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I bought a product for 7$ from Tellman Knudson. I did not like it, but that's life. The problem is that on the form somewhere there must have been a subscription to a monthly service that I have overlooked. I found out about it looking at the details on my credit card statement. I tried as much as I can, but I never found anywhere on their site a way to cancel the subscription. I called Mastercard, and they said since I did not contest the subscription within 10 days after the beginning, they can't do anything about it. They provided me with a telephone number that lead to a message box and to a web site that doesn't exist ( I'd rather have my money back, but if this is not possible, I would at least be able to cancel the subscription ! Someone must be able to do something to get Tellman Knudson to behave professionally.

Oct 07, 2015
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      May 22, 2019

    Me too. I've tried various ways to get through but nothing succeeds in stopping the subscription.

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