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Peachford Hospital-Atlanta GA / abuse of mentally ill

1 2151 Peachtree RoadAtlanta, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 770-454-2300

Peachford hospital does not treat the mentally ill, they abuse them. Recently one of the doctors was indicted on several counts of sexual aggravation of a patient. My brother received a black eye, allegedly from, falling out of a chair. They count on the facts that they are dealing with the mentally ill and the family members will not believe what they are told by the patient, and Georgia has effectively stripped family members of their rights to intervene on the patients behalf.

If you have a mentally ill family member, take them to Emory and never, ever take them to PEACHFORD HOSPITAL.

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  • Sy
      5th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The date this complaint was published right around the time I went. Though I was, of course, in the juvenile ward. Other than some quite cruel treatment from counselors (one in particular just bashed each and every one of us, while the others didn't and I find them more helpful than the first one), there was this one girl who was anorexic. They kept limiting her rights until she ate, which you can't just tell an anorexic to eat and they'll do it. They wouldn't let her go outside with us (though she was cold as can be, she always complained about it and asked to go outside, though they'd make her sit inside with me and the counselor), they wouldn't let her off the ward till she ate something, even to go to the cafeteria to GET something to eat. We tried to stick up for her and had a sort of strike, but they shot us down from it after the second time we refused to go to the cafeteria and stayed back with her like they were doing to her. Thing is, that the counselors and nurses were treating her like this, with limited priviledges, while knowing she was going through heart failure. Personally, when a patient is dying and relying on you to help them, I'd treat them a bit better.

    Emory? I'll remember that for when my parents send me back.

  • Go
      6th of Jun, 2010
    +2 Votes

    My stay at Peachford was the only experience I have endured where I felt sub-human. I am an educated, polite person, not used to being treated as an idiot by counselors who are less educated than myself (I should know, my sister is a therapist and works with counselors), so the shock was infuriating. My first day, the hospital was doing some renovating, so the male and female wings were very close together. I was slightly lost, tried to find an authority to ask where to go, and a counselor told me with much contempt, "Please get out of the men's wing." She regarded me as though I were a two-bit whore. A girl I met later was having hallucinations in her room, and asked me with closed eyes to please get a nurse and tell them to administer her injection. I repeated the request to a nurse who scoffed and said she just wanted attention. I must have responded with some expression of horror on my face, for the nurse said my bad attitude was not helping and to mind my own business. I stayed with the girl then until a kinder counselor asked what was wrong, and promptly took action. This is probably all the power that these poor people ever get.

  • Ju
      19th of Jul, 2010
    +3 Votes

    peachford... just dont go. the nurses and counselors have terrible attitudes almost as if they dont want to be doing the job they are doing. i wont even begin to list the insane amounts of disrespect and abuse that i got from these so called "counselors"

    oh and the doctors that they just... appoint you to are full of crap.

  • Ph
      29th of Jul, 2010
    +2 Votes

    i was in peachford hospital december of 2009 and i hated it. i was in the kids unit and all i remember was i just wanted to go home. my doctor never really talked to me but he was sure to diagnos me though. he told me i had depression because when he did see me i was crying because i wanted to go home. i also remember they nurses there are very rude and all they wanted to do was give me pills even though the reason i was there was because i took a whole bottle of zoloft 50 mg and then turned around and took the whole bottle of zoloft 100 mg. so giving me sleeping pills and trying to put me back of zoloft would help how????? the only person that was a staff member that i liked was Mr. Perry. he was the only person that truly cared to my opinion.

  • Re
      29th of Sep, 2010
    Best Best Advice +7 Votes

    DON'T EVER GO HERE! If you must go somewhere, try Emory. This is based on my personal experience.

    1. Over half of the nurses are rude and speak to the patients in a derogatory manner.

    2. the beds are made of 4 inch foam covered in plastic and are TERRIBLY hard and uncomfortable. You can't sleep but only 2-3 a night because of the discomfort and end up sweating because of the plastic.

    3. There is no excercise equipment so you have no outlet and go nuts sitting on your butt all day long

    4. You are required to attend all group sessions each day which end up being about 4 hours worth of sitting on your butt in class. Now you can't excercise afterwards either.

    5. The bathrooms look like the bathroom in the horror movie SAW. Rust stains in the shower and mold and mildew on the walls. You would be better off to hose down in your backyard.

    6. The nurse opens your bedroom door to check you are still alive and shines a flashlight in your face every 30-45 minutes. The light blares in your face and the noise is a disturbance. Good luck sleeping. Its not happening.

    5. The facility provides half truths, does not provide all information, and misleads its patients regarding going 1013 (voluntary) to 1010 (involuntary) which is required to request the 72 hour release. You will be here much longer than needed...enjoy the imprisionment.

    6. The doctors are incompetent and educated in third world countries. They do not consider the patient's word, the patients family character witness, and any other competent doctor's opinion because they want to extend your stay. I ended up there because I slept walked on Ambien and in my sleep walk took 3 more Ambien, did bizzare things at home and my family freaked out and took me to the regular hospital who recommended to take me to Peachford for 24 hours. Peachford Hospital insisted I was trying to commit suicide and wanted to keep me one week even though me and my family told them I am not suicidal.

    7. They over-mediate their patients to the point of zombie state. I witness one patient walking one day and unable to walk or sit up in a wheel chair the next because they gave her a mystery shot the night before.

    8. The nurses neglect their patients. I witnessed the above mentioned woman slide out of the wheelchair onto the floor because her feet were not placed into the foot holsters. The nurse said she threw herself out the chair. The woman could not even bring a fork to her face and told me she had not felt this way since she gave birth to her son 32 years ago. I swear to you that your cat or dog receives better treatment at the vet than this.

    9. The doctor will change your medication without notification, even against the diagnosis of your outside personal doctor. I was given a 50% increase in my anxiety medication without being told and ended up with facial tremors for two days. Then the doctor wanted to increase the medication another 33%.

  • Km
      8th of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I agree with ret346 about Mr. Perry. When I went in 2004-- I was very very depressed and starved for attention-- to the point that I'd make things up for absolutely no reason-- and believed them! Then took a bottle of tylenol pm. I RARELY RARELY saw the dr-- if I did- it was not for very long. The nurses were rude and there was one counselor that meant well-- but tried the "tough love" approach to everyone and thats not always what kids and teens need when they are in that situation. I was finally breaking out of my shell and they brought some animals to play with us during visitation-- and the "tough love" guy came up to me while I was with my parents and called me out in front of my family and everyone else about something I had told him. NOT PROFESSIONAL! But-- going back to the beginning-- I do believe Mr. Perry is the shining light in the dark in that place. I remember him coming up to me in the cafeteria and saying he could tell which people would be back-- and I shouldn't even be there now. However-- b/c they wanted money and decided not to look into my mother being physically and emotionally abusive- to further embarrass me, my mother made me stay longer than suggested. They didn't help me at all with my depression. The only thing they did was keep me from wanting to go back. I hope it has changed since then.

  • Ab
      13th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    ret346 is absolutely correct about everything, especially point #5. Think long and hard before signing yourself into Peachford, because once you are there, you're at the mercy of the doctors, who have to be the worst bunch I have experienced in 20 years of treatment. I have a few points to add.
    1. Although Peachford is supposed to treat substance abuse and addiction AND mental illness/depression etc. I found that everything in the groups and meetings is geared toward substance abuse.
    2. The "doctor" (Hanablue) who treated me was downright hateful and seemed to enjoy having the power over her patients freedom. She cut off all but one of the medications I have been on for years, and then made me take medicine which I told her I had previously had a bad reaction to.
    3. The staff is not helpful at all. There is no compassion whatsoever. You feel as though you are in a prison because that is how you are treated - like a criminal. I honestly got more help and care from my fellow patients than anyone under the employ of Peachford Hospital.
    4. I don't think that patients who are mandated to be there because of breaking the law/drug abuse should be mixed in with others who are severely depressed. In one group a man admitted killing someone and offered all the gory details. After hearing his story once, I got up and left the group the next time he "opened up."
    5. ECT is way over used. I have known severely mentally ill people who had it maybe 8 times over a lifetime. About 75% of the patients I spoke to at Peachford had daily electroshock therapy. I can't imagine that many people needing it.

    In conclusion, my experience at Peachford was like ten days in hell. I am still suffering from the trauma I was exposed to there Had it not been for my kind roommate, I think I would have lost my mind completely.

  •   23rd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Just got out of Peachford today. Things have gotten much much worse. Due to a suicide that happened A week before my check in they have made many changes. The first change is all patients doors are locked and you only can have bathroom breaks when they say its OK. If you are sick the charge nurse will argue with you that you are not sick and must attend the current session. I actually grabbed my pillow and laid down in the hallway. The fire exits are either blocked or locked. They just changed the lights out time to 10:30 and patients must leave their door open with the hall light shining in your eyes. Bed check is more like every 5 minutes with that damn flashlight shining in your face. This is causing more patients to get sleeping pills each night. I found my stay very stressful and a MAJOR distraction to getting the help that I needed.

    Even with all these protection practices in place there were still injuries that required hospitalization. Peachford is just covering their [censor] so the don't get shut down.

    BTW Peachford was changing the rules every day and not providing the patients with written described as one of the "Patients Rights"

  • Sa
      3rd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I'm going to say I disagreed with some of the points made above me. I really liked some of the staff. During gym time, I got one-on-one with one of the staff and just having someone that would listen to me really helped. After that, I didn't feel the bursting need to talk to someone. He and one other staff member really stand out as being helpful, humane, and non-judgemental.
    HOWEVER. One of the nurses (nurse leslie, i think?) was INCREDIBLY alienating, acted like I was a stupid animal and everything I did was trying purposely to be annoying and break the rules when the rules hadn't been explained to me. One other staff member, Mr. Greg, was worse than some of the kids at school. He twisted my words around from "My parents are more than likely getting divorced" and the reason I'd gone (self-mutilation) into "So you be cutting on yourself because you don't want your parents to get divorced? Isn't that a bit selfish? You'd rather you be happy than everyone else." Needless to say, I didn't volunteer anymore information in his groups. The patients, on the other hand, were very accepting and non-judgemental, which is more than I can say for some staff members.
    If it weren't for staff like Mr. Greg and Nurse Leslie, I would not hesitate to reccomend peachford to a friend.

  • Fr
      12th of Jan, 2011
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    I was there early last year I think. I was told they treat eating disorders, and my experience mirrors what somebody else described above about another anorexic patient. I was restricting both food and fluid intake, to the point they had to send me to the emergency room twice for fluids in the week or so I was there. Then they told me they can't deal with me and shipped me off to Ridgeview. I've been there a few times before and chose Peachford specifically to avoid going to RV again and see if I had a different outcome in a different treatment setting. They put me in all the substance abuse groups, although I have no history of substance problems. They said they treat EDs on an addictive model, which isn't without merit, but some nutritional support would have been nice too. They threatened the tube daily, which is almost always an empty threat at general mental health facilities that do not treat eating disorders. I'm kinda glad I ended up at Ridgeview, at least they got me medically stable. I never experienced or witnessed anything abusive at Peachford, just nurses and techs who seem to have no idea what they're doing.

  • Fr
      4th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was manipulated into going. Not going to get into those details but I will say no matter what, nobody deserves to be in Peachford. Prison would be better b/c atleast the patient doesn't have to pay thousands to suffer like I had to. Nurse Jenn, the fat white lady in the adult male inpatient front desk, was abusive and she will have to answer to God later on down the road. Basically what happened to me was they were taking their sweet time with me being able to have my family visit. After politely asking Nurse Jenn what time it was, she said, "that's it, I'm giving you a shot". I begged not to be shot, but she insisted and they ended up shotting me in the buttocks with Haldol. This drug caused me to get irate as a monster which is NOT like me. There was nothing I could do to avoid this shot. From there I ended up lashing out and felt to drugged up to make rational decision making, and punched a wall, breaking my hand which still two years later is still crippled, despite the assuring words of the black guy (who acted like Mr. Know-it-all) that it would heal in one to two days. I hope my calm complaint doesn't fool anyone that this wasn't just a small little complaint coming from a "mental patient".

    On another note, let this be known: when money is involved, everyone getting paid for the referrals will insist you end up there. It's the egregious personality of the Institutional Treatment Industry.

  • Ko
      17th of Feb, 2011
    +3 Votes

    I have bi-polar disorder and have had to be hospitalized a few times over the years. I have been in almost every mental hospital in the Atlanta area (excluding Emory). I thought I had seen the worst but Peachford was the bottom of the pit. When I was admitted for depression, I told the intake person that I had been sexually abused. She seemed concerned and caring in front of my husband. When I was escorted to the actual ward (without my husband) I was left at a nurse desk and had to stand there for 30 minutes while being ignored. Finally a nurse gestured to me and told a tech to take me. This tech took me in to a room and searched my bag then told me to lift my shirt and shake out my bra. I was expecting this because, even though it is similar to the way a criminal is treated I knew it was the "norm" for mental hospitals. The tech then told me to pull down my pants AND panties. I panicked and told her I could not do that and that I had been sexually abused. I was very upset and crying. She told me that if I didn't do it that she would get one of the male techs to come hold me down while she did it. I finally complied but I was so upset and crying that I couldn't even think clearly. Then they put me in a room with several other women so that I could be under 24 hours "watch". One of the women in the room screamed constantly all day and night. It was like a horror movie. When I got the chance to talk to a nurse I told her about the search incident. She told me it was their policy! I finally was able to talk to my husband and my brother, who is a lawyer. Suddenly the PR person was down there apologizing and saying that this was not actually their policy. I was held for several days, during which I attended "group therapy" which consisted of about 25 people sitting audience style while an obviously uneducated and untrained young man said, " Well, what ya'll wanna do today?" and then joked around with the other employees in the room. Dr. Honablue changed my meds so much that I didn't know which was up and which was down. I was finally, thankfully, released after a few days and wound up in another hospital because of the effects of the meds Dr. Honablue gave me. I was traumatized, treated like something less than human and wound up worse off than I was when I went in. I tried to sue them, but the lawyer my brother referred me to said I wouldn't be able to prove that the tech knew I was sexually abused. Please, please don't send anyone you love to this hospital.

  • Ab
      4th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    @kokokitty123 Honablue did the same to me regarding my medication. She also laughed and mocked me for attempting suicide. A very cruel and incompetent woman.

  • At
      16th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I just got out of Peachford a couple weeks ago. I have both negative and also positive things to say about it. On the negative side: I agree with several people that the beds are hard as rocks (not good for someone with arthritis) and smelled very strongly of Lysol, the doors to the rooms are wide open at night and the lights in the hall are always on, they check on you every 15 mins or so at night with a flashlight in your face, you can hear people in other rooms talking, laughing or snoring, you can hear the staff talking too. I got VERY little sleep while there. Some of the staff are really rude and they yell at you a lot. I am an educated and polite person but was often treated by some of the staff like an immature child and scolded and berated often for the littlest things. For instance, you are apparently allowed to have 2 thin blankets for your bed. The whole time I was in there I only had 1 and was so cold at night. When it was soiled from sweating at night due to the plastic on the bed, I asked all day long - maybe 6 times - for another blanket. I asked several people from nurses to housekeeping staff hoping someone would give me at least one. Some of the people yelled at me for even asking, others gave me a dirty look and said it would be taken care of. They kept putting me off and putting me off. Finally at 10:30 at night when they were going to shut off the lights I asked again and got one. Another complaint I had was about the food. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I am overweight. The food was very high in calories, carbohydrates, and fat. If you wanted bacon (one of the very few proteins offered) in the morning the guy gave you 7 slices as a serving! If you wanted scrambled eggs, he gave you 2 big scoops - that is a lot of cholesterol. If you asked for less, the server gave you a dirty look. A lot of the servers were very rude. You learn quickly NOT to ask any questions - just eat the food no matter how much you didn't want to. All the food was cooked with a lot of fat because you could see it pooling up. The whole time I was in there I had stomach aches from all the fat. All of the portions were huge and I hate wasting food. A lot of food is wasted there. I tried to eat salad as much as possible but sometimes it was almost all gone. They encourage you to eat a lot and some of the patients told me that eating a lot was a good sign and it would help you be discharged earlier. (The patients were often times BETTER resources than the staff). They also told me that the food is so high cal and high fat because of the anorexic patients. That is all well and fine for them, but with obesity being such a problem in the US you would think they would offer some healthy alternatives too!
    The positives were: Even though you spent HOURS sitting in sessions, some of the information was excellent. I learned a great deal about depression, social interactions, relieving stress, handling strained relationships and much more. The info that did not pertain to me (like addictions) I just simply ignored. Also, the ER people (specifically a wonderful social worker) at Emory who sent me there purposely called up Peachford and arranged for me to see a particular psychiatrist before I was taken there because they thought he was one of the best ones and would help me a lot. At first he said he had a full load but 15 mins later he called back and said he would take me. I have had good and some really BAD doctors in the past and this doctor and I hit it off and the meds he put me on helped me immensely! Within 24 hours I started feeling better although they kept me for a few more days to make sure. I will say that some patients told me about doctors that were NOT good there but I was fortunate to get a good one.
    Was staying there hard? Yes, very! Did I sometimes feel like I was in prison and treated like a prisoner? Yes! BUT...did staying there HELP me? IMMENSELY!!! Did it help me to educate myself on how to take better care of myself both mentally and physically? A LOT!! Would I recommed Peachford to a friend? No, but I would not recommend any facility, because everyone is different and every situation is different. It is not my place to make those kind of decisions. Only medical experts can make those decisions.

  • Ja
      24th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Peachford is the most unprofessional place I have ever been to. If it wasn't for the girls that was in Adult South I would not have made it mentally. The med nurses were soooo rude to the point that you felt belittled.One nurse was very nice and that was the Russian charge nurse Mujca(sp). The groups are very monotonous and they say the same thing over and over and over... It is a very disorganized place. If you are considering to detox, I would go somewhere else. Of course it's going to be hard anywhere to detox, but if you want compassion and someone who is sympathetic do not go here!!! Beware it is run like a well oiled money making machine. I believe I would rather have gone to Guatanomo Bay than this dump!! Michelle, an RN on Adult South man is very rude and so is Carol. They need to be prison nurses, the are not sympathetic at all. I have contacted my insurance com. and the rep. said they have had alot of complaints and she is going to file a misled report and she initiated an ivestigation. Oh, and one more thing... A VERY IMPORTANT SOMETHING... ASK TO SEE YOUR MEDICATION...I WAS GIVEN 3 ANTIDEPRESSANTS AND WAS ONLY PRESCRIBED ONE!. I have contacted a lawyer and I can not disclose any more info, but if you go to this hell hole, ask to see what you are taking!!!

  • Cy
      29th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Thanks everyone for posting!! I wish I could sue Charter Peachford for what they did to me. Check out CCHR!! Citzens Commission of human Rights! Power to the people!!

  • Ca
      30th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Peachford is abusive physically, sexually and mentally they kept me for a long time making me sicker due to a incompetent staff - very ignorant staff including the doctors.Last but not least they stole my brand new blackberry!!! Have a good day Peachford!!!

  • At
      30th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I think I know who you are cat. I think I was in there the same time you were. That really stinks about your blackberry!! :(

  • Cy
      30th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was placed in Charter Peachford several years ago for depression by my mother. She was told this would be some sort of vacation retreat for teens who are depressed. When they found out we had good insurance they couldn't wait to take me in. It turned into a complete nightmare. The staff members and so called doctors are very rude and abusive. It's all about the money. People are kept in there as long as their insurance will pay. Everyone is given drugs no matter what they are in there for. I was told by a staff member the first night there I better watch out about what I wear or I may get myself raped. I was also told to pull my panties down for a full body strip search by a fat white nurse. Who seemed to enjoy watching me use the bathroom later on making me leave the door wide open . I cried and was completely dehumanzied by these experiences. They don't seem have any compassion or care about anyone there. The doctor I had was souless unkind person. When I refused to take the drugs they were pushing on me he went into a crazed rant saying "I was full of it and he could have me committed and take my praents rights away if I didn't do what they wanted me to do." I felt like I was in a movie like "One Flew Over the Coo Coo's Nest" or "Frances" both true stories!!. A staff member there I will call "biff" was constantly screaming at me for little things saying " Your Sick " telling me "To look at him" as he pointed in my face. They seem to being trying to push alot of people to a breaking point especailly when they learn someone may be getting out! I wonder why $$$$$$$$!!! I have come to know alot of these tatics are just "mind games" they use to breaks ones spirit to gain more control over the inmates. It was so cold in that place I could never get warm perhaps this is another way to control. The food was so awful I couldn't eat much and lost weight. Then they threw me into a $100 a day eatting disorder group. I also sent for huge back xrays with another boy for no reason. When I asked around I found out everyone was getting back and chest xrays at different times, they were about $700 each on my insurance bill $$$$!!! I couldn't sleep either with staff members putting flash lights in your face every 30mins and fear of being raped. I was told some staff members enjoyed watching porno film after hours. When I tried to tell my parents about some of things that were going on, they told my mom I would say anything and lie to get out of there . It's truely like being in prision. Being treated sub human long enough will make anyone feel crazy. There were a few other people who like me had taken so much abuse we were planning to run away. Lucky I went home. Another girl ran and when the caught her, she was locked in a white room for a month with no visits from her parents. I have learned alot from the CCHR web site Citzens Commission Of Human Rights, they are a wonderful watch dog group against Psychiatry. You can file complaints with them also. They expose the truth about Psychiatry and how BOGUS it really is. The CCHR got Charter for insurance fruad charges in the late 90's. There have also been 2 doctors accused of rape in the past few years. Psychiatrist have one of the highest suicide, rape and divorce rates. I think the people who work there act crazier then the patients! I had no idea how dangerous it is and feel so lucky to survived to ordeal. I turned my bad experience into positive self inpowerment. I live a completely green life style no doctors and no drugs just GOD!

  • Sy
      30th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I must add to my previous post, only because of my second trip to Peachford a year ago.

    First, the doctor I was assigned to, though I think his diagnosis was correct, for some reason created this odd misconception that I was violent, a danger to others. I would have laughed hysterically if I wasn't crying hysterically since this was during the family therapy session (which is always the part I look forward to least). I'm very sure it's common knowledge that I'm a masochist, but hurting other people? Where the hell did he get that proof?

    Another thing I want to cover is the discrimination. The worse your mental problems are, regardless of your behaviour, the worse the nurses usually treat you. Counselors will get on your case about the suicide, but the nurses will get on your case about self-harm, anorexia, and the psychosis. You do not want to have a psychotic episode there, trust me. The most humiliating part, when you're a self-harmer, is that when they do the strip search, they like to think that every scar on your body, regardless, was one you intentionally caused to yourself.

    Most of the counselors are either cold and separated, or completely, unnecessarily rude. Previous comments have already addressed Mr. Perry, so I won't get into that one. The only counselor I found helpful, who I actually learned something from and made a good step forward when he offered to talk to me about anything I wanted to, when I first talked about my alternate reality and psychosis, was Mr. Bob, if that name rings a bell with any one. Though he had a business-like sort of attitude, it was a nice change even then. He has a very affective way of teaching that I found beneficial. The only flaw, he only works night shifts on the weekend in the adolescent ward.

  • Fb
      14th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    My wife was in Peachford for 10 days and it was excruciatingly exhausting, frustrating and demoralizing just trying to get any professional updates or assistance. The patient advocate never called me back after three phone messages AND a visit to the hospital to leave her my card. The business office hasn't returned any calls nor did the "counselors" assigned to my wife during her stay. I did speak with her Dr. only after having to barge in his office. The nurses were blatantly rude, short with me and were chuckling about my wife's condition when I called to speak with them. My wife said her room was a mess upon arrival, wet towels draped over chairs and previous patients toiletries in the bathroom. My list or grievances goes on and on and it is just so sad that this is supposedly the best hospital of its type in the area. The staff seems overwhelmed, disorganized, disgruntled and certainly apathetic towards the family members of the patients. Oh and by the way, there were a bunch of fraudulent charges to my credit card the same week I paid for her stay using their archaic credit card swiping system.

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