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Petsmart Pet Hotel.. Banfield Sandy Springs / over vaccinating our pets

1 Sandy Springs, GA, United States Review updated:

Petsmart Pet Hotel requires that pets be vaccinated for bordatella every 6 months when the vaccine clearly explains that it's viable for 12 months. I asked them why they were requireing me to over vaccinate my dog and their excuse was the vaccine didn't last 12months.
If the vaccine says 12 months and all the other facilities will take my dog....then why are they refusing to board my dog unless he has this vaccine every 6 months. $$$$$???? All about $$$$$$

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  • Je
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    UC Davis recommends that the Kennel Cough Vaccine (bordatella) be given every 6 months because that's how long it's effective lasts.

  • Sh
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    The PetsMart PetHotel does not require you to re-vaccinate your dog every 6 months...we require you to get your dog a booster for the Bortadella vaccine, which protects your dog against Kennel cough. It's very similar to giving a child a booster shot for the MMR vaccine. Kennel cough can be very mild... like the common cold for humans. But left untreated, kennel cough can be deadly... so why not take the advice of people who make caring for dogs their living? You can get the booster at any vet...PetsMart does not offer any form of vaccine or other injectable, so PetsMart will make no money off of the booster shot. It is simply for your dog's protection.

    PetsMart PetsHotel Manager-Houston, TX

  • Ka
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    I was taking my dog to PetsMart PetHotel in East Hanover, NJ and my dog was vaccinated with Bortadella four months prior. During one of their many kennel cough outbreaks, with the vaccination four months prior, he got kennel cough. The staff did not tell me of the outbreak or warn me and there have been several outbreaks since. Then when I tried to make appt recently, they informed me he needed another shot, becuase it was 7 months since his last. I have spoken to several vets who think the 6 month vaccination is too much and will not do it. I told them I would provide a note from my vet and they told me no. They also acknowledged that there are no guarentees with the shot (which is obvious since my dog was vaccinated and contracted kennel cough in their East Hanover, NJ facility).

    My conclusion is they don't care about the health of the dogs and they continue to have outbreaks of kennel cough even with their strict policy. They need obviously change their managment of the facility - more circulation, watch for signs of outbreaks, warn customers when they do have an outbreak, etc. I would say to anyone considering this PetsMart PetHotel in East Hanover, NJ to think twice. They have a strict policy that does not work and an environment full of sick dogs, which will just cost you more in vets bills and be a a huge nuisance and risk to your dogs health.

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