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1 Riverside, CA, United States
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I've had for about 2 yrs now. The last 8 mos it had gotten pretty bad. Slow dial up. Trying to get to my e-mail took any where from 10 min to 45 min. Too often got knocked of the inter net while i was reading my e-mail. So called tech support, got no where there. I tried to tell them all the problems i had login on. They started with a set of instructions in what to do while on the phone with them. After about an hour they tell me i have to shut down my pc and all will be better. OOOk.

The pc seemed to run a bit better, but still too many steps to get to my e-mail. To make a long story short, I had to call 3 times to fix my pc's problems.But the problems came back as bad as ever if not worst.
So today i tried to log on, no internet server, can not display, to much traffic on lines. Every excuse they can find to tell you you can't get on line.

Sooo I call tech sup twice, each time i was transferred to a tech and each time music came on while i wait then click. Yes they hung up on me, with out me even telling them what i think about them.How about that?

Well I'm going to get to them soon and i will let them have it and i am going to cancel. To think that they want us to recommend them to our friends.


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