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Omnipresent, Inc Aka International Magazines / Magazine Subscription Scam

1 FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 207-669-4204

Hello. My name is Valerie Edinger and I am writing in a formal complaint about a company called Omnipresent Inc. I have searched them online through the Better Business Bureau and I wish I did this before anything happened with them so I would know what Im dealing with.

A year ago (or so) I got a phone call on my cell phone from this magazine company called Omni Present Inc. I worked over night I believe at that point and they called me early on a Sunday morning on the cell phone so I was less than pleased about that. In my delirium (I was half asleep) they mentioned something about magazines. At that point I was a radio DJ (still am) for a radio station in NJ so i figured I could use some of these entertainment magazines for my show. So at first i agreed to pay for these magazines that I wouldnt even normally agree to if i was coherent. I shouldve hung up the phone because what happend since then was nothing less than a scam.

I would get these magazines not all that often either, and I had to pay out the nose for it. Whats worse is i had to pay out the nose to make it stop! The last purchase to make it stop was on one of my credit cards for $300 dollars, it showed up as magazines I believe. I thought that was the end of it. This week (December 4th 2008) I get a phone call from someone named "Anthony" at this phone number: [protected] I tried to search it online and had no luck. He did however tell me (when he called me earlier this week) that Omnipresent Inc. was bought out by his company that he works for right now called National ...?! (i know thats not the full name of the company i dont remember his phone was cutting in and out). Anyway i then told him that i didnt know what he was talking about when he said "oh we are calling to see how you like your magazines"...i then told him my membership with his company expired and he said that i am on a 5 year subscription contract with them and eventhough i cancelled it by paying the 300 dollars he told me that was only for the first half of the subscription! At this point i was spitting fire i was so mad and i then asked to speak with his supervisor to straighten it out, he then told me that he is only available and when i said i wanted the number for customer service he then told me that he would call me back later on in the evening instead. He called me back around 6:30pm and i didnt answer because i went on the BBB and found out it is a fraud scam. I just dont want any collection letters or anything affecting my credit from this situation...i dont know what to do because he said that i will be receiving a package from them this monday...which is tomorrow...i am so stressed and upset over this i just want it to go away but i refuse to pay anything since i took care of this already. Plus i went onto the magazine websites themselves and most of them already say that my subscriptions are expired and others dont even have me as a subscriber so what is going on here?! I hope you can help me with this. Thanks!

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