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Frozen stuff kept at these two places mentioned above (Bhavani Grocery and Patel Grocery stores) don't have a mfg/exp date which I feel as per consumer rights I shd know before buying these items. Frozen items being packed and kept in refrigrators, its not easy to make out if that item is suitable to eat or not. When asked with the shopowners, they respond that its from the ccompany. I am not sure if any law alows edible items to be without these dates. Please take some action so everyone follows the laws and don't play with consumer's health.

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  • Bh
      Jul 25, 2011

    Patel Brother, s, always has pricing issues, what their product show price is not same what they charge at billing time, we go from millwaukee, but it really useless to tk grocery specially from patel brother, as their price r more than ur standard inian grocery shop in millwaukee, so plse check ur price on ur product and billing are same. Before leaving home.

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  • Sn
      Nov 30, 2011

    Frozen items from Patels stink. i just experienced it and as i was searching other complaints found this. How to take action against them and complain to whom?

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  • Sn
      Nov 30, 2011

    The frozen items got from Patel Brothers in Decatur, GA stinks and taste very bitter. I just had a very bad experience after cooking for about 20 people and the whole curry is a waste. Very disappointing. One more thing that i noticed is.. if any one complains and returns a product the person in-charge doesn't even care and puts back the product in shelf. Even more disappointing and SERIOUSLY doubt about billing!!!

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  • Ya
      Apr 26, 2012

    Patel Brothers in Tampa is a rip-off. They charge you for stuff you don buy and then offer to refund you when you call to complain. God knows how much extra money they make everyday from unsuspecting customers. Please check your bill before you leave the premises.

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  • To
      Jan 13, 2013

    I bought a Bikaji Kalakand from Patel Brothers and was shocked to find that the Kalakand wrappers with each piece were from Halidram!! The Bikaji box has a Best Before date of August 2014. However, I am not sure if the Haliram product enclosed within is still good or already expired.
    I visit Patel Brothers because I had trust on them. However, the incident like this has completely shaken my trust and I am not sure if I am gonna continue to visit Patel Brothers in future.
    Please let me know if they have a customer concerns department. I would like to write to them.
    Store Location: Charlotte, NC

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  • Ga
      Jul 22, 2013

    This is the 2nd time, they added extra dollars to my bill. Usually when we don't give importance to the bill; the counter lady will add 8 or 10 $ extra. Immediately when I asked she is asking sorry as she was talking to some one. I am surprised how come Mint leaves ($1.50) would lead to Mango Drinks (8.99). Those ladies on the counter is hopeless, always tries to put extra money on the bill, some don't concentrate on each and every line item. I suggest every body check to see each and every line item and keep watching the monitor when the price is added to the bill.

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  • Pa
      Jul 26, 2014

    I bought a case of Mango of "marathon" brand from Patel Brothers on Devon street in chicago. A case had around 14-15 mango's in it but out of 15 only 4 mango's were good to eat even those 4 were not 100% good though. I was aware of this cheapness in quality from Patel brother store in Schaumburg, IL but I thought it may not be the case if we go to another store.Unfortunately it seems all ###ing patels brothers are same category. they dont even feel guilty of selling this kind of stuff in store.

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  • Bo
      Dec 26, 2015

    So this is probably a dead post however I've been in the Indian grocery business for roughly 10 years.

    1. What the store owners say about the dates on the packaging is correct. It comes from the wholesaler that way what is the store owner supposed to do about it? Usually the date is on the case and it is usually around 2 years or so before it expires. Realistically it doesn't matter if it is passed the date what really matters is if it was kept in the frozen state the whole time or not. I think today many suppliers have started putting dates on the frozen items but this is now 2015.

    2. People make mistakes at the register. It happens EVERYWHERE not just in Indian groceries. It has happened to me so many times at walmart and target. You just let them know and they will take care of it. Sometimes if the screens are touch screen something may have been selected by mistake. What really matters here is how it was handled by the owner. There are some that do it on purpose no doubt but mistakes like this have happened many times at my store and it is never on purpose. That is one of the reasons why we use itemized receipts instead of old version that would just say "grocery" or the price. You should always check your bill BEFORE you leave the store and don't be scared to ask something if you are questioning it. There was a time when I charged someone for 43 of one item instead of "4" as I was hitting the enter key I must have slipped and hit the three before. Luckily, I caught it, and I knew the customer as they were coming from long distance and I was able to call them and let them know of my mistake.

    3. Bikaji, Haldiram, and Mo'Pleez are all a part of Haldiram. It is kind of ridiculous that a company as big as haldiram would have an issue like this but things happen and you can't be mad at patel brothers for something like that and lose your trust in them because of an incident like that. They don't make the product and they don't have time to inspect every single product that comes into their stores to make sure the labeling is correct because haldiram should have a quality control division.

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  • Vu
      Mar 02, 2017

    Hi there i have a bought ash gourd from the store they cut ash gourd and wrap with plastic cover around it and and sale it . when plastic cover comes in contact of wet part of ash gourd and left for weeks to go it will cause cancer to save just 2 to 3 dollars please don't play with our lives.Please do take some action .

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  • Ka
      Sep 09, 2018
    Patel Brothers - rosted vatana "bansi" brand
    United States

    i have been use rosted vatana 'bansi" brand, last two years but now complaine againe this product. this item is not 100% rosted. more than 20% is un rosted. and it is difficult for eat... this probles since last one year... so please change this item brand and keep 100% rosted item on ther spark.

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  • Sk
      Nov 12, 2018
    Patel Brothers - Brittania 50-50
    North Attleboro
    United States

    I bought this biscuit from Patel brothers N Attleboro and I found a wire inside it. This was a Brittania 50-50 biscuit that was on the shelf. My wife actually took a bite and then found out about it when she felt the wire on her teeth. Felt really disgusting afterwards. Not at all happy abot the whole experience.

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  • Cu
      Jul 02, 2019
    Patel Brothers - Sweets , chapatis, samosas
    Monroeville, PA
    United States

    I bought fresh handmade chapati packs, chum chum sweets and samosas from patel brothers monroeville, PA. When I opened the pack there were Stale chapatis, fungus on sweets, spoilt potatoes in samosas.This is so bad never expected from patel brothers.

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  • Sa
      Aug 11, 2019
    Patel Brothers - Deep Moong Dal Kachori
    1568 Ogden Ave, Naperville, IL 60540
    United States

    I purchased a kachori packet from Naperville IL store with trust that Patel brothers selling a quality product.
    When i about to use that product at home, i observed that it was an expired product on 12Jun2019.

    Patel brother should do regular inventory check and QA of all products atleast for eatable products needs to be scan on regular frequent.

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  • An
      Aug 27, 2019
    Patel Brothers - charged more than what was desired
    1568 Ogden Ave, Naperville, IL 60540
    United States

    Some of the items were missing from the bill and but is added in the bill. Also the nescafe coffee is was expired and is given to us.This kind of behaviour is not acceptable and is like fooling the customers.We live near to downtown to chicago and coming to naperville just for patel brothers and we got such thing is just not acceptable

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  • Ne
      Oct 16, 2019
    Patel Brothers - Patel tamarind
    2610 w devon chicago
    United States

    Found insects inside patel swad tamarind packet. This could affect the health of family especially kids, will have to resort to stronger media if not corrected.

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