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Don't ever buy a f*cking Peerless boiler

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I would like to direct you to this open letter I am writing on behalf of a good friend of mine. He bought a Peerless Boiler - a fine piece of advanced, high-tech machinery designed to achieve an extremely complex task: take water that's at room temperature and... heat it. I understand that this is a crazy request. I mean, changing the temperature of water is a process that scientists have been struggling for years and years to accomplish. It's baffled the greatest minds all around the world from ancient egyptian times. Entire universities have opened 'water science' departments in an effort to understand this most complex of processes, so I was admittedly skeptical when Ken decided to go out and purchase a water boiler.

"A boiler, you say? You mean, to heat water? Bah, humbug! Wouldst thou mind picking me up a time machine on thy way to the store, as well?"

Well, apparently, there's one company bold enough out there to attempt to boil water, and who are willing to share their life-changing secret with you. It's Peerless Boilers, Peerless Boilers are like modern Da Vincis, dreaming up expensive and innovative solutions to the problem of supplying a house with that most rare of commodities, hot water. It's understandable that they don't work quite yet, I mean, after all, they're only in beta. We've been pretty satisfied so far. It's quite large, it's made out of some sort of sturdy metal I assume, it looks nice in the basement and most importantly of all, it fulfilled all of our hopes in terms of being quite expensive. How fantastic! We do, however, currently have one issue with the boiler. It's minor, but still we're hoping Peerless will be willing to address it:

Water: It doesn't heat it.

We've been enjoying the boiler for the month we've had it, of course. Marveling at its many pipes and fancy vents, drooling subtly as we trace our fingers around the impeccably-placed 'Peerless' logo on its smooth, metal veneer. I've grown so fond of it I've actually fallen in love with it, and now sleep in the basement curled up next to it, whispering sweet nothings into its ear and reminding it that we love it dearly, and any time it's ready to start trying to heat water, we'll be polite and not laugh. We understand it's asking a lot; we're willing to let it figure things out at its own pace.

The folks at peerless sure have been helpful! Every time we've called, we've been greeted by an equally sexy answering machine which takes our recorded messages and stores them away into oblivion so that we don't have to suffer the embarrassment of inconveniencing those fine folks at Peerless. Oh, those wonderful knights in splendid shining armor, fighting the mythical hydra known as 'freezing cold showers' with the bravery of the world's most daft and fanciful explorers. They truly are modern knights of the round table, they are. Every night I fall asleep praying to the heavens to help them find a solution soon, as such an intrepid band of renegades must need some sort of divine intervention to help them accomplish their lofty goal.

In fact, last time we called, our representative was too busy to assist us because he was headed out to a trade show! Fight on, brave soldier. Fight the good fight and earn more money for your company so one day you can bring relief to all of those of us who are suffering through these dark ages, when the science of heating water is so beyond the comprehension of most human minds that only the most well-equipped, intelligent crew of individuals dare to take on the problem.

Peerless, take your good old time. Take as long as you want to provide us with a boiler that truly heats water; for in this field, I know you are surely our only hope.
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Peerless Boiler - Way to many problems, not user friendly at all


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D  1st of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Next time just pick up the phone and call a serviceman...Preferably the guy who put in your boiler "a month ago." Any reputable installer will come right back if your boiler craps out within a month of installation. Why are you calling the manufacturer? They have NOTHING to do with the way that the technician installed their product. You are a far better writer than thinker. I just realized, you might be a little kid, if so I take that back... Just call the installer...And make sure that you have oil, and that the power is on to the controls.
N  4th of Jan, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Peerless sucks! If the installer can't get it right, that means the manufacture isn't doing there job. Also, it's the unit that's not working right, not the installer! There are so many better systems out there now! Peerless is out dated! My unit isn't even 5 years old and it leaks so much oil! Not an installers fault! Just a crap unit! Not at all environmentally safe, because this unit is in a basement, and we all know that basements flood, when the unit leaks it gets oil in the water, which gets pumped out into the road or grown! I'm going with a new GREEN unit called RUUD! If you are looking for a great energy saving fuel free unit, That will keep your house warm, This is it! If you want to purchase one, feel free to call me at 757-717 5096 ask for Debra. I don't sell them, but I can tell you where to go to get one! They are under 2, 000.00 installed. With a great warranty. People are switching them out, because the savings are amazing!
D  12th of Jan, 2010 by    -3 Votes
what a bunch of horse$%#t. It's a cast-iron boiler that is well built. It is not the boiler, it is the installing contractor. Why are you calling the factory rep?? Instead of the penning this witty, well-crafted dissertation on the boiler why don't you use those smarts to find a good contractor through your local bbb.org or Angie's List
D  13th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have a Peerless boiler that has just been fantastic to this point. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. It is a model EC-05, and now that I jinxed myself, I hope this clarifies the problems the one gentleman was having above, which was never fully disclosed.

Service departments should be contacted, and like above stated it very well could be an installation problem. They will in turn contact Peerless if a warranty problem exists, or a defective part, ect.. I did this kind of work when I was a young man, and now approaching 60 I have to revert to the pros that install and service such. I have this Peerless boiler in my 160 plus year old farm house, and am considered a low consumption fuel oil customer. On the average when the temps dip down to approx.20 degrees F, or lower I use about 3 gal. per day of home heating oil. Average winter days, and nights are much lower, and it is very good hot water baseboard heat. Not bad considering my old original windows in my 2nd story are losing alot of heat there.

I feel so far the Peerless boiler is a very fine constructed piece of heating equipment.

Rick Orem
Red Lion, Pa.
N  19th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I like the first comment. I have the top of the line Peerless gas boiler and I think it was designed to fail. The electrical components are subject to huge temperature swings because there in the area where the cold air comes in from outside. One by one the components fail and believe me it's expensive under warranty or not. Four years old now and the main board and fan/board assembly and gas valve have crapped out. I'm afraid to leave the house in the winter for fear of freezing the water pipes.
Peerless won't talk to anyone but an installer. My installer spent hours on the phone with them and charged it to me.
Good luck with this company!
D  10th of Feb, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I am a technican and 99% of all problems with new high efficent equipment has to do with improper installation of the product. If only contractors would open the directions and make sure they are installing the product correctly. The manufacturer cant be responsible for incompitant contractors. It dosent matter what manufacture or what type of equipment it is there will always be contractors that don't care about proper installation. Word of advice is DON'T EVER go with the cheapest bid because it is almost always leads to frustration and nothing but problems. Installing heating equipment is not like buying a stove from store; it relys completly on the installing contractor to insure proper installation and operation. Plus if you dont have a good contractor good luck having them fix your new boiler that has manditory 1 year labor warranty provided by contractor. I agree Peerless should have responded and try to work with contractor, but it is ultimitley up to installing contractor to insure proper installation and setup. Remember the cheapest contractors will blame everyone else but themselves and be quick to charge for repairs and parts that should be covered under warranty.

Nick Starck
N  3rd of Mar, 2010 by    +3 Votes
To chuck960,
You sorta let the cat out of the hat when you explained the huge temperature swings the electrical components are subject to. Many years ago when I did this type of service work I came upon a boiler that was placed in an unheated room that was subject to extreme drafts, and on an average of at least 20 degrees difference than if placed in the average basement.
This caused the high/low limits to cycle on/off much more often just to keep the boiler up to the preset temp limits, and thus not only caused the customer a much higher fuel oil bill, but shortened the life of these said components.

It is not the boiler if these components are failing. You must look at alot of variables such as chimney draft, is the boiler properly filled, circulator pumps, thermostats, high/low limits, stack relays, and such before you condemn the boiler itself.

My Peerless boiler in my 160+ year old farm house just keeps ticking, and ticking never missing a beat, and is very economical/dependable with my application.

Rick Orem
Red Lion, Pa.
N  17th of Dec, 2010 by    +3 Votes
My Peerless has blown its logic board ("Status panel") twice. The first time the factory would not expedite shipment of the replacement part to us. They were extremely unhelpful! This time it burned out and the factory doesn't even have a replacement. They told my contractor they they would build more such parts starting in January! In the meantime I have no hot water and a nonfunctioning boiler in the middle of winter (Temp is 0 as I write this note) in Alaska. We are surviving on portable electric heaters and an old fashioned gas wall heaterI can't imagine a company that has no inventory of critical replacement parts. These people are simply irresponsible. I suggest steering clear of Peerless.
N  30th of Dec, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I have two of these boilers in one of my rentals.
I would NEVER buy one again or even suggest it to the person I hated the most in this world (whoever that is). When they go, good luck finding someone to fix them and the cost is insain!!!
And forget trying to get part for them at a local supply house!!!
They SUCK!!!
N  6th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
my comment is I have never had a problem with a peerless boiler... ever!!! and if did they would be right there to help me... I have heard of issues with the series pro, , , , but not mine... Ill bet any problems are installer related... 10 years in the busines 20 years in my area only 2 leaked, , , thats amazing... Peerless has my vote best boiler ever... New stuff Im not sure, , , but I would be sure to check before installing, ., THats the service mans job, , check out product befor swearing its great
N  10th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
THAT FIGURES, put in my two cents and who would have guessed, problems wiht the site!!!peerless fess up, your biolers are the problem along with " some" not all installers . So, if peerless dose admitt there is an installer problem then fix it ! I'm not an installer just a consummer with cold winter showers from my tankless Peerless boiler.
A  25th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
First, I apologize for not having part numbers and other details. But I am a home owner who had a Peerless gas-fired boiler installed about 10 years ago. It proved to be the most troublesome appliance I have ever owned.

On perhaps a dozen occasions I came home after work and find the house cold.

The boiler had White Roger’s control module – it seemed to fail once a year (always on a cold winter day, and always when the supply house was closed for the weekend). After replacing the unit twice someone suggested using a Honeywell controller. I did and never had another problem with that specific component.

The second problem was the use of these damned hot-surface ignitors (HSI). I replaced that component two times – once coming home to a house on a cold winter’s day that was barely 45 degrees. Why anyone would use this trouble-prone mechanism for lighting a mission-critical appliance I do not understand. For a drier, fine; if the drier fails I don’t have to worry about $20, 000 worth of burst pipes. Looking at the glowing HSI for hot-spots that foretold of forming cracks became a monthly task in the winter.

Third problem was the flame detector. This item became an annual maintenance item. At the start of each heating season I would remove it and carefully clean it lest it stop detecting the flame and shut down the boiler.

Other than this the boiler was okay. There were no mechanical issues, but the electronics on this boiler put me off ever buying another product from Peerless.
N  15th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Is the author complaining about the heat side or the domestic hot water side? Hydronic system(forced hot water) or steam system?On the domestic hot water(your showers, tubs, sinks)side, IF its a steam system, make sure the water level is high enough to completely cover the tankless coil. If the coil is not covered you do not get good heat transfer. Is the problem ONLY in the shower? If it is, no matter if its a steam or hydronic system, install a low flow shower head(2.5GPM) and make sure there is a flow restrictor in place at the tankless coil.
On the HEAT side, is the boiler sized for the job RIGHT? No matter if it is steam or hydronic if the boiler is too small, you will not heat correctly. On a hydrolic boiler, is the circulator the correct one for the job, is there the right air elimination parts installed, is ALL the air purged from the system? On the steam method of heating, sized CORRECTLY?, returns the right size?, supply header piped the right size AND done CORRECTLY??
IF the installer did not size the boiler correctly, or pipe the boiler correctly then no matter what boiler manufacturer is used it will not work right. IT'S NOT THE FAULT OF THE BOILER ! I've been in the trade for over 20 years and have worked on many boilers from many manufacturers and they all work IF installed correctly. As far as electronic control boards "crapping out", YES they do sometimes, it seems to run in streaks, hot surface ignitors are the same, every so often you will get a bad batch of them. ALSO when installing a HSI
DO NOT touch the glow bar, it will either (1) not work at all, (2)work just ONE time or (3) have a very short life span.
A  19th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
i have brand new peerless purefire 80 and very randomly it gives off very loud vibration on ignition. new york rep is non exitant and tech line is useless. i install boilers for living and never had a problem. Peerless will always have a place in my garbage can and the field rep is useless it was a fight to get him my house and when was here he was no help. Never rqueat a peerless if u do good luck.
N  5th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
I installed a Peerless PF 80 and had to replace the gas valve three times because of delayed ignition. The company was no help and the rep came out but to no avail, said the unit is working properly. Can you live with a loud vibration on ignition? Now the boiler is doing the same thing. I installed it. I am a contractor and I recommend not to install this Bolier ever. Go for a Crown Bimini. I installed three of these boilers and have no troubles. I will never install this boiler again. I still have to figure out what to do with this boiler the customer is pissed!!
N  29th of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I've owned my peerless heater for 2 years. Unfortunately I wasn't aware there was a warrenty card to fill out so when the face display went out I ended up paying $602.00 to get it fixed after paying $7000.00 just 2 years ago to have it installed.
A  14th of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Bought a peerless boiler four years ago. The casting leaks. The rep said the pipes were leaking, even though they are dry. Old patches. No warrenty. No luck. Peerless is horrible. Do not buy. Do not buy. Three grand gone
Awful company. Stay away.
D  28th of Dec, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Why would anyone that has a one month old boiler not call the installing contractor to fix a problem? I am a contractor and have been installing Peerless oil and gas boilers for 17 years now and believe me if i had problems with them i would switch to another brand. The oil boilers are very simple to work on and have standard Honeywell controls that any service tech should be able to fix. The high efficiency stainless steel condensing boiler is on it's fifth generation now has had no more issues than any other brand. I would highly recommend buying a five or ten year parts and labor warranty on any high efficiency gas boiler of any brand as the parts are very expensive. Also if you have problem that your contractor can not fix he can call Peerless and they will send a rep to take care of the problem.
N  11th of Feb, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I think it is very unfair, to Peerless and to the consumers, to complain about a product, without understanding exactly what the problems are. I work on many boilers, oil, gas, different brands, they all have problems, and the problems are fixable. You will find that of the many different boilers, the same controls, gas valves, switches, etc, are used. I have serviced many boilers where the installing contractors are to blame. The cheapest price doesn't mean anything if the contractor does not warrantee his work. If I have a problem with a boiler, I get after the rep for assistance. If he doesn't help, I let him know he better get someone that can help. These guys make their money selling boilers, if their boilers don't work, they can't sell them. Reputable contractors will not sell boilers that fail often. I know that the manufacturers are reluctant to talk to the consumer, because they ask questions about the boiler that the consumer can't answer. If one has a boiler that doesn't work, and the installing contractor is not there to help, I have to ask myself, was the boiler installed by a qualified contractor?
N  14th of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I bought a peerless high effeciency boiler in 2003 and had it replace 3 times, now i am out of warrenty, costing me $2000 annually in reapirs, no co-operation from peerless and here is the really interesting part-my gas bills, adjusting for raising gas, cost more than a weil 40 yr old boiler. i wish someone had written about their experiences and read them before i purchase this brand.

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