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Pep Boys / tire change

1 Dover, DE, United States

Took in a 15" rim with no tire and asked for a new 205 65 R15 tire to replace the bad one. The service writer Matt said it would be no problem and it would take about 45 mins. After about 35 mins Matt came out to tell me there was a problem and that my rim was 16". Now tell me why would the other 3 tires and rims be 15" and not this one? I walked outside to my car just to check and make sure I did not read the #'s wrong while my girlfriend stayed in the store to find out the price of a 16" (which should i even mention was almost double the price of the tire that I was suppose to be getting put on) I brought in the tire that was bad to show them that the tire size was 15". Matt the service writer took me in the shop with my tire and a tape measure and he measured from edge to edge of the rim and kept telling me that it was 16'' and that they will not put a 15" tire on it. I showed them that the tire that came off the rim was indeed a 15" and that it fit; by me putting it back on the rim. Matt kept insisting that it was a 16 " rim and the only way that my 15" tire fit was because it was worn out and stretched. By this time I am pissed and they are refusing to put on the tire that the car calls for because their tape measurements show that need I say again from outside of rim to outside of rim is almost 16", needless to say I took my rim and tire the hell out of that store so pissed off I didn't speak to my girlfriend the entire 45 min. ride home. When I got home I decided what the hell I'm gonna measure this rim just to make sure I'm not the crazy one here, so I take the tire inside the house and lay it on the kitchen floor with the inside of the rim facing out and damned if the rim size is stamped inside the rim (15x8). I'm thinking about going back up there tomorrow and show them, but then again they will most likely say o' thats not the same rim you brought in yesterday, because you know Pep Boys it the BEST store around and they don't ever do anything wrong. I feel that they tried to take advantage of me; thankfully I did not fall for it. However i guess i could have let them put a 16'' tire on it and watch someone get hurt when it blew off (POSSIBLY ME)...

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