Outdoor Adventures Campgrounds / poor experience

Sterling, MI, United States

It's sad to say this will be our last trip with Outdoor Adventures Rifle River Resort, things have changed so much that it is just no fun bringing my family there for vacation anymore. We started going there about four yrs. ago.
We rent the two bedroom house next to the office/check-in. The up keep of the house has been poor, when we checked-in this yr. the house was filthy, the carpet in poor condition, the bathroom was dirty, two of the smoke detectors the batteries were removed and a third was beeping. I reported the smoke detectors right away, a repair man came in and put batteries in all three of them and then told me he wasn't sure it they were in right, he couldn't see very well out of his glasses. True to his word he put them in backwards I had to fix them. The couch and loveseat are broke which I reported two yrs. ago. The kitchen and bathroom floors were not mopped. They have always supplied the toilet paper and garbage bags, for the week, this yr. we were given two rolls of toilet paper and three garbage bags, when we asked for more we were told NO!!
It is just ridiculous the way we are treated. My family has been belittled at times with the most stupidest things, and I'm not sure why, we are an older couple w/five grown children and four little g-children. My three yr old g-son was told to put away his toy sword from Jake and the Neverland Pirates by Outdoor Adventure Staff it was too dangerous to be playing with by Staff. Beverly at the pool got into a shouting match with my daughter to the point I had to intervene and stop Beverly from insulting my daughter any further with her very nasty words. While we were at the house we rented at Outdoor Adventures my five yr. old was yelled at by Staff to stop blowing bubbles in the yard, he was told the bubbles could hit the screens and make a mess of them. We are not loud people, were in bed early, we like to sit around the bonfire, we like to run, play, and have fun, we have never broke or destroyed anything the entire time we stayed there, we are very clean people.
We will be selling our membership at this point, I have no intentions of going back!!

My overall opinion of Outdoor Adventures is VERY POOR!!! :~(

Aug 24, 2014

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