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I originally filed for Unemployment in Feb 2009 when I was wrongfully let go from my employer due to absense because of medical issues. I was approved and then my employer appealed it and won. I applied again and was approved 9/2009 and now OHIO unemployment is saying that they made a clerical error and I wasnt supposed to be approved. This is horrible! I have 2 small children to take care of! I need my unemployment. Ohio is wrong.

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  • 1c
      Dec 05, 2009

    You are not the only one having problems with unemployment. I filed mine three weeks ago, and am just now getting paperwork saying an appeal has been filed against me. I am so sick of the hoops one has to go through. It's OUR MONEY, JUST GIVE THE DAMN STUFF and let us be on with our lives. Now I'm am about to lose my second house in three months because our last one got foreclosed on. THANKS TO THE OHIO BUREAUCRATS, WE GET SCREWED. BUT HEY, THE RICH PEOPLE IN OUR STATE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT PAYING TAXES FOR THE EXTRA MONEY THEY MAKE. SEE WHERE YOU FIT IN?

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  • Ho
      Dec 15, 2009

    I would like to be able just to get through to file my week unemployment. I have tried now for 2 days to file for my week of unemployment, and have not got anywhere. I have tried 3 different phone numbers and every phone number tells you to hang up and file on the internet. Well I have news for them, unless you have your money showing in your account, you can not file on the internet. You have to call in and do it. How do they expect you to go out and look for a job, if it takes you 2-3 days all day long to hang on the phone and then you still can't get through to the unemployment people. What does this government expect us people to do? Obama says he needs to create more jobs! Well then start with hiring more people to work for the unemployment office, then maybe we won't have to talk to a computer when we call in. This system is ridiculous!!!

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  • Cj
      Dec 17, 2009

    I received a red letter and my pay stub reads pay held, I cant open the red letterto find out what the problem is, I emailed but haven't received an answer, And what a complete waste of time trying to telephone. All I have is a cell phone and I either lose the signal or the battery dies. Has any one else had trouble opening their corrospondance from Unemployment?

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  • Bl
      Dec 18, 2009
    Best Best Advice I have a question...I have been trying all week long to file my week of unemplyment and have been unable to get through. I am still trying as I type this but it is 20 after 4 on Friday so my chances are slim. So what will happen if I am unable to file by the end of today what will happen? Will I lose this week or will I be able to file whenever I can get through?? I am so frustrated with this system. The automated message keeps telling me file online, BUT I CAN'T because their system is completely messed up! Does anyone one have any answers to this?

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  • Ci
      Dec 21, 2009

    blr1976 - yes i have been having the EXACT same problem. I have continued to file online and each week (this is the 4th), it says "Pay Held". I also got a red letter but when I went to check it (a couple hours after ODJFS emailed me to check the messages), it says I cannot respond it and to contact my local office. I've called everyday and simply cannot get through. I don't know what will happen next, but I know that under the new terms, I am entitled to more money. I just don't know what they are going to do--very frustrating when rent is coming due next week!! Plz keep me posted

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  • Ci
      Dec 21, 2009

    cjaybid - Sorry, my last comment was for cjaybid, not blr 1976
    blr 1976, even if you cannot file this week, you should be able to still collect next week. The problem will be, however, that it's still going to be near impossible to get through the line. Try to go to the public library--you can access the internet for free and file that way.

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  • Tr
      Dec 31, 2009

    This is ### I have been trying to reach a human for 3 days never got my benifits this week, the last time this happened it took 4 weeks before i got any money. There has to be something we can do about this!

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  • Th
      Jan 08, 2010

    I've been fighting unemployment since August, 2009, I can't seem to get them to schedule a hearing, I've contacted our State Representative, who contacted them only to be told it would be a while. Now my husband is out of work, we have no income, will lose everything house, car, phone, etc. When I asked for contents of my file folder, it was such a round around, finally, I received it (sorta), and it was everything that I sent them. I want the so called proof my former employer sent (which I'm entitled to), however, it can't be produced. I spoke to one attorney who told me the state is going broke, and are putting everyone through this misery. That's BS...I've also contacted the Congressman which I haven't heard back. I tried to get an attorney though legal aid, and they don't handle these sort of cases. I also have a pending case against my former employer regarding their false statements for my dismissal. It was just another tactful corporate America company who wanted to get rid of someone who was making too much money along with a jealous manager. I hope I have a roof over my head and phone when the hearing is finally scheduled, but it doesn't look like...frustrated beyond words.

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  • Ye
      Jan 13, 2010

    Dear Citizens of Ohio,

    I feel for you. I have been fighting my case for unemployment for 2 years now since August of '08, it really started in Dec. of '07. My employer never appealed my case but the ODJFS did. They have no right to denying my benefits but they did. I appealed my case to the UCRC and was still denied. Received my file and found out that the Director and the Hearing Officer committed Fraud, made false statements, and never sent my file to the hearing officer, lost or destroyed my documents and never even really considered my case. I was just one of thousands that they felt they could get away with and rubber-stamp denied on. They have broken so many rules of Ohio law that it is ridiculus. I even appealed my case to the courts and was still denied. People please keep on fighting all the way to the Supreme Court till they recognize that we will not take it any longer. We put in the time to sacrifice and work hard to do what is right for this "great" lol nation and this state, and we will not be denied any longer. I am an American and a Veteran and we must come together in one voice to demand that We The People will not go down without a fight. Everyone that is suppose to help us, from our state representatives, congressmen and congresswomen, even the courts, are on state payroll now and don't care unless it affects their money. We must come together in one voice, on one day to announce that this injustice will not be stood for in this country or anywhere else. We must protest what is happening to all of us around this state. We must find someone to lead us to victory over the unlawful abuse of this goverment. I have worked for thirty plus years to find out that I can't receive what I have worked for all this time in case of me becoming unemployed an emergency is ridiculus. I say that we flood the offices of the Government Accountability Office, the Governor's Office, the Federal Fraud Office, our State Representative's and Senator's offices with complaints about fraud, false and misleading statements, violations of our 5th and 14th Amendment rights, and unjust abuse of powers by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Unemployment Division. Please pass this on, that on this date the 5th of May, 2010 we will flood these offices with our complaints to let them know that we our assembling under the banner of God's Army for the people. I heard somewhere that it takes a rebellion to show that things are wrong or to make things right. Mark your calendars people and send them letters on May 5th, . People to let them know that we are here and that we are not going down quietly.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Yeah Yeah 72759

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  • Ro
      Feb 24, 2010

    It, s a shame when someone has been an honest hard working citizen their whole life, then something unfortunate happens like getting fired because people just had it out for you because they didn't like you and they were up the bosses ###, if you will. The employer isn't always right or honest. They can write or say whatever they want to cover their own but! And we get screwed.where is the justice in all this? Signed, Give us what is ours! I just want back a little of what I have worked over twenty-three years for. Thank-you for listening.

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  • Un
      Feb 27, 2010

    I have had NOTHING but trouble with either not getting through on the phone to them, OR when I go into my UE online account, they are constantly changing the weeks around of when Iam suppose to file, OR I cant claim any weeks at all, they change it as it suits them. And one of my co-workers told me he had gotten sick while on unemployment and he let them know about it and they turned around and stopped all of his unemployment and told him he would have to pay back all of it even weeks BEFORE he had gotten sick!! What a bunch of AHOLES!!!

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  • Uj
      Apr 13, 2010

    If you want your unemployment try threatening them with threats or threaten to kill urself.

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  • Xo
      May 04, 2010

    They are a bunch of ###s.. I do know that we can take them to court of common pleas- what that will do, not quite sure.. but I'm not stopping until I seek justice!!

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  • Xo
      May 04, 2010

    They made not only ONE error in duplicating my employer, however they made 2 errors and now they're saying I'm overpaid because of THEIR freakin' error! Idiots! I'm not stopping with this fight, I'll fight to the very bitter end! I'm taking their ### to court!!!

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  • Cm
      May 11, 2010

    Okay, I have experienced the same issue. I was entitled to UC as of Nov 1, 2009, and they stated that because I had a child thereafter, I needed to prove that I wasnt disabled. NO doctor ever told me that I was disabled or not able to work. The day after I had my baby, I was up walking around, sitting, talking on the phone, bending over, working on the computer (looking for a job and emailing everyone about the new arrival). The past 20 years of my employment have been clerical/desk work, and having a baby did not effect this, nor was it the reason why I was let go from my employer (restructuring of the company resulted in the office closing). It is now 6 months later, going thru appeals, reviews, hearings, blah blah blah. They are dragging their feet, while I was required to submit documents and everything within 14 days, they took about 90 days just to set a hearing on the review/appeal. RIDICULOUS!!! I am seriously contemplating a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against the state on several grounds, including gender discrimination (they dont render a male disabled when he has a child - yes I know he doesnt physically give birth, but giving birth doesnt effect the ability to perform deskwork and to be honest, my uterus never typed a day in its life anyway - I did!!). Intentional Inflication of Emotional Distress, Contractual interference (state has obligation to provide UC when an employer pays in and an employee is eligible), fraud, misappropriation of funds, abuse of discretion, to mention a few. Also, I want the Governor (who is responsible for appointing members to the review commission) to either whip the people there into shape or fire them. I havent received the decision yet on the review commission hearing, but as usual, it will take forever. Meanwhile, I have zero income and a new child and no job and am facing losing my house. I really am gathering information to determine whether a class action suit would succeed.

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  • An
      May 14, 2010

    I'm in for a Class Action Lawsuit ANYTIME! I've had it with these idiots! I got a phone call from a woman from OUC in the technical services department and she said she was in the process of wiping out the overpayment and I should receive some money within the next couple of days.. ONLY to find out that she was full of CRAP! She withdrew my appeal, and so I had to file ANOTHER appeal! IDIOTS!

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  • Ye
      May 17, 2010

    Dear Citizens of Ohio,

    You would not believe the chit I am going thru, i appealed the decision of the UCRC to the courts of montgomery county, while waiting for them to send a date to go to court, I received my file from the unemployment office. I found out where my employer never appealled my complaint against them, it was the unemployment department that denied my benefits. the director that reviewed my case lied, and said that the employer didn't promise me those hours and that the employer said that they might attempt to give me those hours. The Director made this false statement specifically designed deny my benefits.

    Citizens, be aware that there are things that you can do to protect yourselves. i don't have my papers with me right now but I have information that maybe able to help some of you.

    By fighting my case for so long, I have found certain statutes that maybe able to help some of you. I'll have to get back with everybody later on this but give me a ring if you want this information.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Yeah Yeah

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  • Cm
      May 23, 2010

    All who are in for filing a Class action (assuming the law firm that I contact thinks there are grounds for such a suit), email me at [protected] I am sick of these governmental agencies strongarming us and treating us unfairly.

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  • Sh
      Jul 02, 2010

    My claim was overturned and benefits ceased on Jan 30th 2010. I appealed my former employer's appeal in February 2010. I took until JUNE 29th before I ever had a hearing. However, the original decision was overturned and I am eligible for benefits! YAY--justice prevails. BUT...I didn't know that I should have been filing claims since February. They didn't tell me this, and why would I continue to file if the claim keeps getting "DENIED"? So...they say I am out of luck in recooping all of the previous weeks and that I can only file going forward. This sucks. How hard would it to reinstate the benefits for the previous weeks I should have been getting them in the first place???!!!

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  • Lo
      Jul 24, 2010

    After the Federal Extended Benefits expired the first week of June, I, just like everyone else, was unable to file online. When I logged into the ODJFS website it "no claim can be submitted at this time". That was because Federal EB had expired, everyone knew this. If my web portal is telling me that no claim can be filed, why would I try to call in a claim?

    After Federal EB were restored last week, I called in Thursday and asked how to claim the past 6 weeks. They took my claims over the phone and now the status of each is "PAY HELD $0.00". I have funds available in my current tier. ODJFS also sent a correspondence I had to fill out explaining why I was late making these claims. ODJFS DISABLED WEB CLAIMS during the time EB were expired - they should have ALLOWED web claims to make THEIR jobs easier. Now they have to take claims over the phone when they could be helping people with other issues. Now I cannot get a person on the phone. The message says that all reps are busy due to high call volume and ends the call. Poor management!

    Please EVERYONE email Senators Brown and Voinovich along with Gov. Strickland and let them know that they are creating loopholes no to pay out claims. Below are links to their contact pages to send them a message: Gov. Strictland Senators

    P.S. The State of Ohio is the Government and cannot be sued. Contact the Governor, Senators, and media (, 6 on your side, etc.).

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  • Te
      Aug 05, 2010

    HA! Here my complaint...I filed for the retro extension the first day we could. Still have not gotten any payment for the retro. Got paid for last week but still no retro. I call the unemployment office just about everyday. I let them know that the claims online show up as denied. Whats even funnier. Each person I speak to, tells me a different reason as to why it is showing denied. Each one tells me that they have the issue fixed and I should see payment within two days (Hence why I call every other day). And every two days, I get the same issue. All of the claims show denied. Each person acts like I have not called them before. Each person says that no one notes my account that I spoke to someone. Each person promises to note my account about what has been done. The last person I spoke to tells me that they have to send some email to technical to get the issue fixed. Well funny because someone told me they did that last monday nearly 10 days ago. SO I ask...can I speak to someone in technical so that I may find out how long this will take? Answer...we dont have a phone number for you to call them. Can you call them??? We dont have a phone number to call them. Well, the electric company, gas company, water company, and mortgage holder are all at my door ready to disconnect all my utilities and kick me out. Well sir, we have millions of people to help out and you have to wait in line. Millions??? Are there really millions unemployed in Ohio? And we wonder why thier systems never work.

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  • Sm
      Aug 09, 2010

    it is impossible to get through to a real person ever. i have been trying for weeks to get help on the phone since my account has been screwed up. i am on hold for hours and then disconnected or told there are too many calls and abruptly cut off. i sign up for the call back program and they say they will call with in 2 hours, and never call back at all, what a shame, all part of the government no accountability problem. today 8/9/2010 i am on call back on one phone since 8:30 am and am on another on hold since 11 am, its now 1pm. what a poor excuse for service, and these are the people we pay an enormous salary to and also give more benefits tyhan we can afford ourselves... and we continue to allow these people to represent us.

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  • Ro
      Aug 25, 2010

    I had worked for a printing company running a gluer, the company bought a new gluer and hired someone to run it,
    making me a high payed packer. my supervisor aproached me and asked if i would like to go back on 2nd shift, i said yes,
    my supervisor came out of a meeting and said, " if you go back to 2nd shift we will have to pay you packing rate."
    i said ok i'll stay on 1st. the next week i worked 3rd shift 4 days of twelves. i was asked with 24 hour notice if i could work
    a fifth day, i agreed on the spot not knowing if i could find a baby sitter. NO BABY SITTER. so i tried to tough it out.
    i started feeling light headed, muscles twitching, and lights seemed to flicker. i drank a five hour energy drink and talked to a couple people about the way i was feeling. after working 8 hours i became upset about my helpers performance ( i was doing her work to) because she was also tired. i felt this was to much for me (running a machine the way i was feeling) and told the shift supervisor i wasn't feeling good and me helper had nothing ready and i was upset so i was going to clean my area and go home, he said ok. the next day the HR person said i walked off the job and i didn't say anything to the supervisor about
    At my hearing the HR person brought a statement from the suprvisor saying i never mentioned being sick.
    how do i subpeona my witnesses if i don't have thier address?

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  • Ju
      Sep 02, 2010

    Ok since we are all sharing horror stories here is one for everyone.
    I have contacted the Governors Office 2 times with a little help not much. I contacted the news and no one ever contacted me back. SO i filed over 6 months ago for unemployment. I was allowed for 2 months an then the company i was with for 9 yrs lied to this government agency and stated I quit. ( WITH NO PROOF)... My benefits were cut off and it has been appeal after appeal for 4 months. STILL nothing. Just had a hearing and I have to wait for the results stand in line is what I was told when I called today. I even cried and stated they are going to start foreclosure on my home i am a single mother. So MARY from the review commission says o well I'm sorry you are going through this and you are not the only person. There are many of other people also. REALLY? How can you even feel proud to say that B/S to someone. I cannot get legal help or government help because they all know what is going on and are doing NOTHING to fix this issue. Just having more and more people jump through hoops to hopefully give up. NOT ME... I have way to much to lose including my pride..

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  • Od
      Oct 05, 2010

    The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has a long history of giving clients the wrong information and of computer problems. From the continuing misinformation I receive nothing has changed. Maybe it's the flees, mice and snakes.

    When my benefits were cut off I called the unemployment office more than once and was told my benefits had run out. I talked to Peggy at 877-574-0015 and Nancy at
    866-221-0558. I also kept checking online to see if I could still file weekly claims and could not. After being told No and not being able to continue filing online, why would I keep calling and asking a question they had already given me an answer to. I have not moved, my e-mail address has not changed and my phone numbers is the same. Why wouldn't anyone contact me if there was a change?

    When I discovered that ODJFS had lied to me I contacted Sen Brown who had "Martha Ferenchik" call me. "Martha" who kept demanding to know exactly who and when I called ODJFS repeatedly refused to give me her name! It took a long time to get her to give me a (hers"s?) name.

    "Martha told me that it was NOT POSSIBLE that the ODJFS computers would not let me file.

    Martha Ferenchik also told me to go to a One Stop and talk to a State Employee -which is impossible.

    July 27th "Martha" told me that I could go to any One Stop and talk to a state odjfs employee. When I went to the One Stop in West Columbus, they told me there were no state employees there. I come back home and call the number on the state odjfs website and "Vicky" told me there had not been state employees at the One Stops for at least 6 years.

    I talk to "Martha" again, she still claims there are state employees at One Stops and will look up addresses . A man in the background is telling her that there aren't state employees at all the One Stops. "Martha" gets back on the phone and says, "well, there aren't state employees at the hubs" . Now she is claiming that she never told me ALL One Stops had state employees.

    The last time I talked to "Martha" when she changed her story about all the One Stops having state employees she gave me a specific address of a One Stop where she told me to go and to logon to Scoti and look for jobs. She told me to go to 3723 S. High. I went there and it seemed like there were only waiting rooms and a long counter. I took a number D44 and asked a young, thin, black man with glasses behind a podium in uniform if there was any place there I could log into Scoti, as "Martha" told me I needed to do. The young man said, no, there has not been anything like that there for at least 2 years.

    After having received differing weird sums of 12.50; 25.00; 94.00 I received a notice that they changed their mind and will now sue me if I don't give it back (8/9/2010).

    Also dated 8/9/2010 is a statement saying the claim has been appoved!

    ODJFS web site is still having problems.

    Due to internal processing, the online Appeal functionality is currently unavailable. This functionality is available every day from 6 AM to 6 PM. Please review your determination for Appeal deadlines and other options for filing the appeal.

    Someone should run on cleaning up this ODJFS crap.

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  • Fr
      Jun 11, 2011

    The Ohio unemployment system may be broke. But much worse, it is broken. It is a fulltime job to beg for the tiny amount of money--and then you don't get it due to their incompetence. Citizens of Ohio get the laws changed to deliver unemployment benefits according to a simple formula. No hoops to jump through. No amateur websites. No homemade video lectures to sit through. No naive counselors who have never had a real job. Just charge the employers by a simple formula. Allow anyone whose job ends to walk into your center with ID and register for automatic payments. If the next employer start paying the person, stop the benefits. If 12 months pass, stop the benefits. But, what am I going to do now to solve this problem? Move--same as all my friends have done--pack up and leave the state. Sorry. Bad jobs when you have them. Bad unemployment when you don't. Total fail. The "Big Sort" continues and Ohio is losing. This is one more reason why.

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  • Dm
      Jul 20, 2011

    I have had multiple horrible miscommunication problems from my Tiffin, OH Processing office and ODJFS out of Columbus, OH since beginning unemployment the end of 2008!!! One office says one thing and the other office says yet something different. Tiffin confirmed I was eligible to receive State EB this year and released the funds to me, then in May, I was told by Columbus that I was not eligible and Due To Their Error, they still are demanding I repay almost $3, 000 immediately. Their constant Notices are confusing, and my Appeal Deadlines continue. I just believe there is some way to fight this??????

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  • Tr
      Sep 09, 2011

    I worked for TIme Warner for 3 1/2 years, I got very high praise from customers, I got ad atech awards from Timewarner, that means a customer calls timewarner and gives a very high review of the timewarner employee, I got 3 letters of recomendations, and visa cards, Timewarner gives you a money card if you keep getting high praise. I try to help the customer in any way i can. One day i was at a customers house, there mother who rents out the downstairs basement, looks like an apartment, I was upgrading there roadrunner to roadrunner extreme, I went downstairs to go look at the mothers computer and she was telling me that her husband passed away not to long ago, and she has all his pictures on the laptop and her desktop, but the laptop wasn't working and the Desktop was full of viruses, and not only his pictures, but all her paperwork, she was realy upset and didn't know what to do. I finaly told her i Can't help you right now being on the job, but here is my number, to call me and i'll come back and get your computer and laptop and try and get them backed up for you and fix the computer, I didn't charge her or anything, I was trying to help her. Make a Long story short, Timewarner said I broke company policy and fired me. ( funny how Mike Melvin had me go check out a computer that a customer said a timewarner employee messed up, under the table like, that was breaking company policy then to) but i will not go into all that here, I filled for Unemployment, unemployment said i was let go under wrongfully but they still said they'll give me unemployment, Timewarner appealed it, I won, they appealed it again, i won, they appealed it again, and each time TIMEWARNER changed there story. that was even shown in paperwork we got. anyways to make it short, I lost this time, and unemployment said i was Justified in being fired, and that i didn't qualify for Unemployment. and now i got to pay everything back. whats even weird, Is when you file for unemployment, they let you know, if your fired unjustly you may not qualify, Now when i got the letter on the 3rd appeal, it was saying now, that if your fired unjustly you may not qualify, and if your fired justly you won't qualify, UNEMPLOYMENT HOW ARE YOU QUALIFIED???? just by layoff??? I worked hard, and never took advantange of unemployment or walefare or handouts, I work for everything i get, Now me and my wife not working, every little bit we saved is going, almost gone and about to lose everything, you pay into unemployment, now there craping on peaple, not only me, but other peaple are telling me that its happening to them also, Timewarner acts nice on commercials, but don't let that fool anybody, on how they treat individuals and there employee, I'm asian american, and i had to put up with stuff there, not getting into it here. but y0u here of all the unemployed now, how are they getting there unemployment? i'm just trying to figure out what i can do, i'm probibly going to try and get ahold of my congressman, But fighting against the state or against a huge company like TimeWarner who has peaple in there pockets, what can you do?

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  • Le
      Jan 06, 2012

    My husband works in construction and is usually laid off 2 months out of the year. He'll work a few weeks, be laid off one or two then go back. He's having all the same problems it seems that everyone else is. He CANNOT get through on the phone, the weeks constantly change for filing requirements, we aren't getting money and we have two children and are behind on the bills. The rare times he got through which was months ago, the lady he got said there was nothing she could do to help him even if mistakes weren't his fault like when they switch the day to file or he'll do everything he's supposed to, send it in, and they'll say they can't find any record of it. He's had more than 2 "waiting weeks" this last year...ridiculous! He just got off the phone trying to call them again and was on hold for 43 minutes until out of nowhere the call ended! I can't even get a job with two degrees because no one is hiring around here, I'm being completely honest that I have sent out 100+ resumes/applications since graduating from college with my last degree in August. There must be something we can all do. This is just depressing...

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  • Ov
      Jan 11, 2012

    I am totally confused with the system. I had benefit money left as of December 25th, then one day after I filed, it said I had a zero benefit amount left. Refiled, it said pending for 2 weeks and the automated center said is would be processed shortly. Then tonight it was all cleared with no record of my past two weeks of filing and again I had to do another application. The automated said I should receive notification within 4weeks! What is going on? I was only on unemployment for less than 12 months!

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  • Fl
      Apr 18, 2012

    I feel they have value to the complaint. But due to the political arena that now exist in the state of Ohio. This being a republican ( for me attitude that is demonstrated by Gov. Kisach sorry for the misspelling of the gov.last name. As I have viewed the republican party has lost the values it was formed in foundation, is no longer of apparent. One must only look @ the national mess made by the republican administration of the Bush Presidence to understand that we are in the unemployment problem due to the misguidance and greed of the administration and the value they hold, ("it all about me attitude") one look at just the chencey involvement with the oil capping I Iraq that he was directly involved with the corp., that cap these well. To my knowledge of this, the involvement by Chencey was a constitutional violation of holding public office and being involved with a corporation dealing is illegal. We as the long time unemployed have suffered by the tyranny of greed among the members of this party, and I to lost my unemployment in 08 and have not found full time employment since, even returning to gain a university education has not enabled me to find employment which provides a living wage and benefit, that I may continue to my education in seeking a brighter future. It is a mess and the politicians do not under the frustration and concern we the long term unemployed or under employed deal with each day. Shame on the government both on the federal level and state level, for letting us the one that filled the tax buckets for so many years to suffer from their misguidance and inabilities to govern for the people who worked hard for many years. Many who still suffer from this type of governmental practices, today. Don't let the reports on the news of the unemployment rates to be dropping, the truth is that as much as 18-21% of individuals should be the true unemployment rate, remember the reports are based on those that still report or collect unemployment, for many of us this unemployment ran out over a year again or longer, mine end in March of 2010. What a mess.

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  • Mo
      May 07, 2012

    I have a pay held on mine in the computer online. I went to work for one week and made a 104 dollars and reported it like i'm suppose to . Well they gave me one weeks pay but the week i worked they held.Should'nt i get the difference in money seeing that i get 179 dollars a week? That leaves me a 75 dollars behind because i tried and did the right thing to report it, whats up with that? I guess if its less than 179 i wont do the job.

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  • Wa
      Aug 24, 2012

    The Department of Jjobs and Family Services denied my claim, even though I quit with just cause and provided all necessary info with my first claim. I then appealed, resubmitted the info, and they acknowledged that I had just cause (I was offered a job with a new company, but they gave me a completely different job unrelated to my work experience.) Howwever, because the appeal took eight weeks to approve, they denied me those eight weeks of benefits. Then, when I could not get into their website, I tried calling them, and the phones kept disconnecting me automatically. This occured while I was out of state seeking work, and they not only didn;t allow me to get the benefits I was trying to file while out of state, they then denied me those following weeks because I was out of state! Each time I appeal one of these determinations, it is summarily dismissed and I have no recourse. It is utterly ridiculous, and I know it's all part of our glorious governor who hates workers and is trying to bolster his jobs performance by denying people benefits.

    There really should be a Federal inquiry--if the Feds planted a couple people to see what is going on, they'd see who unjust this cat and mouse game is for the State to play with hard-working citizens who are being shafted by the labor market and, now, the state government that is supposed to serve them.

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  • An
      Dec 03, 2012

    I filed for partial ue in Sept of '11 and was approved, however, I was still making more than my benefit rate so it didn't make a difference. Well my hours were cut again this past September so I filed again...After all the waiting and back and forth my claim was finally approved. I worked a couple hours one week and the next, nothing, so unless I knew how the claim process worked I wouldn't get paid because you have to file an additional claim if you work on week and then not the next. Thank goodness I check my account almost daily because I don't trust them. I have had 2 times where they did not pay me accordingly, now I log in this morning to see "Pay Held" on my account. Listen the measly $167 a week that I get is barely paying my bills and to not have it 3 weeks before Christmas I am certainly not happy. This is all because they asked me to work a measly 2 hours and I did and reported the whopping $18.62. Obviously I should have denied the work (still lost my unemployment) or not reported the earnings (get caught committing fraud, and still lose my benefits)...What the heck do they expect you to do. Its not 8:02 am and I am sure that I will sit on hold for the next hour trying to speak with someone, and they just opened.

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  • Wo
      Mar 21, 2013

    Just started the laid off at duke energy. This should be fun. All ready 20 days behind on rent, electric due, the love of my life left me and I have to sit in this place reminds me of her while getting behind on child support. I know, man up. But it's hard when your broke in the pockets and in the heart:( good luck to you could always be worse I guess

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  • Mr
      Jun 23, 2013

    Can ANYTHING Be Done? Do these people have ANYONE To Answer to? They are playing with our Livelihood!! I have exhausted all of my appeals. and now have to go to the Court of Common Pleas. ABSOLUTE BS!!

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  • Pi
      Oct 12, 2013

    Uneployement is the biggest scam for the government to still money, my plant shut down were i worked for 10 years so i signed up, and my last week at my last job i got a new job that would start a month later i was good could use alittle time to relax get that last job of my mind, so i did my waiting week and the next week as i signed up i put on the online sign up sheet i did not look for work because i had a job and put when i would start and then the ### denied my check, so the neck week i lied and said i looked for work and got my check so u got to lie to them thieves to get anywhere so when i started my new job i was a line lead of 4 people and one of them worked with me at my old job as i got him hired there as well, he got pulled over in the parking lot on our second week there he asked me to clock him in so i did because i was his boss he was only 3 mins late comeing in the building and they found out and fired us both, when i signed back up went thru all the paper trails and waited 4 weeks they held all my pays and still denied me, i cant stand our government that we have anymore

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  • Er
      Apr 05, 2014

    the state of ohio is crap. after working so long and so much money to deduct taxes. the end of all they steal your money legally belongs to you. sprucing up the economy ever so much less abusing citizens ..

    I do not recommend anyone ohio state ... is so backward and customer service is lousy. This unemployment office ohio state does not work. Should close this office and fire employees because no help at all and steal our money ...

    should be taken to court and be punished and put in prison.
    are thieves and commit fraud and errors constantly

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  • Ki
      Nov 26, 2014

    I was played off October 6 2014...I had over 28 weeks of employment. All u need is 20 but they still said I didn't have enough weeks. Its BS...ITS now November 26, I have no heat in my house, no food, no phone. I talked to lady at unemployment and she went over my case, saying there should have been no problems. So now the have taken my case to the review commission and say I have to wait till December 8th. I should not be in the Appel's anyway due to their screwup. I'm so frustrated.

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  • Si
      Dec 04, 2014

    I think it is RIDICULOUS how they treat you like an inmate, or like THEY are doing YOU a favor! This is NOT "TAX" money, this is OUR money! I AM SICK OF my phone ringing EVERY DAY with a pre-recorded / automated message of one thing or another, and ALWAYS reminded that I am "REQUIRED" to or "EXPECTED" to, I "MUST" this or I "MUST" that, or it is "MANDATORY" to do this or that or my "BENEFITS" will be denied. I follow every single "rule" that they have and do N O T deserve or APPRECIATE this S**T. My neighbors (neither of which are employed, nor have they been since I've known them), have a seemingly endless supply of weed to smoke, never run out of food, have a vehicle as new or newer than mine... And nobody hounds them?? They HAVE to be receiving some sort of "assistance" of the tax payer dollar type, yet I AM THE ONE BEING TREATED LIKE A MOOCH!!! WTF ! ! ! ! EVERY SINGLE day I get a phone, email or BOTH. I've been employed since I was 13 years old, and this is my first time EVER collecting anything other than a paycheck, and this is how you're treated. I guess they need to hound the people that work for a living to keep paying for those that VOTE for a living.

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