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Picture me portrait studio / sorry ### company to work for

1 Sikeston, MO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 5734723388

First off, let me say that my name is Stephanie Gates and I WAS a studio manager for this piss poor company for almost 5 years and it didn't start getting pissy until a trashy ###, inbred ### name Cheryl Kerly took it over. She has got to be the FAKEST ### I have ever encountered. These ### do nothing but smile in your face and talk ### behind your back. This studio is 10009, in Sikeston, Mo. I have busted my ###, spent countless amounts of my own money for props and other ### that they won't send or provide. They want you to do the impossible- book a minimum of 10 appts. a day and shoot at least 10, then on top of that they want you to "treat this like your own business". [censored] that! For a measly 12.00 bucks an hour, ### please! The ### they ask you to do-astinine! That tramp Cherly sent me an e-mail and told me that if a butt isn't on the table at 10:30, then drag one into the studio- how preposterous is that. The only thing in Wal-Mart at 10 in the morning is old people and the associates. How in the hell do you do that. Strong-arm an old ### lady and force them to take the pictures and then sell the gereatric a 199.99 collection, oh what a wonderful deal- 2 collages come with that right? If you guys didn't know, this company took over this ### without realizing that people don't come to Wal-Mart for "quality" pictures- they go elsewhere, where photography is a priority. This ### is a joke. All they want you to do is push around the old pictures and that stupid ### paperwork. Come on now, they act like this is real photography. They try to keep track of this ### down to a science, for what? These studios are to small to put your coat in let alone the ignorant ### filing system. Do they realize how many people come just for fun. They don't take this company seriously and they shouldn't. I'm gonna do EVERYTHING in my power to hurt this ### ### company, they will feel me-just wait. I know EVERY SINGLE Customer that walks in that damn door and I will let them know what kind of ### that goes on! These ### will be sorry and like I said, that studio will take a hit like they've never seen. And I hope they read this. That's why i put my name on this because I want one of them to say something and when they do, It's on and poppin' . Which I expect some replies, but will one of you ### have enough guts to put your name- full name and where you're from? I dare you!

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      21st of Apr, 2009
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    Yeah I worked for PCA/CPI for 2 years. Two goddamn years. If I had known what sort of company this was when I first applied, I probably would have never done it. I had no idea what I was getting into when I accepted that job.

    They expect you to run a $90 average when they advertise a $5.99 package. They tell you to do one thing, then another. Alot of the corporate crap is behind the scenes stab in the back kinda ###. It's horrible. It makes the associates not want to even care about the Photography. This job is a dream killer for any photographer or artist.

    So I hear ya, this corporation is full of ###. They dont care about the customer or the associate. It's all about the money. Anyways I'm glad to say after 2 years of Hell, I quit the studio. It was causing so much stress in my life that I had to leave for my own physical and mental health. Goodbye drama! I'd rather be working for $5 an hour cashiering than earning $8.75 hr dealing with the bullcrap people do at those studios.

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      21st of Jan, 2013
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    I worked there for four months worked at four different studios because people quit then they hire a new studio manager at my home studio and this ### tries to tell me that I got to see like 800 dollars in a day when she only scheduled me a four hr shift and she sat on her ### and did nothing. I finally quit when she dropped me to eight hrs a week when promised 30 because she said if I couldn't be available weekends cuz had to get another job cuz not enough hrs. So [censored] that I quit I hope that dumb ### loses her job when they realize how [censored]ing dumb it is to hire someone whose never been a manager and is lazy

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      25th of Jan, 2013
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    I managed 2 studios in the same town 15 minutes from each other. I was hired in for part time Christmas help and within 6 months was really forced into being a manager, then they suddenly made me manage both studios for 50 cents per hour more. I could have no life and the district managers and I say this plural because they go through so many of them was a down right rude, mean, conniving witch. Customers hated her as did staff. I had a team of 4 regular full time girls that had been with the company for 8yrs, 4yrs, 2 yrs, n I did my time till 6.This company CPI took over from PCA and No one ever got the training needed and the DM's only worried about acting like they were something important. The expectations of this company were ridiculous. They did not care what a customer wanted they pushed us to bait customers n make them buy outrageous priced packages, usually there was 1 photographer in the studio and they were expected to do it all, drag customers in, make call list calls bugging customers to set an appointment, acquisition customers off the floor, do sessions, edit, create, n sale all in 20 minutes. Managers had to spend money out of their own pockets because we never had a lot of things we needed. I had surgery and decided not to go back. After 6 years of good service to this company I made 10.50 an hour for managing 2 studios. The Dm left n we got a new one that came in and pitted the entire district against each other, people that had worked together in the prior company and then in this new buyer. She lied, and ended up ruining the whole district. Kelly was her name and she was in the Findlay Ohio, Toledo district. I miss my customers but not the stupidity or the company. We would go to someone above her n we were ignored. There are many regular customers that had been coming to our studios for many years, 1 had been patronizing the studios for 11 years. This Dm pissed this customer off so bad she stopped coming in and apologized to all the regulars girls she had known for years. I could write a boom on how horrible this company is but I would have to list it as fiction because it is unbelievable how sickening this company is. They treat employees like slaves. You can plan nothing because you are always on Flex just in case someone else quit. I would love to see another portrait business that cares about the customers and models and value their employees come in and make the business fun again. It was the most embarrassing job I had because of the lack of care from the company for any thing other than money. I saw another past employee comment on the paper work. IT WAS RIDICULOUS! We could have put more quality time into the customer n shoot if we had not be required, bullied and threatened to do all the other worthless crap. We were threatened on a daily basis that we would be fired if our averages were not 80 to 90. I ran a constant 120 or higher n still was threatened by the DM EVERY DAY! This company did nothing to show appreciation to their long time loyal hard workers.

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