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Why are these people still in business!

in recent month i switched to Palcom energy as the claimed
the rates are very affordable and will never increase to a point where it would
then be very expensive. My January bill was very high, higher than normal in
which they claimed gas prices increase and therefore charging 83 cents per
therm. I accepted but came to realize that PSEG rates were much lower at 47
cents per therm. I decided to pay the bill and cancel my services with Palmco
as they said there are no cancellation fees. I recently received my February
bill (my last bill with Palmco) and once again the bill was a lot more than the
january. Came to find out Palmco was charging $2.25 per therm, this was
outrageous considering PSEG rate has decreased to .32 cents per therm. I was
flabbergasted and furious. It appear as though, since i cancelled they decided
to increase the rate astronomically i guess to justify their non-cancellation
fees. I cannot see how i can accept this, it is unfair to not just me but to
everyone in the state of NJ where we are forced to accept these scams and
forced to pay these rates when they cannot be justified. If PSEG rate is 32
cents with the national increase in gas prices, how can Palmco charge a rate of
$2.25 under the same gas increase? I refuse to pay these people that absurd
rate and i dont care if its a small amount of money but its the principle. I
have googled this company and found out im 1 in 100s maybe thousands of people
that are experiencing this problem with this particular company. I will fight
this along with anyone who is willing to join forces. This is unacceptable and
i will write to everyone that i can about this issue. If this company continues
to do as they please where would the average consumer be. This is obviously a
big deal to me as I am a hard working person who cannot afford to sit and allow
this to happen as I am not wealthy but fortunate to be able to live in a home
but if this continues how can I afford to maintain a family a house and a simple
lifestyle. We need a voice that can be heard to stop this nonsense. After 3 years
of living here and owning my home this is the first time that im dealing with
this and coincidentally a few month after signing up with Palmco. I beg that
this be looked into as I mentioned I am not the only one. I have no idea if any
one may have complained to someone other than forums but I am hoping. I am not
the type to sue for anything I always believe in resolution and fairness but if
a lawsuit is needed to stop this madness then im all for it.

Thank you,

Concerned citizen of New jersey.

Mar 5, 2014
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  • Cd
      7th of Mar, 2014

    I am in the same boat. I feel totally taken advantage of by Palmco. My bill would have been $249 with PSEG, but it was $789 with Palmco's rates. I don't know how they can justify those rates. So much for deregulation.

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  • Pg
      24th of Mar, 2014

    We too have the same thing and it is continuing...this month too. How do we fight this? This is cheating and outrageous...

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  • Ma
      26th of Mar, 2014

    In addition to my complaint to BPU on March 10, I received my March bill in which Palmco charged me as below for gas and elctricity supply.
    Palmco PSEG
    Gas $2.26 /therm $0.29/ Therm
    Electricity $0.31/Kw h $0.11/Kw h.

    Again when Palmco rep called me 25 times to enroll in palmco for suppy of gas and elctricity, I was told that the rate will comparatively lower than my utility company, but they cheated me and made me sign up for “VARIABLE Rate “without explaining me that the VARIABLE rate may go 400% higher than my local utility company.”In my JAnuary bill when i was charged $0.83/therm, i request for a disconnection from palmco and i febuary i was charged $1.95/therm, March Its $2.26/therem..
    BPU please help us solve this issue as it is not fair in America to cheat the customers to charge $2.26/therm for gas supply, when our local utility company is charging $0.29/therm.

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  • Lo
      3rd of Apr, 2014

    I am in the same situation, also a resident in NJ, I also had Palmco as a third party provider for Gas and Electric, rates were reasonable back in 2013 but as of January thru March 2014 Bills were very high. average $749 for Jan and Feb close to $800 for March. I filed a complaint against them with NY state better business bureau, and placed on their do not call listing. They gave me a check for discounts for Jan and Feb 2014 Bills and were supposed to send another check for Mar 2014. I switched back to PSEG.

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