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Review updated:

I have emailed outdoors online now 10 times, never getting a single response, except a computer generated 'we are reviewing this matter' type of email. - I placed an order on dec. 18 for a yeti rambler, paid for and the funds deducted from my bank account. As of dec. 25, I had not received the order, so I began reaching out to your company via email (S). I also tried calling, but was not able to get a single person to answer my call. I reached out multiple times via chat over the last 2 1/2 weeks, speaking w / willy, cha, and today, pearl. Each time, I was told the same thing, that it was being processed and ready to ship. I was also told that I could not cancel my order nor get a refund, once it was 'preparing to ship'. It is now jan. 17, I have no package, you still have my money, and i'm being told the same thing by pearl. I was also told by cha that my complaint was being forwarded to her supervisor 'lory' who would be in contact with me. This never happened. So as of today, pearl is telling me it is 'preparing for shipment' and it will be shipped in 5-8 business days. She also tells me that the 10% discount that willy said would be honored in my initial chat communication (Because o. O. Sent me an email advertising 10% off on the exact item I ordered) , will have to be 'manually refunded' and will take another month for me to receive the whole $3.00, when all I asked was to have that discount applied to my purchase. I am now waiting to hear back from pearl after she 'reaches out to the fulfillment team' and they ship my order within 5-8 business days. She says I will hear via email. As I mentioned before, I have yet to get any responses.

- my desired resolution:
1. An explanation for the lack of concern, the disregard for me as a customer, and fact that I have never received any kind of communication initiated by outdoors online to explain this horrible experience.
2. My order delivered to me and/or a full refund.
3. Some sort of compensation for the ridiculous trouble I have had trying to get this resolved.
4. An actual response that answers my questions.

Thank you,
Amy maddy
Order #89116

Jan 17, 2017
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