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I took out a loan of 500 with Everest Cash Advance
[protected][protected] And wanted to pay my amount in full I contacted Everest Cash Advance and spoke with Carlos, I wanted to let them know I had changed banks and to give them my new bank info. To withdraw the full amount and I REPEATLY told Carlos NOT to withdraw the funds from my old account. After a week of going back and forth and faxing documents that Carlos told e to fax and calling between my new bank and myself . Still the information that was askedd for to make the transaction complete was still not enough I was still getting the run around. FRUSTRATED I asked to speak to a SUPERVISOR I was given to Jeff who didn't seem to care at all. After checking my account I saw that my account was over drawn and Everest Cash Advance STILL withdrew the finance charges of $150.00 and was charged a fee on top of that. I called Everest Cash Advance and spoke to Jeff again, he told me it was my fault because I didn't sign a form that was sent to my email which I was never told to look out for. Bottom Line I was the faithful customer who paid on time I was treated rude and as if I was an that irresponsible customer who didn't pay her bill. I felt i was harassing them oppose to them harassing me to payoff my balance. BEWARE... NOT WORTH THE HASSLE. Milwaukee WI

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