Old Navymanagement

I am a customer at old navy in downtown brooklyn ny on fulton street, i truly belive that some of the staff member's are being treated unfairly, there are so.e emplotees that are. Not being recognized for the hard work that they are displaying, as well as helping the customer, by going above and beyond, there is alot of favoritism going on and i do not believe that is fair to the realky hard working employees, this manager name is cookie at this particular store, if some one can investigate what's really going on in this store, would be greatly appreciated, the store is loosing some great employee's, and keeping the bad one's, who really have no regard for the customers. I truly hope that this can be investigated, with change or i will no longer be a valued customer, rhat you for your time, mr. Mmc

Dec 03, 2018

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