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Pepsi Refresh Project / pepsi refresh project fraud

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The Pepsi Cola Company has a contest for inventors to submit innovative inventions or ideas each month. The contest only allows 1000 entries each month and each contestant must race to submit their entries. However, there is obvious fraud happening within the Pepsi Refresh Project contest. I went thru all the steps and saved all of my material, including photos, to be submitted tonight. THIS IS THE THIRD MONTH AND THIRD ATTEMPT. I previously logged in to check to see if my material was there. And, it was all there - and in tact. But, when I logged on shortly before midnight - AGAIN FOR THE THIRD MONTH - tonight (May 1st) to submit my idea, ALL OF MY SAVED INFORMATION WAS MYSTEROUSLY DELETED by someone on your staff. This is a fraud; and it is extremely suspect that someone on the "inside" who is controling this project, is deleting information so that only certain applicants can get their applications thru for acceptance.
My invention will stop the immediate hungar and thirst affects of national and world-wide disasters; and the invention also has the potential to place over 10, 000 unemployed Americas back in the job market. But, someone at Pepsi may be trying to stop this progress!
The Federal Trade Commission should launch a full investigation into this matter. This program should be thoroughly investigated for inside fraudulent activity.

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  • Co
      31st of May, 2010

    Pepsi has seriously squandered any goodwill they have gained with this project. The voting process is seriously flawed - it is statistically impossible for the voting to be going the way it is currently - something is wrong, broken or worse. They approved a number of ideas that are very CLEARLY scams, and those look like they are going to win. There is a growing coalition of registered 501c3 charities who are questioning the efficacy and ethics of what should have been a positive goodwill effort.

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  • Ob
      31st of May, 2010

    Pepsi Refresh Project should be investigated for potential fraud upon submission. Within 8 minutes all 1000 applications for grants were apparently accepted, the saved data deleted, and the pepsi internal server was jammed. after 8 minutes a statement on their website stated 1000 apps . already received 9:08PM PST 5/31/10. THere needs to be an investigation to find out why the internal server jams and what steps are being taken to ensure the integrity of submission from west coast participants and others. There are many accepted apps that are indeed very suggestive of scams and not 501 c 3 IRS registered non-profits. Where is the accountability and integrity, or this just another American scam by the company to bamboozle honest people with worthy projects from 501 c 3 non-profits. Perhaps, the FTC needs to be involved.

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  • No
      1st of Jun, 2010

    No I agree completely, I have a 501c and I am old enough, I've tried 4 times to get in the last time I applied within 8 minutes and still got the 1000 applicants received... and yes 99.9% of the things they have you voting for are scams... I think it's pretty obvious that they are hand selecting applicants and making up news stories to go along with them for PR and advertising... YES the Pepsi refresh everything is totally 10, 000% fake.

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  • Ja
      2nd of Jun, 2010

    I have tried for two months to get in. At the stroke of midnight I try to get to the Pepsi site. I stay there until it times out. I have no idea what the trick is.

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  • An
      1st of Jul, 2010

    We, too, have triiiied and triiied to get into the Pepsi Refresh Project. We have had our profile up for months and an hour before midnight when they open submissions, we sit in front of the computer and wait. The site is always "down for maintenance" until midnight. Then, just as it opens up, we press the page for submittal, and the final submit buttons go away!! The page says "loading.. loading..." Yet nothing happens. Then finally the page shows up with the message saying that all 1, 000 submissions have been chosen. --LITERALLY WITHIN TEN SECONDS my browser jams up, buttons disappear and the rejection notice appears. This is incredibly suspicious, and very disappointing on many levels. It is a true shame to do this to people.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and opening the box of truth on Pepsi Refresh! Boo, and shame on Pepsi for posing as do-gooders, when in reality they are dooping us for tons of free advertising, with the false lure of free money for worthy causes. Shameful.

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  • Cb
      5th of Jul, 2010

    I am so depressed to find this thread! My idea is in this months 50k category and I couldn't figure out WHY I couldn't get into the top 150, then I saw that people were posting that the top 10 were CHEATING!! They have 1200 fake accounts voting for them daily, there's no way I can come close to that! I had 2 computers up at midnight with my application ready to submit, the second it hit 12:00:01 I submitted on both computers and one must have got in, honestly I don't know how. My husband submitted his idea for his Fire Department at 2am and his idea was accepted also.. but it looks like neither of us will win anyway ... go figure.

    mine is Buss Fitness - trying to give free fitness classes to my community and interactive lectures by doctors

    his is for RHFD - their department needs a new ambulance

    if any of you know any way to help me win this thing, if there is any way, please email me directly [protected] ... Any and all help is appreciated!

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  • Sc
      29th of Aug, 2010

    I too believe it is fixed. Rett Syndrome has consistently been in the #1 spot and they happen to be a Pepsi affiliate. Then they "partnered" with CureJM and are dominating the top spots. Also I've seen teams move up in record speed but yet we just fell despite the tons of votes we are getting.

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  • Pe
      30th of Aug, 2010

    Isn't it fraud if one person/team is strong enough to vote an entire category? I wouldn't put it past anyone that there is a large email list going around and being voted on by this particular team. I've heard that Erin's Dream was using a Google Document Spreadsheet and circulated the document around for voting purposes. This list, or a similar one (from the New York Times, perhaps) is more than likely being used to vote on for this month's winners. This may be the work of a paid consultant - or someone who promises a win and only gets paid if the idea does indeed win.

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  • Pi
      3rd of Sep, 2010

    The 501c3 I am affiliated with was scheduled to be in the Sept. 2010 competition. As we had tried all year our profile was flawless and accurate with all supporting documentation. On Sept. 1st, the night before voting began we were emailed a notice saying that we were rejected because our application did not meet the guidelines with absolutely no further explanation. After much digging and several attempts to find out how it didn't meet the guidelines - because we made sure to comply with perfection - we have been given no response. I am inclined to believe at this point that any absolutely legitimate proposal with a strong chance of winning is somehow sabotaged from within Pepsi. It reminds me of when McDonalds was busted for scamming people with the Monopoly contest.

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  • Bl
      7th of Sep, 2010

    To everyone who posts here about the Pepsi Refresh Contest, please take a minute to forward me your information - I have a considerable amount of documentation in regards to my case I would like to have your input and possible participation. Thank you.

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  • Be
      1st of Oct, 2010

    The anti-bot twisted text is fault-tolerant. In other words, you can type the wrong text in when it's trying to confirm you're human. That means bot's can submit. That's why it becomes full at about 20 seconds past midnight.

    Try it for yourself. Log in, but make a couple of errors in the twisty text box.

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  • Us
      6th of Oct, 2010

    why the ### are you depending on a soda company to fund such an amazing idea.. If this was really going to fix this problem then surely some investors would help you out. ### YOU YOU ###ING ###

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  • Th
      6th of Oct, 2010

    A reporter from the New York TImes told me that Pepsi actually makes fake applications and puts them in the top ten for all of the Grant levels. This is why they don't post the votes on the site. All of the videos you see of grant winners are actors hired by Pepsi. I would suggest that no one submit because you can't win and the program is fake.

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  • Ur
      6th of Oct, 2010

    Stop Spazzing and ### because you can't use a computer...

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  • Tr
      1st of Nov, 2010

    Perhaps, we should all be talking about get together and filling a class action suit against Pepsi. They have produced commericals and made money off of how good they are suppose to be doing in the community, however a great lawyer and a class action suit can change that.

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  • Re
      13th of Nov, 2010

    For your information, there is no affiliation between Pepsi and Rett Syndrome. The Rett Syndrome group has been in the contest for months, and as long as you finish in top 25 or so you are automatically renominated for the next months contest if you are not the winner. We lost the contest 4 months in a row. In August we lost in the last 20 minutes. We were able to win in September only thru a ton of work done by hundreds of dedicated families hoping to find a cure for our daughters. We are one of the most legitimate organizations that you will find anywhere. Pepsi does have some problems with this contest in that there are some fraudulant groups trying to steal the dollars that should be going to many of the needy groups in the contest. I don't believe that it is going in the direction that Pepsi wants, but they are afraid to make any changes due to the threat of a law suit.

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  • Ma
      13th of Nov, 2010

    Woah thats crazy i cant believe they are doing that.

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  • Ma
      1st of Dec, 2010

    I don't believe any part of it is a scam. The shut down before the turnover submission period is probably just to clear the databases and get ready for submissions. Nevertheless, I've tried for 4 months to submit a project for the $250, 000 category. I have experience in fundraising and media and I know I can make this project successful--a central site/forum/videos/and book for home caregivers and families facing hospice and 11th hour care. Every month when the page opens for "finalize your idea" I click the "agree" to the T&C and submit, over and over, and all I get is "encountered an internal server error". So clearly their servers and platform are inadequate, especially for submissions from the West Coast. I considered getting other people to submit from their computers as well, but it seemed dishonest, and I don't believe any honest philanthropic effort should have to play positioning games like that. I would have been willing to give Pepsi branding and acknowledgment on all the products (books, DVDs, website) produced for 'Bring Your Loved One Home'. It's a demographic market of 5 million care-giving people annually. And I was going to donate proceeds from sales of books and DVDs to the Hospice Foundation and include Pepsi as a donor. Oh well ... I will find another sponsor or accomplish this dream on my own. I can do it, but it will take me 3-4 years instead of one.

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  • Wh
      26th of Feb, 2011

    I agree that Pepsi has permitted the contest to go awry. However, I find it egregious for Pizzed-Off to publicly post that they "heard" that an idea is using a New York Times, or other email list without a shread of evidence that was a fact. If that particular idea was doing that how is it they did not win?? I hope that you are called to task for that little piece of defamation and public libel. You accuse a group of cheating while hiding behind an alias? I can only guess that your particular idea was lagging behind Erin's Dream in the standings. If you have proof submit it to the proper authority. If you don't then keep it to yourself. What you have done is worse than cheating.

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  • Dd
      20th of May, 2011

    even this year, You would think they'd get things under control!
    Their power voting doesn't count.

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  • Ki
      15th of Aug, 2011

    I think Pepsi is doing a great job that other companies are reluctant to do. I know all the causes that I am voting for are real and most of them had won a grant. People will never be satisfied and the competition is having a field day with it. I will continue supporting the project with my votes to my favorite causes. Go Pepsi!

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  • Sw
      29th of Sep, 2011

    I think the entire thing is a scam in how it's run...

    With the amount of votes and power votes that I know have been put in for our project, we haven't budged a single position in over a week... While yes, I know there can be disparity between entrants and who has how many votes and who else keeps growing, I don't believe statistically that everyone moves in the same linear fashion. I would expect to see some up/down fluctuation and that hasn't happened.

    It's sad... But it's all ###. Worst part is that I like Pepsi. But now they've just irritated me.

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