Palmco Power Oh, LLC / $600.00 Commodity Charges

Kb Feb 5, 2015
Contact information:
Phone: 877-726-5862

I have been charged over $600.00 in Commodity Charges on my last 3 utility bills. These charges are listed separate on my utility bills, and this doesn't include the normal charges for electricity. $129.22 for December 2014, $236.94 January 2015 and now $236.01 for February 2015. I have level billing and didn't see the charges because my bill is "Level" each month. Now I have a HUGH outstanding balance, which means my level billing will go WAY UP soon. HELP, what can I do. I have been a customer of Palmco since 2012 and never saw this coming!!! I only have electricity with them, but I have filed a Complaint with The Ohio Consumer Protection Department. I also sent an email to to Palmco to see if they have a response. I will also switch ASAP back to Duke Energy. HELP!!!

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