Orbit Showtime Network [OSN]unfair membership

K Nov 17, 2017

Hi, I'm complaining regarding the increase of membership fee of the movie premiere bouquet, I received a mobile SMS informing me that instead of my current membership fee which is 516.70 Le, it will be 645 Le, and that it will be deducted from my account on December invoice! First of all this policy is unfair, forcing me to accept the new prices, i tried to contact the Egyptian Customer service line I was put on hold for 35 minutes yesterday, the 16-11-2017 evening from 20:05 egypt local time.Last year when osn decided to remove two important channels without providing a substitute for the same product i.e. Channel TCM& MGM, classic old movies, you didn't even care to provide compensation nor equivalent product, then a less than a year ago, I was forced again to upgrade due to the lack of channels on my old bouquet, as I have two memberships now, I'm asking you to cancel my memberships or to stay on the same bouquet and price, as it's getting out of my budget your new unrealistic fees, this policy of forcing customers to accept the fact is unprofessional, if you feel as a osn team that you're providing a second to none service, uncompetitive service, I can assure you, it's again unprofessional.please accept my apology of being unable to accept nor continue with your current policy.also I request that you discontinue my membership without any further payments.
My mobile #002/[protected]-, my other membership is on01000967045

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