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One Love Poms / Pomeranian puppies

1 Thurmont MarylandThurmont, MD, United States Review updated:
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This breeder inbreeds dogs, I know it for a fact as she sold me one. I didn't know that when I was buying my puppy from her. Now I went on her website and its right there on it! She advertises a litter after a daughter and her father. My dog has a genetic disorder, liver shunt, she requires multiple medications and a surgery that will costs thousands of dollars. I tried to contact the breeder but she doesn't respond to me. Please don't invest money in this breeder's dogs, she is a back yard breeder with no ethics!

Sep 23, 2016

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  • De
      23rd of Sep, 2016
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    I forgot to add that liver shunt is a very serious and deadly genetic disorder and my puppy suffers from multiple seizures, I am saving money to be able to pay for her surgery, she is on strong medications and takes them two times a day. I am devastated. I paid for a dog $3000, I waited a year for it after I placed my non refundable $500 deposit. Now I am fighting for my dog's life and the breeder will not do anything... Who knows how many people will she scam before someone takes her dogs away...

  • Ma
      11th of Mar, 2017
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    @DellaM HI I also bought a puppy from her at the time they had a puppy that was diagnosed by the vet to have a problem. Stupid me I still bought mine because I loved the puppy's looks and colors . She does have small issues and she did have a litter of 4 grossly deformed puppies. I wanted to her to have a least one litter. Right now I need to have her checked for eye problems. I should have taken her back but love is love.
    Please everyone know that if you buy a pom from here you are going to get an adorable pom that will take a lot of your money in vet bills.

  • Ms
      17th of Jan, 2019
    +1 Votes

    @Macie Lu Holy [censored] you are just as bad as her! Your dog is messed up and you decided to breed her anyway? You’re an idiot.

  • Is
      25th of Sep, 2016
    -1 Votes

    I happen to find her place one day just by luck. I decided to check it out, unannounced, and was very please with what I saw. The family at the time was building a much bigger space for the dogs. All the dogs looked healthy and happy. She had a new baby and another hand full in and out of the house. At the time I was looking for a companion to my pomeranian (I got my pom from somewhere else) I had to admit her quality of poms was better then mine, her poms where thick triple coated and were short and compact with great features.
    I am not saying that your complaint is not valid, but before you buy any puppy from a breeder, you know who the mom and the dad and who the grandparents are, if you waited a year you had a year to do your research. For example right now there are some puppies available that I am very interested in but I did notice that they are a product of father-daugther litter. I am not an expert but from what I understand this is common, at times it could cause abnormalities but not all the time. I would prefer at least 1 generation in between but that doesn't necessarily mean you get a disease free puppy. I am still looking for a sister for my baby, I am going to be extra careful this time. My pom has no known genetical abnormalities and she super healthy, however I spent abour $2000 for her plus an additional $6000 5 months later because she had an accident and broke her two front legs.
    Now if I was the breeder to keep my reputation I would contact the rest of the litter owners to find out if these disease carry to each puppy in that litter or just one.
    I can understand your frustration, however, I do not believe this particular breeder is out to scam people but I do believe that nkt responding your calls is not tje right thing to do, as far as she helping you with the cost of treatments may be too much to ask, i think as a courtesy she can and maybe schedule something with her personal vet or arrange for medication for you at cost. I believe that you have every right to post your complaint please let us know if any of my conflict resolution sugestions helped.

  • De
      26th of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    I am very disturbed that someone would right this complaint using my NAME !!! This is a false post .Someone is trying to cause me trouble and One love poms .this should be reported !!
    Della M Monroe

  • Ka
      28th of Sep, 2016
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    This breeder has very bad ethics, I have a friend who has one of her poms. The poms is over 30 lb!!! The breeder said he would be 5-7 lb. The pom was diagnosed with many genetic disorders, the main one is bad patellas. This breeder does not care about her customers. My friend contacted her many times and asked her for a puppy replacement. The breeder threatened my friend with police if she doesn't start complaining. Do not get fooled by looking at her website. She is a skilled photographer who takes her poms only out when she wants to take a new photo. Her dogs live in horrible conditions. I saw it with my own eyes.

  • On
      28th of Sep, 2016
    -1 Votes

    Whoever is making these false statements is creating multiple fake accounts and bashing multiple breeders. All these statements are completely false and untrue!

  • Ma
      11th of Mar, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @One Love Poms HI I bought a pom from you and she had a litter of deformed grossly deformed puppies. She also has some issues with her eyes glaucoma possibly. I think you should get your poms genetically tested. The AKC will help you and you can advertise your pup with their endorsement as a breeder with heart etc... Good luck it will probably be just one with an issue & you might not even still have him or her there so everyone will test clean .
    If you know who the puppies parents are don't give full rights out to them. Good Luck I am not using my correct name. I paid top price for my pet & did not contact you but feel if I had you would have gotten your pets checked out earlier and saved someone agony. Good Luck!

  • Ma
      3rd of Sep, 2018
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    One Love Poms - Breeding mutts , puppy mill
    United States

    Kristen Wiles has sick dogs, she breeds multiple breeds together .I bought a dog from her that has liver issues ans black skin disease . Now she started breeding cavaliers with pomeranians to get more money as those are larger litters . Do not buy from this breeder .

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