phone, said I would have to go back to the store yet again to ask them to place the reprint order. Oh, and it would now take 6-8 weeks to get the reprints. Two more months to correct their original error, plus another trip to the store?! By now, I am sick of this whole mess, and it's ridiculous that I am having to do all the follow up to correct their error in the first place! Anita said my only other option was to ask for a refund, but of course that would require a trip to the photo studio as well.

I went to the studio within one hour of speaking to Anita. Mary Beth was working again. I told her that I had talked to customer service, and since they hadn't done anything by now to replace my photos, I wanted a refund. She informed me that only a district manager can authorize a refund. The district manager got on the phone, and said that since they had offered to replace them (in 6-8 weeks), she was only willing to give me back 50% of my refund. The total was only $13.31 to start with, so she was only going to give me $6.65 for all this crap?! That's INSANE. By this time, I was absolutely IRATE. I never cursed, but I certainly did raise my voice. I told her that since she didn't provide the products promised, in the time frame promised (the original date of 9/28/07), I was most certainly entitled to a full refund, and I would contact whomever necessary to get it. After 30 minutes of this, she finally relented and agreed to the full refund. I mean really folks, you have screwed this up for 6 weeks now already, and you are going to argue over giving me back $13.31? A multi-million dollar company is going to fuss over $13.31? It's beyond incomprehensible to me that I had to argue to get this in the first place. The pictures showed for themselves that they were unsuitable; it's not like it's a product I took home and broke and then tried to return. And I brought it to their attention before ever leaving the store in the first place. This whole thing has my blood boiling!! I will NEVER go to another Picture Me studio again. And if they think I am going to stop letting everyone know how horrible their excuse for customer service is, they are wrong. Beware folks, Picture Me is NOT a good experience AT ALL!

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  • Le
      18th of Oct, 2007
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    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with Picture Me. I just got my senior Portraits taken at Picture Me last night and they turned out beautiful. The only complaint I have is that they scheduled right after a baby portrait session so my 5:30 appointment didn't start until 6:00!

  • Mi
      29th of Oct, 2007
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    I am sorry for the aggravation you have endured. As a Picture Me Studio employee, I don't understand the why this wasn't handled more expeditiously. As of 10/5/07, most studios have converted from a traditional film studio to a digital system, so issues for reprints should be handled more effectively. Do not let one experience sour you on our studios. Our goal is customer service so we hope you will come back and let us service you.

  • Sa
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    You're wrong when you say that your goal is customer service. I called the customer service line and was treated worse than I have ever been treated before. I was lied to, and told that the studio where my husband and I had our pictures taken had changed over to digital from film, yet when I called and spoke with a district manager, I was told that that particular studio wasn't changing until February of 2008.

  • Je
      9th of Dec, 2007
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    Customer Service is horrible. My husband and I have spent over $400 having our children's photos done by the Picture Me Studios. All of the pictures have come out beautifully. We actually had an appointment on Dec. 9 at 1:40PM and we were late 7 minutes on their clock. The girl who I spoke to was RUDE and secondly, she informed us that we would not probably get in today because they schedule their times 20 minutes apart and once you are late 5 minutes, they give your spot up. So, I was furious and I contacted customer service because 1) the girl was rude, 2) they have a sign posted that they run on "Baby Time', so I am sure they would be able to work us in somewhere, 3) we were only 7 minutes late and not 15 minutes late. Also, when scheduling appointments, they give you 30-40 minute time increments, not 20 minutes. The customer service representative I spoke to did not care. Basically, she apologized for the way we were treated, but we were LATE and that was all that was said.

    Picture Me Studios has lost my business. They offer GREAT packages and pictures, but they do not know how to treat their customers!

  • Ga
      14th of Dec, 2007
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    Picture me is the worst company I had ever go to, they dont care about the costumers they give a Bad service and they do a terrible job as a estudio, I went to get my pictures at the picturme studio in Houston Texas and this employe who was a yumg black woman was talking over the phone with her boyfriend waile taking the pictures of my 2 months baby dougther, with one hand the camera and the other hand her cell phone she act like if I was invisible the all time, I will never go back to that place.

  • Ad
      14th of Dec, 2007
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    The same thing happened to me in March of this year. We went to the walmart in Eastgate OH, and the Experience was so bad. I really didn’t want to do it or go through it again! We had gotten Mackenzie’s 4 month old pics taken, and like another lady stated above the girl who was taking our pics totally didn’t look like a photographer I would want to trust taking pics… but pushing my feelings aside I went on with it. Big mistake reminding all of you that we are getting pics of a 4 month old she kept asking us if we wanted her to take pics… like duh you are the photographer take pics when she smiles and does things she doesn’t have to be posing… well after toughing it out for like 30 min we went and paid a total $112.00 for the photos cause the original $4.95 package was horrible and couldn’t change that. Well we came back like 4 weeks later and got the pics… 1.) the photo package we were supposed to get she marked the wrong pic for so it was all wrong… she took one of those pics later on the the session that the light shines and shadows part of the baby… well when you do that you are supposed to have the child look toward the light… well she didn’t at all and the whole pic was a shadow pretty much and all the photos that came with the package… well I went to complain and they said it was the first pic taking if its bad then they cant do anything about it… well the truth was it wasn’t the first pic taken it was the last I think but the girl didn’t know what she was doing when we went to order the pics at the end and I guessed switched them. So after arguing for a like 5 mins saying I wanted my money back they refused to give it to me and said they would switch pics… I wasn’t happy but if they would fix it I would deal with it. 2.) the best pic that we took was with my daughter and my fiancé.. the background which was one they put on the back of the table… was tilted and half of the pic was black at the top were the background was supposed to be… well they said they would fix that… 3.) so then we send them in for reprints they tell me another 6 to 8 weeks so now its past Easter and going on mothers day and we had these pics taken in the beginning of march late Feb. so I called and talked to the manager after 6 weeks to check up after her being very rude about the situation she says there not done wait another two weeks… so I did. Well I go in and didn’t even bother calling because I know how that went the last time. She told me when I was in there that at that time they were supposed to send in my reprints they fired that manager and she never turned them in… so there you go another 6 to 8 weeks and would give me any of my money back for the hassle of calling and waiting and the numerous trips to Wal-Mart. So in all I would say use your judgment and if you don’t like the pic or think you wont like them def. don’t pay all before you see them… well I finally went back but this time to the one in Amelia and it went ok I deffinatly didn pay all the money I paid half until I see them but the photographer was a very rude lady that was kind of just pushin us through the pics even though no one was there and they didn’t close for another hour and a half…

  • Sh
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    I have also had a horrible experience with this company. The "customer care" is a joke!! I won't be returning to this company. This was my first try & I'll stick with Kiddie Kandids!!!

  • Ka
      30th of Mar, 2008
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    I agree... I've had a TERRIBLE experience with Picture Me Studio at the Winchester WalMart. The camera messed up on two occassions I was there... when I went back the third time to get my 5 month old Easter pics retaken the Manager was not willling to refund me $20 for all of my trouble... she threw in free 8x10 of a pose and a couple 5x7's... she was not apologetic, basically an attitude almost every time I went in there like we were BOTHERING her for wanting our picture taken. Lesson learned I will never go back there, the WORST customer service EVER!

  • Be
      7th of Apr, 2008
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    And that is why I go to Olan Mills here in Danville, Va. I mean, every studio has people you like and dislike taking pictures. That's why you learn who you like. There are curtain people at Olan Mills I perfer not to take pictures. The people at Picture Me to me are unperfessional, rude, and just don't no what they are doing half the time. If they do know, they are just down right rude. That's why I will never pay more thatn $6.oo a package from them and wait to do a bigger package from Olan Mills.

  • Sh
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    I am a former Picture Me employee. By no means am I condoning ANY of the employees behaviors or excusing their rudeness. I've seen it for myself, even as an employee. But I draw the line at the last comment that was posted. Please do not lump us all into one category! I was the studio manager at one of the studios in Michigan. I earned my position because I am an excellent photographer AND because I have great customer service. Although there is a large number of them that are inconsiderate, rude, and unprofessional, please don't assume we all are. And for those of you that are wondering why I am no longer employed there, I quit so I could stay at home with my children.

  • La
      29th of Apr, 2008
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  • Me
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    Judging the whole, based on a few isn't really fair now is it? You all work, or have worked with ###s - there's one in every bunch as you can see from these complaints - Does that mean YOUR WORK should be ripped apart based on another’s actions?

    So you can understand my resentment at being lumped in with said ###s. I’ve been a freelance photographer for 14 years. I’ve been published several times, and made more money off of one shot, then most people make in a week. Four years ago I decided to give corporate photography a try, and landed at Picture Me Studios. Since then I’ve had Mark Lawrence, Kiddie Kandids, Picture People, and Sears try to steal me. This business is one giant cut throat, revolving door. Whoever pays the best, keeps the best.

    To "Agree" - If you were unhappy with the portraits taken, then why in the world did you buy them? I'll never understand that. Please ask for another photographer (preferably the manager) to re-shoot them. If they looked horrible on the monitor, they will look worse when printed.

    To "Betsy" - If you're ever in NH please come see me. If you walk out of my studio with just the FREE ad package (Yes I said FREE) then not only will I resign, but I will drive you to the local Olan Mills, and pay for your portraits. It's obvious you've never truly experienced a Picture Me Studio. I'd sincerely enjoy changing your mind. We’re not all unclothe, & unprofessional. I love what I do, and it shows in my work. (And my paycheck) * Wink *

    To "Karen" - Why would you go back there after being treated like that? When someone acts like you’re an inconvenience, it’s demeaning and insulting!! I honestly don't blame you. At least you got $30 worth of pictures for free, a $20 refund, and a reshoot. (More free pics) Talk about compensated. See the above-mentioned note to “Betsy” – that invitation applies to you as well.

    To “Gabriel” – OMG! I’m shocked that photographer still has a job. Did you call her District Manager? They can’t fix what they don’t know is broken.

    To “Jennifer” – Please note the time of year you were being photographed. During the Christmas season we run in 15 min intervals. You were late for half your session. I can’t speak for other studios, but I am booked every 15 min of my 11 hr day. There is no “squeezing” in at that time of year.

    To “Teresa” – I understand, and can relate to your frustration. I’ve had it happen to me, at my own studio!! It was the transition, from our old lab to the new one when CPI bought us out – and my kid’s photos were lost. No big deal, I re-ordered. The 6-8 week thing was irritating, but it was better then trying to re-shoot my 4 demons! So I waited… oh maybe 4 weeks before I called the new lab to check on my order. They never got it. I thought my head was going to implode and do the exorcist thing!!

    So I placed the order over the phone that day, and when the pictures finally arrived, (12 weeks total) they were pink. My kids were a lovely shade of pink, and I lost it on the poor customer service rep. (of which there are 4 answering the phones) At that point the negatives were gone, and there was nothing I could do but re-shoot.

    This happened to a few of my customers during the transition as well. They handled it as I did, which I completely understood. At least for them I could compensate (refund, re-shoot, or both) As an employee, all I could do was suck it up, and drag my kids back in there kicking and screaming.

    To “Sarah” - With digital conversions, the timetables change. I was given May as my go date, and promoted the day for 2 months. When the live day actually happened it was the day before what I promoted. Corporate had a different date then what upper management had. They didn’t lie to you intentionally. Just your typical left hand working without the right knowing what was going on. It happens in every company.


  • Al
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    as a former employee, i would have to agree. Customer Service sucks. This company is very shady and all about how they can keep a dollar rather than keep a customer. if they were smarter theyd put two and two together and realize that the two go hand in hand. and NO not EVERY employee is bad, BUT companies are looked upon as a whole, and thus, are grouped together into one category..and for this company..its a bad one..About a year and a half ago, they were bankrupt and bought out in order to save one word description is SHADY.

  • Ki
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    I just had taken the passport picture last week with Picture Me studio in Wal-Mart in Thomasville, GA. All I can said is: that service extremly terrible and cheat. They charged me $22 just only 4 pics of 2" x 2". How expensive it is ? Meanwhile, my friend went to CVS and just spend as least 6 bucks for 6 pics with the same size and quality. Now I know that I was cheated. There's more, the attitude of the photographer was so rude, she act like if I come to beg her money. She threw my pics on the table and acting very rudely with no respect to her customer. Even thought I tried to be very polite and patient with her, but I still not tolerate for that. Now I am not living in this country anymore, but I still remember that as a bad memory of me with American's Service.

  • Ho
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    they were film back in the day when you had your picture done but now they are ditgal and my picutre look good. i have this one girl who just got hired and she did my grandson's picutre nice. if you want to have her to do yuors her name is jessica and she at the valley view location.

  • Er
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    OMG! I really feel for you and now I'm hoping they don't do anything to sabtage mine, because...

    Getting my kids in nice new clothes and keeping them clean long enough to go to the store and have their photos taken is an outright headache for me, So I don't do it very often. My youngest daughter will be having surgery soon and having teeth removed, so I thought I'd like to get her photos taken before it. I had gotten offers in the mail from a couple of different companies and could have went to anyone of them, but as walmarts pictureme studios was the closest and I had photo taken there about 3 years earlier I decided to go there... BIG MISTAKE!!! The card I got in the mail said that I could get a package for a few dollars, So I planned on getting the package of the mention daughter and if I wanted any of the photos of her and her sis and dad, then I'd buy extra. The experience in the studio is one I hope I don't have again. The girl was nice, but had got a little smart from time to time, mostly with customers who came in and she was fast to let them know that LUNCH was after our shoot and she would not take them until afterwards, but I decided to think nothing of it, maybe she had a tough day or something. My daughter was crying and didn't want to do the shoot. First the background I wanted I was told wasn't sent to most studios even though it was on advertisements. She got a couple of shots with me in them and luckily one tear filled shot by herself and then the rest were of my older daughter and my husband. Now I wasn't mad about how the photos came out, because it wasn't her fault that my daughter acted the way she did.

    When it came time to buy...
    I would have bought the $80.00 package and the disk, but they weren't really that good so I bought the "Advertised Package" of the tear filled photo of my daughter and a 8x10 of my oldest daughter and a 8x10 of my oldest daughter and my hubby. She went over them as follows... your getting this 8x10, this 8x10, and the advertised package of this one. Well I was some what satisfied. My mind was frazzeled by the way my daughter was acting and we decided to get the grocery shopping done while at walmart, then in the car on the way home I noticed that all of what the package was supposed to contain wasn't on the reciept. When I got home I called the studio and asked her about it and she was quick to let me know that their was two different advertised pakages and that because I didn't bring the flier in there was no way I could get it now. So when I got off the phone with her I called the main office, thinking she was just limited in what she could do and that the people in the main office might have more power. I told them that I took the flier with me, but didn't give it to her because she stated that I could get the Advertised package and didn't ask me for it. And they told me that they had three advertised packages . I told her that the only reason I came to their studio was because of the advertisment that they sent me through the mail and that if they couldn't make it right and give me the package with the 10x13 in it then I wanted them to take me off their mailing list because I was going somewhere else next time and she said hold for a minute please and when she came back she took my address and said I'll send this through. I said what? She said we'll have you off our mailing list. I said ok Thank you and hung up. The fact that I have purchased over two hundred dollars worth of photos from them before when my second child was born and had already purchased extra photos this time and they wouldn't even change this for me really pee'd me off. I will never so long as I live got to them for photos ever again! Nor will my children or my children's children or their children, I'll see to that But anyway if you plan to go their against our advice take the advertisements with you because they'll do what they can to give you as little for your money as they can. Oh and if you buy one of their portait collections then you can't even get the advertised package, now I thought they'd want to reward you for buying more not punish you. Thank you for listning to my story, hope it helps you in some way, and I wish you better luck than I had :(

  • Me
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    picture me studios is a joke. I went to 2 different studios a total of 3 times and all were horrible. We have a 1 year old daughter and she of course like any other kid dont like to take pics. The first time the lady was horrible. She didnt even try to get her to smile. There was not one good picture taken that day we still purchased them anyway. Then the second time we went The lady who was taking the pics was inpatient. She was trying to rush us and got aggrivated because our daughter would not look towards the camera bacause the light. There was another customer waiting 5 minutes after we arrived. I assume that they sceduled appointment too close together. After 10 minutes of trying to take the pics. The other customer got upset becasue she had to be somewhere. At this point I was aggrivated for 1. She was not working with my daughter to get her to smile. 2. She was trying to rush us. So we walked out. The 3rd time we tried to get her pics tooken we went to a different location. This experience was a little better but not so much. Again the guy was not trying to get her to smile. The only time she smiled is when me or her father was getting her to laugh. Therefore, we have came to the conclusion that they just don't have good quality service working for the company. And this is comming from someone who gave picture me studios not one not two but three chances. From now on I will go to sears.

  • Sa
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    Have been going to picture me studios for a while and have had a few major problems, nothing huge, but annoying all the same, not this time though... I was told that by the manager I made the appointment with that I could have my packages at a certain price, but when I got there for the pics it was a different manager and she was apparently made aware that afternoon that the prices I was quoted weren't correct and instead of calling me she waited until I got there with all my kids and told me she didn't care what I was told I would pay the price she was saying and if I didn't like it then I could go somewhere else. Explained that I didn't have time because my step daughter was in town and leaving in the morning, after 20 minutes of her talking to me like I was stupid I had given up because I had no choice, I NEEDED THE PICS so I told her to just go ahead and that I would call customer service in the morning because they were already closed for the evening then she said that she could deny taking the pics at all. By this point I was livid, and told her that calling customer service was very much my right. So they were taking the pictures and they were rude to the kids. I walked out to use the restroom (and not snap on them) and the 2 girls in there started talking crap about me while myhusband and kids were stillin the room.This last time though made sure I will never go back, the manager lied several times during our conversation, she was also very rude. I had to speak with a walmart manager to try and resolve the issure. She was awesome and went to talk to the photo studio manager and the ### was rude to her to so she got a phone number and the picture me district manager called me at home and apologized and offered me 3 free photos on my next visit (big freaking whoop) told her she could just let me pay what I was supposed to pay this time because I would not be back!

  • Sh
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    I took my daughter into walmart this month and got her pics done and my mother who i dont talk with very much whent in there and they sold her pics without asking me who the ### to do this you are that was family pic and privte to me and you sold them to someone you did'nt no . I will never got back there ever agian .i will make sure that who did this to me is going to get fired .

  • Er
      21st of Feb, 2009
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