PECO EnergyThe worst customer Service: What if I Freeze and Die, it is not my problem

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I bought a property in Clifton Heights and called PECO to start service at this location. In the first pass they turned on the Electricity. I wondered why my heater and gas stove is not working.
January 28, 2015: I called back PECO on Jan 28, 2015 at 4.24PM to ask why my gas stove and heater is not working. The customer service rep informed me that someone needs to be at the premise to start the gas service. He said he could schedule me for Jan 29th, between 12.00 - 7.00 PM, with half an hour call ahead. Fair enough, I informed my work that I might have to leave early if I get a call.
January 29, 2015: the temperature outside is 36 degree, I got of my work early, went to the place and sat there waiting for my only gas supplier to give me a call. It is 2.00PM, 3.00 PM, 4.00PM, call
At 5.35 PM I called PECO to know the status and interestingly the Customer service Rep (Jasmine) mentioned that it is routed to an emergency service so they have 24 hrs to complete the job and they might come any could be midnight, early morning or next day afternoon and they will just show up. So some one has to be present at the premise. That sounded very wierd and stupid that to start a service.
At 6.03PM, I called their emergency line whether any thing could be done and the answer was to start a service i have to call a customer service.
At 6.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Clifton Heights, PA11 PM, I called customer service again and the answer was, yes they are on the way and will be at the location, so please wait there. As I was in need, I waited till 9.00 PM to see if any angels from PECO was going to show up. Sadly, no one showed up.

January 30, 2015: another cold day called PECO to see what I can do to get my gas connection started. Called PECO at 11.27 AM and the answer was nothing could be done on 1/30.
Since I was at work, I asked my wife to give PECO a call and see what can be done. They said they could do a anytime service and someone has to be there.
Another cold day temp is around 30 degrees, Well we needed the service I was there from 1.00PM to 7.00PM nobody showed up. I hope who all were slacking is end up in hell. How can any company be so irresponsible and ignorant. especially when they are supporting necessary service like gas and electricity.
January 31st, 2015: After almost 3 hrs of customer service talks and varying information from each person, having no proactive contact to me as a customer and then employees lying that they showed up the fact is that I still, don't have the gas connection started. In my life I have never been frustrated so much. Why is PECO such a miserable company. Is it because they have a monopoly, is it because they are lacking proper leadership, is it that they are lacking accountability. Whatever it is, I am hoping that proper action is taken before it is too late and one of your consumer turns crazy.
I gave up. As of today, someone else is moving into that location and they have a request in.

Jan 31, 2015
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  • Ba
      Nov 12, 2016

    I have a medical condition my dr filled form and they gave me and faxed it to turn my service in. Nov 8 turn off which should have been 10th
    2016. Went down to 39 degress i

    They said my dr didnt sign my dr called faxed 3 x said is signed
    They all were rude but one person but still couldnt help
    She suggested verbal would be instant from drs office. So i went to dr office nurse called they said they would call me in an hr that was 1:30
    I called at 5 to ask about call they said i need to have dr sign and the medical dept closed now on friday so now still freezing and no answer i said what if i died she said can i help you with anything else. I think i now have broncitis. I need a lawyer. Terrible service the worst.

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