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Peachford Hospital-Atlanta GA


Abuse of Mentally Ill

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 139 votes
83% 139
Contact information:
Peachford Hospital
2151 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Phone: 770-454-2300
Peachford hospital does not treat the mentally ill, they abuse them. Recently one of the doctors was indicted on several counts of sexual aggravation of a patient. My brother received a black eye, allegedly from, falling out of a chair. They count on the facts that they are dealing with the mentally ill and the family members will not believe what they are told by the patient, and Georgia has effectively stripped family members of their rights to intervene on the patients behalf.

If you have a mentally ill family member, take them to Emory and never, ever take them to PEACHFORD HOSPITAL.
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N  20th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
This place is definitely under some kind of protection.VERY SCAREY.Shame on the state for protecting Peachford hospital.Thankyou.I admire everyone here for telling their story.Its help me and makes me feel like there is courage and hope that one day this place will be brought justice!!
N  20th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
This place is definitely under protection.VERY SCAREY!SHAME on the state for letting it go on!Everyone here has courage and hopefully this place will be brought JUSTICE!
N  20th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Sorry that posted two times!God Bless.
A  22nd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
this hospital tried to admit my son when he was in kindergarten. he was going through a rough patch after my divorce and was fine a few weeks later. i went to peachford for an evaluation and support, but they were not interested in my child's health...they only wanted my money.
A  30th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
I was in Peachford a few years ago, when I was 11, and I remember being very scared and lost. I didn't know where to go or what to do and the nurses scared me. The beds are horribly uncomfortable, and I was switched to a different room during my stay. That wouldn't have bothered me, but I accidentally left my sheets in the other room and the nurses wouldn't give me new ones. I had to sleep in a bare bed for two nights. If you stood up on the beds there was writing from other patients on the walls, often very disturbing. Also, my first night there some nurse barged in to my room, grabbed my arm and took my blood rather roughly, I had the bruise for the rest of my stay there. The doctor was some old dude who never talked to me, and the nurses were just mean. Once in group we were all supposed to talk about something, and when it was my turn I didn't really want to talk. So the nurse threatened to make me stay in the kids area while everyone else went to the gym and outside. I eventually just made something up, but the nurses were rude and hateful.
N  17th of Jun, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I am a mother. My son was sent to Peachford to get help after attempting suicide. I won't get into all the details, but it was a shocking experience for me as a parent! The staff was very rude to parents. Whenever I called, the nurses were so rude and ignorant! They didn't want me t talk to my son. I thought...what type of place is this. They need a professional staff. Clearly it doesn't exist. I heard staff speak to parents as though they were stupid. I couldn't believe it! They never really kept m ein the loop among other things. I thought they were helping my son but they spoke to him like crap too. It seemedmore like a prison. I wonder if they are trained and who is in charge of the facility thatthey can still have the same group of staff for so many years. I wonder if all hospitals are like Peachford? Bad experience. Hated it as a caring parent. Parents don't deserve to be spoken to like crap and neither do the children. God is in control. He will deal with that place.
N  24th of Jun, 2011 by    -1 Votes
i do i check my wife out after 23hr, she is telling me the same things that are posted!
A  11th of Jul, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I wish I had time to research Peachford before my daughter was admitted. All the complaints are accurate. This is something new (1month) that we're dealing with. She was previously at Summit Ridge, better facility. got out & had an episode. I took her to the nearest ER.. that hospital only uses Peachford counselors, who took her to Peachford. I feel like they made her condition worse. I won't repeat all the complaints previously posted.. but believe me, they are True! Hopefully, she'll be discharged tomorrow.. they're keeping her as long as the insurance will pay.
N  27th of Jul, 2011 by    -2 Votes
Hey I just got out today of Peachford.A little disappointed I didn't get sexually abused but maybe next time.lol they are doing a very good job making the hospital better however I'm still a little bitter about my stolen blackberry.but they are helping me without shaking me down for money .The doctors and staff treated me like friends god loves them for turning that place around but I will say this locking the rooms all day are brutal.When people have manic or depressive episodes they need their sleep-please reconsider this rule.god bless Peachford Hospital and the doctors and nurses who tolerate us nuts!xoxchris
N  8th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
It has been a couple of years since I first posted about my traumatic experience at Peachford. I still have nightmares about it. A few things I forgot to mention in my first post. Although your room is in a separate place from the opposite sex, you still are around them when you have meals or if you go out in the dog pen like area to smoke. Every day when I went to meals I was accosted by a male patient who kept hugging me and holding me against my will, asking me for my phone number etc. I tried to let it go because I did not want to cause trouble, but when I finally did report it I was told just that ... not to make trouble... I couldn't prove it etc. I think the doctor I was assigned to (Honablue sp?) was one of the worst. I still can't believe she cut me off my medication cold turkey and they wouldn't give me anything to help me sleep. Not only that, but she mocked the fact that I had tried to kill myself, and she constantly threatened that she could keep me locked up there as long as she wanted. I did hear from other patients that there is a male doctor there who is much nicer. The only way you can get out is to just agree with everything they say, tell them you feel better when you really don't, praise them and tell them how much they have helped you, and constantly tell them how sorry you are for whatever you did that got you put there. Another patient pulled me aside one day when I was crying in view of the staff and told me I better get hold of myself because if they see you like that you will never get out. Thank God, somebody told me how to get out of there. They do make you strip when you first get there and they also take photos of you which they keep in your file. I could have lived with the hard beds, terrible food, but the treatment by Dr. Honablue was uncalled for and potentially dangerous. I want everyone to know how horrible that place was. Please do not go there or let your loved ones go. I can't emphasize it enough.
A  22nd of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I was in peachford 2 times both times were a living hell.I'm 11 and I burn myself I still do peachford has done nothing to help
I'd say that the only reason I burn myself i love Mr.perry I always hugged him and Mrs.theresa the bathrooms looked like the saw movie lol! I was promised at a hospital that submitted me there I would get any injections but guess what they took my blood! I hate peachford Mr.perry is the nicest person I ever met and he is the only person that helped me with some of my problems
N  22nd of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I mean they promised me no injections and also I couldn't go to sleep every night because staff would cuss
A  30th of May, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I was involuntarily admitted into Peachford after being taken to the ER one night around 8pm. We left the hospital in the ambulance around 5am, got to the hosiptal at 5:20am, and then were taken to a waiting room where we spent 3 hours waiting for someone to come down, just to be taken to another room. I was immediately taken off the adolescent ward (I'm 14), and my parents had to stay behind and answer questions. After having my blood pressure and blood taken, I was allowed to see my parents for about 30 seconds before some blonde nurse yanked me off of them and took me to my room, where I was strip searched. They told me that I had already missed breakfast so I had to stay in my room for a little bit, where I lay on my uncomfortable and disgusting matress for about an hour without sheets. I agree 1000% with all of the above comments saying that the other patients were much more helpful than all of the staff. It was a bit uncomfortable to me at first, coming from a good education and lots of money in an all-white community, to be put in a situation with many kids who are close to or are in poverty. But I soon realized that all of the kids were amazing- there was no judgement and not a mean word said between anyone.

I do disagree with many of the comments about how amazing Mr. Perry was. He wasn't the worst one there, but definitely horrible in my book. I was uncomfortable with the way that he looked at me and how he would touch my arms and neck; all of the other girls agreed with me completely.

As for everything else, everyone above is completely right on the unbelievably horrible rooms, facilities, staff, food, and anything else that was mentioned.

If you are referred there or are considering it for yourself or anyone else- DO NOT GO. My dad had a saying for when he picked me up- "If you're not crazy when you go it, you certainly will be when you get out."

Couldn't have said it any better.
A  14th of Jun, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Well it's been years since I wass a patient at Peachford I won't elaborate But upon attending I was put in a room unattended to for hours and that's not the bad part I was in the need of a sanitary napkin No help eventually they came and got me after hours of waiting next they took me to the childrens unit then i got into a fight with the staff for refusing to take a shot on my rear end they sedated me and and i awoke in what seemed to be a cell /brick wall and a mat only i was out of the clothes i was originally in creepy as the days continued i lost sight of who i was being treated as if i bombed the world an undescribable feeling i honestly feel like i was fine before they began to drug me not a place for noone bad staff they need the help and i pray for those who are current patience
A  17th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
If you saw me you would think that I am healthy. At my age I am physically more fit than a lot of women. On my chest I have radiation tattoos; burn scars from radiation, a happy face lip scar on my left breast from have a lumpectomy for breast cancer. Last year I added a six inch scar to the middle of my chest when I had an aortic valve replacement. My aorta was nick when my chest was cut open with a saw and it had to be repair before the surgeon could start my surgery. The scars on my chest do not even come close to the mental scars that were cause to me from my treatment at Peachford. Please listen to everyone that has written to these posts because they are true. On the outside Peachford looks good with green grass and many flowers but the inside of the hospital is totally different. Any movie writers out there want to write a true story of a modern day Nut House? Two days after the Obama health care law was voted in, some girl from my new health insurance company place a 911 call on me because I made a statement after her telling me that’s not covered and this also is not covered and the life flight fee is not being cover in full, but the hospital fee that is $48, 000 is pay in full at $6, 700. These charges were from my husband’s heart attack. In anger I tell the claims girl, ”what are we supposed to do just get a gun and shoot our self”. The claims girl never told me that I could appeal the claims. Many people in our country die every day because they cannot afford medical care. I ask to talk to a supervisor and I’m put on hold. I hang up because I am on my lunch break and need to drive back to work. So a 911 call is place on me and my home town police department Roswell, Ga. somehow adds that the call came from XXX crises center. Then I have another small town Johns Creek police officer that is totally out of control respond to the call at my place of work. I tried to tell him why I said what I did. This police officer was fired before I made my complaint against him. As all of the ones here know that no one will listen to you because they think you are crazy. I was 100 percent sane when I was at Peachford. In my records from Peachford it stated that I ramble on about my health and finances. Our country lets many people die every year because they don’t seek medical care when needed because they cannot afford it. No one in our country should have to live in fear that they may die because they cannot afford health care. Even if you have health insurance you may not be able to seek health that he needed. I am sure Oprah never thought her statement about hamburgers would land her in court. If any news writer wants a true story please post your e mail address. My name is on the plaque that hangs on the wall at Roswell Police Department for graduating from the fall class of 2010 Citizens' Police Academy.
N  11th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
the wife made an appt to have my 16yo stepson evaluated at peachford, [he has slight anger issues], as we were sitting in the waiting a weird feeling came over and I grabbed him up and we left.. Now I see these reviews and it looks like I made the right choice...
N  26th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I took my Dad there yesterday on the recommendation of Dr. Gary Fiegel for observation. After about 3 hours and a lot of rude and unconscious behavior we were taken back to Section 5. We were locked in as we were admitted and it rapidly became apparent to me that this was the WRONG place for my Dad, or for that mattter anyone who I remotely cared about. Then the horror began. We could not leave. They began a series of tactics to prevent me from taking my Dad out. The process or me trying to change the admission created a wild sensation. I knew right then that I was prepred to fight until the death to leave with my father. I had to jailbreak the door and hold it open while my Dad walked slowly out. In the meantime about 10 attendants rushed the other doors and stood guard. We were in a Mexican Standoff. Well I won and left with my Dad,

Please everyone DO NOT COMMIT anyone you care about to these people. You will live to regret it. I know first hand.

In addition the supposed Dr. Fiegel who is a Psychiatrist, exposed himself as a cold hearted SOB. After I got the Peachford Staff to agree to release him if the Dr. agreed, my loving Dr. said he would if another Dr agreed, thus condeming us to more torture until another mental Dr could be rounded up.

Pox on them all...I curse the Dr. and the staff, as well as the management who perpetrate this fraud and abuse on innocents.

I really hope this saves at least just one person from the fate we suffered. I am a Professional Engineer with 40 years experience in business, very successful and my father is a WWII hero who deserves better.
N  27th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Wow...Who are you? What qualifies you to make any comment? Explain your position besides the dribble your managed to scratch together.
A  27th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
How do I sue this lousy Institution? They need to have lawsuits and publicity in order to eith shut them down or change management.
N  5th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I would love for a group of us to go against this mental hospital. When I ask for my records it also included other patient. I was told I could return to work the following day I was release. The Georgia Medical board pulled my file on the doctor that signed the 1013. In their letter (Georgia Medical board) they would not tell me the outcome. One day I finally went to my home police department to see who had place the 911 call on me. At the Roswell 2010 Citizens' Police Academy that I attended we were told that 911 calls were only kept 90 day unless they were needed. When I got the form on who had place the 911 call on me I was also given a copy of the phone call. The 911 call center “did she pose a threat”? My health insurance company reply was “sort of kind of”. I spent four nights in hell and my husband who had just had a heart attack five weeks earlier and is under doctor orders not to have any stress is on the phone telling me is having chest pains again while I locked up in a nut house. J Kirschner I wish we could meet sometime. Any other out there want to tell their story. If someone does have any mental issue they should still be treated with respect. I saw women that were so drugs that walked like a drunk. We need to expose the abuse that is happing at this hospital.

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