PHH Mortgage Corporation - Insurance Claim Check / disbursements not being released

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On August 6, 2018 PHH received the Insurance Settlement check for damages to our property from Hurricane Irma September of 2017. On 8/3/2018 all documents for our Insurance Adjuster were uploaded and no one communicated with us that an invoice was needed. After numerous calls initiated by us, they verbally explained that an invoice was needed. We submitted the invoice from the Adjuster on 8/14/2018 and also submitted all required documents for the roofing contractor to initiate the work. On 8/22/2018 I called to check on payment to both; adjuster and roofing contractor and was told by Kathy that they had everything needed and she did not know why the check was not requested. I explained my urgency given that contractors are hard to find and program their jobs back to back. I don't have the money to pay the deposit to get the job started and needed the roof repaired ASAP. She stated that she would order the check and it would take 5 days to cut and 7 days to mail out. On 8/24/2018 the website showed two payments had gone out: one for the Adjuster and one for the Roofing Company. Today, 8/27/2018 I get a call from Tammy stating that I needed to call back ASAP as there was a problem with my check. When I called, I got another Kathy on the line and said that the check for the roofing company was issued with the wrong name and they placed a stop payment to reissue another check. I said ok, I have not received it but understand the situation. I immediately asked if the replacement check was being issued immediately. They said it would take another 2 weeks, 5-7 days to cut and 5-7 days to mail. This is absurd! I now lose my place for the roofing company to work on my property and there is no sense of urgency from PHH to resolve this.

Aug 27, 2018
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      Jun 11, 2019

    I have been trying to get insurance money, and it has been a comedy of error. I have sent the same forms in several times. I have spoken with numerous customer service agents, all of which have given me different information. I just had a 90% inspection done, and was told the rest of my funds ($100, 000) would be released as long as there was no structural damage still needing to be repaired. Now I'm being told I can't get any of that money because my cabinets are not in. Cabinets are not "structural". My contractor can't do anymore work without money...
    I'm paying $3000/ month out of pocket to stay at and airbnb, in addition to my mortgage payment. I will have to file bankruptcy. The house I'm rebuilding is worth 3 times that amount I owe on my loan, but they are withholding the funds that will allow me to complete the final 10% of building. There is no one but the customer service agent that I can contact. They have "put in an exception", but there is no way of knowing if and when that might be approved.
    I have never been this frustrated and appalled at the level of horrible customer care.

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