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South Africa

I've been smoking Marlboro Red for over 20 years which I really enjoyed. However, in the past 2 years or so I've noticed that the quality of the cigarettes has changed.

Some of the changes I noticed is that whilst smoking the cigarettes the ash just falls down although not much was smoked causing my carpets at home and office getting dirty and more importantly getting burnt. I just overlooked it but now it's gone out of hand. I also, on numerous occasions, noticed the every so often the pack is damaged and the cigarettes were broken.

Furthermore, last week I purchased 10 cartons from Makro Springfield Park, Durban, Siuth Africa. I noticed that the packaging wasn't the same. On enquiry of this with the guy that served me at Makro, he informed me that the packaging has changed. When I got home I opened a pack and noticed that it wasn't the original Red Marlboro.

I tried contacting your offices several times, (both the Cape Town and Johannesburg) and each time I called the Cape Town office I was told that they will get someone to assist me and the call was transferred only to be cut. This happened each time. I tried calling again and I was told that they can't assist me and that I needed to contact the Johannesburg office. However, when I called the same thing happened.

I cannot believe the service I received, especially from a large company. I am really disappointed with this as I never expected this level of service to a loyal customer for over 20 years.

Can anyone assist me in resolving this query? If not, then I know I will stop smoking Marlboro and smoke another brand.



Mobile number - [protected]

May 7, 2017

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