Our Time / advertises for seniors 50 yrs old +

07840, United States

They are letting a lot of people under 50 years old on their dating web site. I have seen people on in their 30's and 40's. The other complaint I have is I wanted the 3 month membership for their 50% off deal. When I gave my Debit card information they put me through for the 6 month promotion and they charged my debit card as a credit card so they got me for $3.99 too That is not right !!! Between the false advertising and the bait switch job that has to be not legal. I did not touch anything for a 6 month membership and all of the lengths of memberships were for a 50% discount. I went in and clicked to void out the auto renewal. A message came up and asked me why and the space would not take my reason why when I tried typing it in.

Jun 4, 2015

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