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I had booked a ticket from Amsterdam to Beirut online on 08 March 2016 and was provided with the confirmation number as 2T47XC. the flight was to depart from Amsterdam on 04 April 16.

On 17 March I visited their website to add a few services to my booking and to my horror saw that there was no such booking existing. when I contacted their customer care they informed me that my booking has automatically been cancelled.

On enquiring further on their 'contact me' page the information provided was "We kindly inform you there has been suspicious payment for these flights, Therefore they were cancelled automatically and full amount refunded to same credit card." since then despite my repeated correspondence the airline has not been able to give any further clarification on the issue and no resolution of the problem whatsoever.

The airline did not bother to inform me on my phone or through email of such an automatic cancellation and I shudder to think what I would have gone through on the date of travel if I would not have logged in to make amendments to my ticket.

What is more the automatic cancellation and refund cost me $25 in cross currency conversion by my credit card bank. and now the tickets I am getting are at least $85 costlier.

such an irresponsible act by any airlines needs to be brought to justice and I would like to know if somebody knows whom to approach to lodge a complaint against them.

Mar 21, 2016

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