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Online Success Academy / chris fennell online success academy ltd

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

Selling the same online stores as found on eBay for £19.99 for £600 to £1000

I shale not be continuing with my enquiry!

Quick online check I've found this information and seems they are a new company.

FENNELL, Chris Correspondence address Office 2, Eddystone House, 6 Eddystone Road, Wadebridge, Cornwall, United Kingdom, PL27 7AL

Hope this helps

  • Online Success Academy Customer Care's Response, Aug 30, 2017

    Hi, i'm chris fennell, the owner of online success academy. it is pretty clear that this complaint is from somebody who sells poor quality websites on ebay.

    I have an in house team, all visible on my website, and we provide bespoke websites built to customer specification. this of course takes a lot of time and so we charge for that time. with 2 in-house developers, the minimum price for a website can't be below £450 because it is a bespoke service.

    The websites found on ebay for £20 are pre-made and duplicated to thousands of customers - therefore useless.

    Also worth pointing out, it's easy to find my name and address because we want people to know who we are! why would I hide it? clearly the writer of this "complaint" isn't willing to disclose their identity - my name, company name, staff names, photos and address is all over our website and within all communication to prospects and clients.

  • Updated by Onlinesuccess, Jan 21, 2018

    I have also been ripped off - Court Action is underway! Criminals

  • Online Success Academy Customer Care's Response, Mar 22, 2018

    Chris fennell here from osa.

    All I have to say is this:

    James taylor (or james marnley, kev waltham - whatever your name is) is single-handedly trying to destroy osa.


    Because he sells the same type of websites at double the price.

    And we've taken all his business (with a smile on my face)

    That's it.

    This whole thread is him.

    Here's my rebuttal video - doesn't take a genius to see that james is behind this whole thread.


    All the best

  • Online Success Academy Customer Care's Response, Mar 22, 2018

    Oh and of course as all my customers know and are told, online success academy is a new company - all my other projects since 2009 have been self employed and unrelated ventures.

    Osa is purely a business selling these websites, our accounts aren't due yet - that's why they haven't been filed.

    Just more of james trying to twist something perfectly normal and innocent into something it's not.

  • Updated by Onlinesuccess, Mar 23, 2018




  • Updated by Onlinesuccess, Mar 31, 2018

    Evidence Here - Evidence Here - Evidence Here - Evidence Here - Evidence Here - Evidence Here -

    Here is the proof once again Chris your nothing but a scam and don't have a clue how to build and develop websites. All your staff is teenagers in Cornwall with no business experiences whatsoever - Don't need proof you can just see that. One even has a dummy in their mouth!

    To remind the viewers who they are dealing with - This is Chris work from online success academy Ltd


    1, This is Chris video - He doesn't have real customers to leave good reviews so he pays people on to leave a fake review to try and trick you out of your money - WATCH -

    2, Here you can see the low quality websites he has made for his poor customers :

    3, Here is more fake reviews he had bought on to try and trick you :

    4, Here his the money which isn't 8 years old as he claimed -

    5, Like I said in my earlier post - Nathan Coombe palmed himself off to customers to try and trick customers he's part of profit - That's why you can see the banner.. Clearly Nathan Coombe in that photo who is part of your team!

    Lisa is in Turkey - She's from London -
    Again you don't know what your talking about.

    Dirty work ? Bad on the phone ? James has made more money in one single year all recorded on companies house! More then whatever you will do in the next 10 years.. Go online and customers will see you haven't even filed any taxes. You don't even have a VAT number because your a small business but on the other-hand meant to be so skilled you help people make money! NOT!

    Every single comment you've been blasted the truth and you cant get yourself out of it! Anyone with JUST a-little common sense will see what a rip off your websites are! Viewers who are looking to invest should just look at the websites above to have a better idea of this scammer!

    Again every single post backed by proof! Anyone can write BS but Chris cant explain away simple facts!

    And for English you best get yours checked.

  • Updated by Onlinesuccess, May 04, 2018

    Gone Cold ? Small claims get thrown out when you live overseas so maybe that's why. Ask Mel. Videos with links pointing to your site isn't really gonna benefit your competitors in terms of SEO. You clearly dont know anything about search engine optimisation.

    I wouldn't call it chasing competitors. i would call it doing a good deed to stop people from buying cloned websites which you can find on places like eBay for less then a tenner.

    With the growing number of people complaining about you online lately, Advice and guidance from me of course to point them in the right direction. You have suffered for many years to come. In just over a year your business has failed. This is what happens when you offer low quality garbage.

    So why is doing business with Chris a bad move ?

    Affiliate marketing gets a bad rep for many reasons. First off, there’s a ton of spammy affiliate marketing sites. These are sites which are what search engines refer to as bridge pages – pages set up with the sole intention of getting the visitor to the merchant’s site and providing no added value. These are deceptive sites that are set up very similar to large sale sites like Amazon, but if you actually try to buy something from within the site you’ll just be redirected to another site. This is spam links - No true value - And why should google rank you high for spam/copied content.

    Stop obsessing over Amazon Affiliate sites (or ANY kind of affiliate site for that matter)

    Seriously! You’re NOT going to make a living out of it especially if you’re a newbie

    If you want to build a sustainable, dependable, and long-term business, starting a product/category specific affiliate site that depends solely on Amazon & AWIN commissions is the WORST piece of advice anyone can give you.

    1, People buy from people like Chris because they want a second income and earn some extra money. Its good to learn from someone who is proven to be successful. Anyone can get a photo of a affiliate account showing 4000 Balance. This doesn't mean that your successful. And using that same photo/video to try and trick people in thinking that they can give up full time work or even part time work. Lets say you wish to learn judo, you wouldn't go to a teacher that has never one any fights and is a white belt would you ?? Chris mentioned in business since year 2009 - But only has an affiliate account with a balance of 4000. Come on guys you really that stupid.

    * What happened to the tax returns to prove your successful and have the skills to teach people ?
    * What happened to your VAT number ? You must be earning enough to be VAT REG ?
    * Why change your website - What happened to the last one ?
    * Why pay actors on to leave good reviews - You shouldn't need to if your successful ?
    * When you plan to grow your fb - only 140 fans in over a year.. You just gonna buy some on yeah ?

    Now that has been clear and out in the open lets discuss the websites that Chris Funnell sells;

    2, Datafeeds can actually have a negative impact on your site’s SEO. If your datafeed has the same short and long descriptions, product names, titles, image names, etc… as your main website, you are now allowing affiliate product pages to compete with the same content on your website.

    If you offer a datafeed, which is vital to many affiliate programs, make sure to have a second set of descriptions, images, etc… and the same goes if you are using marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, etc… They can use the same set of descriptions, etc… you send to your affiliates. I wrote this post about datafeeds that you should read if you are using one for any channel, not only for affiliates.

    * Chris data feeds are not unique - So now value in google eyes. You will not find many pages indexed in from Chris websites. Ask him for the domain name and then go to google and type in '' site: '' and the domain name and you will find how many pages are indexed. Here is an example type google - - Then you will non of Chris websites will ever be ranked in google. Not unless you have totally unique content.

    3 Not Producing Original Content

    Too many affiliate sites are little more than content-less shells with lists of products. You can spur traffic to these sites with PPC ads, but what happens when your advertising dollars run out? Your site will sink.

    “A real site has real value and unique content for your visitors, ” Polk said. “Why would a search engine want to rank your site over a vendor or the originator of the content? Answer: they generally do not. Yes, there are examples of sites that do rank, but the vast majority of sites that duplicate content do not rank well. You have to add value in order for the search engine to want to rank your site.”

    * Chris copies his websites over and over again.. Go to page one here within this forum and you will see.
    * The links are like link farms - No SEO value whatsoever. Thousands of people use those links. Why should google give you first page ?

    4, Duplicating Meta Descriptions

    Here’s a simple recommendation that a lot of affiliate sites are missing out on: ensure your listings’ titles and meta descriptions are relevant and unique. These appear as snippets in the SERPs and go a long way toward setting you apart from your competitors.

    * Chris will be unable to fix this because the affiliate link titles cant be customised. He is basically leading you down the garden path into a unprofitable online copied useless seo website.

    Here are the reviews for the affiliate companies Chris will get you involved with;

    About myself! I have been running internet companies now for almost 10 years. I have had a lot of companies all online based. I get board easily so often sell my business and move onto more exciting things. I spend a lot of my time researching different unique opportunities, Stock Market, Crypto Trading, And sometimes sell the odd website or app development for our clients. If I see a scammer online or giving misleading information, I will be the first to stand up and say something. That's me, I cant help myself. If my time helps somebody then that's good time well spent.

    Have a nice day people

Jul 29, 2017

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  • Un
      12th of Oct, 2017
    +2 Votes

    Issues and problems since the very first day

  • Mm
      4th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes


  • Sh
      1st of Dec, 2017
    +2 Votes

    Warning to anyone considering a purchase from online success academy! I have purchased a website from mr chris fennell. I have been emailling and calling and they will not respond. they have moved premises and simply will not respond to support messages, emails or calls. since paying for my website I have probably only had to ask a few simple questions, with little to no response. for someone concerned about his reputation you would think he would want to make his costumers happy and succeed. they do not return calls or emails. can someone advise me what to do as I now have a website and I can't get any support to make it earn any money?

  • Ka
      7th of Dec, 2017
    +1 Votes

    You said bespoke service ? Doesn't that mean custom made ? Original? Unique ?

    Well look what I found Chris - You are a rip off - looks like one of your competitors posted this online about your websites you've made. Isn't custom made at all.

    Here is a list of JUST some websites they have sold for £500.00-£2499 now take a look on eBay and see what you can find for £19.99 which is better ?

  • Sh
      11th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    They have used the exact same design and setup for every travel site which is what I purchased. Yes I totally agree with the comment above about OSA supposedly designing 'bespoke' websites. Rubbish! Cut and paste for 400 pounds. I would love to hear from anyone who is actually making money from this. I was told to write more blogs and rudely told they would not hold my hand. After spending hours working through tutorials that go over things which are totally irrelevant and already on the website. If there was any chance of making money from this they would provide support but clearly this is a business that will be found out for what it is - a SCAM! Clearly this is a way to make money for them and waste decent peoples time. Do not buy from these people!

  • Jt
      14th of Dec, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @Sharry Burns Hello Sharry

    He has been scamming people for ages now.. What is your website address ? List it here so everyone else can see what he's been selling people ?

    Send me a email here and I will help you get your money back from these crooks -

  • Un
      24th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    This guy is a joke! Look what I found on the Internet :

    This company is scamming people out of their hard earned money and offering low quality copied websites!

  • Ka
      5th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    He is a scammer! They are all scammers

    Nathan Alan coombe
    Jordan James Snell
    James Marley
    Alistair mackinzie

    Online success academy ltd is the lately scam! View above they have done this lots to people! Cloning the same websites over and over again.

  • Ka
      17th of Feb, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Nothing but a scammer that Chris!

  • Mr
      1st of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Wish I had found this forum sooner! I am going to file a small claims on this company because they have basically cloned my website and now not answering the telephone.

  • Mr
      1st of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Here are some further links which I believe that they are all connected:

    https:///link removed/$7, 000.00

  • Mr
      2nd of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    I am glad that I didn't go ahead with my purchase!

    My husband had to tell Nathan to stop calling!

  • Jh
      4th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    These guys are opportunist theives,  they attract vunerable people who have lost their ability to sell on ebay and entice them with loads of promises, they have a facebook page that has many testimonials, when i attempted to contact the people on the page it was a bogus user.  they get you in and then direct you to their website.

    The website will make the same claims we are established and the best in the world etc at selling accounts.  we even take paypal.  turns out the paypal accounts they invoice you from are not even theirs and are single use accounts, just to run off with your hard earned money.


    One of my friends was just ignored arfter they received his funds, the other was delayed for a week and then blocked from facebook.

    Please help put a stop to these people by reporting their facebook page as a scam

    Nathan Alan coombe - Jordan James Snell - Chris from online success academy and also Alistair Mackenzie from DONE 4 U LTD all part of this scam.

    https:///link removed/

  • Gh
      4th of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes

    The £3000 payment was for 2 amazon accounts to give me a better head start to the business. I have since viewed amazon's terms and services and I am unable to purchase amazon accounts. The seller expected me to trade under the old companies details using their bank cards and accounts. I have tried contacting this company and the person's involved and they seem to ignore my calls and totally acting oblivious to even selling me these accounts. The guide this company sent me is also a fraud as it teaches you how to stay under the radar and ways to manipulate and hides details so that amazon do not detect the users. Nathan Coombe and Jordan Snell are both the guilty parties here and Jordan is the person I dealt with after being handed down by Nathan to deal with the purchase of the accounts.

    They are scammers - Even paying google to post good fake reviews!

  • Ja
      5th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    I was searching today online and take a look at all the customers they have scammed here;

    Glad I didn't go ahead!

  • Us
      7th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Here is a short video proving positive reviews regarding this company is FAKE!

  • Us
      10th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    So I just read the sticky about people scamming people buy claiming to sell eBay accounts. I did a little google search to see how they do it. Turned up to a forum that I won't name for obvious reasons and what did I find?

    Not just people selling accounts, but someone had listed my account account for sale, claiming to be the owner of the account. I have no idea how they found me or my base, but I ended up reporting that post to moderators of that forum, and that brings be here at sterling businesses ltd!!

    Just a reminder that selling accounts, for the most part, is a complete scam. And you would have to be a down right knob to actually send someone money, thinking you will get an account that most likely took the owner months to create. 

    Also, I would NEVER sell my account, even if I was going on a eBay detox. Because I know in the end I will be back! Stay away from sterling businesses ltd & Online success academy ltd they are both scammers!

  • Ru
      13th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    James Taylor also masquerading as Karen2017, DarrenPR, James Marnley, James Marley, Kev Waltham, Emanuela Di Tillio, Mate Jones, Wendy Smith, Jenny Smith and many other online aliases as a way of posting cowardly and defamatory reviews about legit businesses - so cowardly he moved to Italy to escape the backlash of his evil ways - he has been in court more times than most people have had hot dinners and also has more problems with eBay and the shady act of transferring accounts etc including investigations in to fraud and also been in prison a few times also for drug offences besides - if you want proof simply google his name (any of them)and you will see that he history of ripping people off and being dodgy on the internet, it is huge - it goes back 10 years.

    The companies he is slating like Done4U ltd Jordan snell, Sterling businesses, OSA ltd, amongst others including various nightclubs in Devon like the Attic and Crash Manor and eve one in Skegness and also a boarding kennels is completely unfounded, defamatory and cowardice of the highest order.

    He runs Profit ltd, Nerdzillas and a few other variations of the names - all him, all crooked.

    He advertises on Businesses For Sale and Daltons along with some other websites and basically anything involving selling eBay accounts or cloned travel websites are likely to be him.

    Anyone with the desire to do so can sit there wasting their day spreading lies and hate across the internet in a sad attempt to try and make other peoples lives miserable, but you would think that having just had a baby that he would have better things to do? clearly he hasn't, clearly he is still a very sad and pathetic hate filled little man who hides behind his computer screen in another country trying to create agro for others.

    Also using these websites to have conversations with yourself James is surely a sign of a health disorder so you should probably get checked out for schizophrenia or multiple personality.

    Absolute joker and doesn't deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of humanity.

  • Us
      16th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Hello Chris

    How do you explain the facts above about '' Online Success Academy Ltd '' Video proof showing you have copied and pasted the same travel websites over and over again and sold them on to customers ? Sherry Burns who is also your customer received a cloned website just like the one above.

    Anyone can write bull [censor] and say - James has been court x amount of times ETC! I am just looking at the facts here! Its easy to point the blame and say its a competitor writing the comments..

    Now please explain:

    1, Fact - Proof: HTTPs://

    What's meant to be two different customers - Both left the same review on a different business over 1000 miles away from each other.. Totally Random people left a review on the same small two business. Yourself and some Pluming business. The odds of around 7 billion people in this world - The same two people left a review on your business and some other business. Your reviews are fake! Most likely bought on places like

    2, More Facts & Proof:
    Link: HTTPs://

    a, You said you don't clone websites and offer unique websites to customers ? Please explain why by doing a simple search with the domain name into google like this '' youfind lots of cloned websites which looks like you have sold over and over again to these poor customers.
    b, Websites with trademark logos as per the video ? Are you affiliated with these companies ? I think not!
    c, If your running such as honest company why are you paying for to show positive reviews ?
    d, Your selling business packages to help people sell online and make money, BUT! You haven't even filed your first year company HMRC accounts! Don't you have any trading years ? Please show proof because this doesn't look good: HTTPs://
    e, Your company was born on 30 Sep 2016 - Why you haven't filed any tax returns ?
    f, Explain the reviews - Two People 1000 miles apart left a review on the same two businesses.
    g, What's your VAT Reg Number ? You must have right considering your successful!
    h, This business priced at £1700 to buy but makes £4500.00 a month so it says: HTTPs://
    Is this true or fake ? Because if it isn't true, its misleading!

    Anyone with a little common sense will see your running what looks like a dodgy scam business! Loads of faults and reasons why I think your a scam but have better things to do with my time.

    Its taken a while to research your comments and companies you've mentioned - Lets go through it all one by one!

    1, boarding kennels, One review found in regards to boarding kennels and this was the boarding kennels who James left a review on:

    a, Foredowne boarding kennels was on the BBC TV because they treated animals badly:

    BBC Spotlight reported that puppies seized by police were not exercised for six months while at Foredowne Boarding Kennels in South Devon.

    b, Sterling Businesses LTD - PSA Holdings LTD, Jordan James Snell, Nathan Alan Coombe, At the moment these crooks have 3 active court cases on the go at the moment.. Please view attached files of small claims courts!

    SCAM REPORT Link: HTTPs:///link removed/

    HTTPs:// Link: HTTPs://

    Loads of comments here from the general public: HTTP://

    Court Cases links here: HTTPs://

    As you can see I only speak the facts and the truth! Now how can you explain all this and prove that your not a scam after all your basically saying these companies are honest and your pointing the blame on James.

    You cant explain these facts away! You have simply been proven to be a scam! If you respond you best answer all the questions instead of avoiding them.

    And please show us proof that James has gone to court, It would be good to see this.. James has been the longest established company advertising on these websites whereas you have only been running for a year. Your company hasn't even filed his accounts whereas James last lot of accounts showed £240, 000 Profit! So who sounds a scam here!

    So in the last year you've had more bad reviews and court cases then James has had in over 10 years! When you have a high turnover business you cant please everyone! You however don't even file your company accounts and have [censor] loads of bad reviews!

  • Sh
      19th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    I don't normally get involved posting comments and reviews on forums! I am shocked to see such bad reviews on OSA! I was going to buy a business from them but just so happens found this review.

  • So
      19th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Do not use this site. Worst experience by far and lost a lot of money. Better to find a local graphic designer or look somewhere else reputable.

  • Us
      20th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Words Taken from OSA.ME.UK website:

    Hello! I’m Chris, and I am the man behind OSA. I’ve been working independently as an internet marketer since 2009. I’ve learnt from my mistakes and successes to create the ultimate affiliate marketing package and training program, so that you can become a successful internet marketer. My team consists of web designers and marketers of various disciplines – in other words, we know our stuff when it comes to making money online. And I’m here to help you, every step of the way…

    First of all Chris FENNELL mentions 9 years experience and working independently as an internet marketer since 2009. HMRC tells a much different story about this creature!

    He has only ever had one Limited company and the company is 18 months old not 9 years as stated on his website. He mentioned that he worked independently so he just admitted didnt gain the experience in the workplace! Zero Accounts filed as a business so - Whatever he says is pure lies!

    He is digging a hole for himself with all the lies and tricks to suck customers into the shark net!

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