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A young man showed up on Sunday morning claiming he was sent to inspect the furnace and a/c because of new efficiency standards. He said when the government issued new standards, he was sent out to make sure the existing models were compliant. This representation made it sound like he worked in conjunction or on behalf of the 'government'. Having explained to him that there was no appointment made and I did not know of such an inspection, I would not allow him in unless it was verified with my hydro or gas provider. Again I told him I could not let him in my home and he should leave. He did so. After leaving, I truly felt like he misrepresented a 'company' as being a legitimate outreach of some government inspection office.

Feb 23, 2014
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  • Oz
      19th of Mar, 2014

    A couple of these knuckleheads came to my door a couple days ago and they never expected to run into someone like me. I am a licensed G1 gas fitter and an HVAC/R technician. They explained that they had been sent out to inspect my water heater and furnace because of the "changed standards". One of them also said that they needed to check the central A/C. The language they used at first implied that they were operating in some sort of official capacity but when I asked about that directly one of them replied, "We never said we were from the government". They were not acting for the gas supplier either and they seemed quite surprised that I knew what TSSA is.

    At that point I was getting somewhat wound up and I sent them away. I wish I had been more patient because I wonder why they wanted to see the A/C. But I think I know. This sounds like 1994 all over again when Refrigerant 12 was phased out. Some contractors went around and tried to convince their customers that their R-12 systems had to be ripped out and replaced with new equipment when it was not necessary.

    I bet in 2014 these sharks are going into people's homes, finding air conditioners with Refrigerant 22 and playing the same game as in 1994. Don't listen to them. As long as your R-22 system is working and does not develop a leak you do not have to do a thing. Even if the refrigerant leaks out there are repair options aside from buying a new system.

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  • Ma
      20th of May, 2014

    What happened to the Lady of Windsor is exactly what happened at my door. After he waited a while when I went to check the company out on line he said that they would send a notification pertaining to the time they would be back for inspection and left. I called the police, non emergency line, to let them know what was happening. Another representative of the same company came back on my street later that day I guess to go to the doors that they did not get an answer from earlier. He was not the same person but the same company. He ignored me though even though I was out front and I walked beside him to verify that he was, in fact, from the same company. I guess he was told about me. I did my verification then phoned the police again. To my surprise the police came out but not quite soon enough to find the guy. Had I known the police were actually going to come out I would have followed him. Since I was very obvious about my verification of this new guy I am sure he knew enough to hide when a police car came around. I'm sorry I was so obvious now. Anyway I am sure he went on his merry way but, at least away from my neighbours who may or may not have known enough to tell him to get lost.

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  • Bo
      1st of Oct, 2014

    Warning; This group is operating in the Bowmanville area, do not let them in your door

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