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i have worked for this company since june this year and my husband has been working for them since march, and i have never worked for such a bad company and people who just swindle custmors out of cash and then abuse them and also abuse there staff leading people down the road of ruien and forces staff to lose there homes i hope people dont part with any more cash to this company as they are disscusting and totaly unprofessional

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  • Ge
      Apr 27, 2009

    I was a customer at Valley Farm caravan Park owned by Park resorts.
    This company managed to sell my caravan without my knowledge and lose all my families belongings.
    They will not acknowledge my issues and have offered no compensation.
    Swindlers and fraudsters are names to good for them...Thieves is a more appropriate title

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  • Di
      Oct 11, 2009

    #We are 2 owners at Martello Beach in Jaywick. Whilst the General Manager is very pleasant her ability to manage a site is below standard. We have been owners on this site for many years and have always enjoyd the owners events. This year it appears that a penny pinching standard is the way forward and owner events have been poor, its has gone from steak to beef burger in standard and enjoyment. Becky has reduced everthing the owner have previously enjoyed . ie. no halloween party, no end of season fireworks events anythat have been arrange have been done as cheaply as possible to save money. Whilst I appriciate due to the current climate most companies are looking to save money our ground rents remain the same or increase we would therefore expect a certain standard of facilities. Unfortunately as nice as Becky is her organisational skills and interaction with owners leaves a lot to be desired. It appears holiday makers receive preferential treatment over the owners yet owners are spending money on site all year round whilst holiday makers are only 2 weeks a year.

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  • Ow
      Oct 18, 2009

    There are more than a few of us who agree with this apparent "All charge and no service" attitude from Park Resorts. It does not seem to be the fault of staff, who do a great job in the circumstances. It seems to be middle and upper management that are causing and denying the problems. We have formed the Romney Sands Owners Association and have a forum at where all are welcome to share any info. There was an article in last thursday's Kentish Express (15th October 2009), Hythe and Romney Marsh edition. This has opened the door for press coverage and if you wish to comment on the article please feel free to contact the Kentish Express and give them your opinions. Alternatively, you could start your own press campaign in your own areas. Finally, some of us are tackling Park Resorts at the corporate level. At the moment, it appears that they have a complex network of 11 dormant and 5 active companies, which write off inter company debts by issuing shares. It would also appear that a significant amount of finance is being diverted through an offshore company based in Luxembourg. This may very well be legal, but the public outcry from the MG / Rover fiasco - also technically legal - may end up on Park Resorts' heads also. GI Partners' £330, 000, 000 debt is with HBOS, who have been saved with - Public Money.
    If we just keep on doing what we do, sooner or later there will a positive result.
    Hope this is of some use and encouragement.

    Romney Sands Owners Association

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  • Pa
      Jan 25, 2010

    For more information on Park Resorts and the customer commplaints that have been made visit

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  • Na
      Apr 14, 2012

    Me and my family have been to Brynowen for 3 years running .This year i paid for a platinum van on arrival the van wasnt ready so they moved us to another . The van was of poor standard and the central heating was 2 small useless heaters in the bedrooms .The electric went off most of the nights which i think was a con to get people in the bar complex .The site was full of people using them vouchers out of the sun newspaper and gone was the nice friendly atmosphere that was there in the past .The beer prices are scandalous and it was undrinkable anyway more than likely watered down and knocked me ill .The 2 nights we went in the complex we had to walk a distance uphill with 2 very young children and in darkness as the street lamps had not been turned on plus had lunatics driving at speed through the park .The entertainment was great but that was it .I also had a wreck of a car parked outside my caravan that looked like it hadnt been moved in a long time and belonged in a scrap yard .The only good points to this holiday was getting away from the park for days out and found another site that i will be going to in the future .My kids adore the sparky shows but sadly we could not face another night in the complex or at the same time did not want to give park resorts another penny of my money . My partner was very upset as Brynowen was meant to be family holiday place for us that we d keep using plus the good memories from past years but now it has all been forgotten after this time

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  • Na
      Apr 14, 2012

    Would like to add as well is how they treat the staff is a joke .Overworked, understaffed costcutting at every chance .I did not see the sparky shop open once .Funny not short of staff on Caravan sales

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  • Li
      May 22, 2015

    valley farm Clacton-on-sea. I really can't see why anyone would want to own a caravan on that park. Its a big rip off. just spent 5 days there with my daughter, my dad and my 2 young grandsons. No entertainment for the children. couldn't use the pool after 3 pm. The food absolutely disgusting. My 17 month old grandson choked on his pasta meatballs they were so hard. The meal we had on our last night came to £50.00 and none of us could eat it. When I complained I was told nothing they could do, refunded £7.80 for one meal. Spoke to the resort manager this morning. Filled in an internal complaint. When I ask what happens next. He said he didn't know. That's the resort manager. The caravan was not up to much either. The rooms we cold because the heating didn't work. Very expensive to eat, drink. Also because I complained about the meal, they felt the need to call security. REALLY, was that needed?. Nice staff team until you make a complaint. One of the female staff thought it amusing that I complained and was laughing and joking about it with another staff member sitting at one of the tables. He was not working he was having a drink. Very unprofessional I would say. No definitely wouldn't recommend it. Absolute con. Never will I use Park resorts again.

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