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It's a Blessing we went elsewhere! STAY AWAY FROM OFFLEASE ONLY !!!My pregnant wife did some homework and found this dealer. She is due real soon and her lease is about to expire so Sunday, I took her and our 16 month old there to buy a R350 Mercedes she located on line. We were told we would be approved for financing but being self employed we needed to provide proof of income. Meanwhile, we are sitting at Lori's Desk and another sales ASSociate makes a comment to the back of my head, "sure hope you get approved, I've got a cash buyer that buys a lot of cars from me interested in that car!" I could not believe the audacity. They managed to string me along for days with we need another document yatta-yatta. Finally I went back to get my deposit because by this point I knew they were going to tell me I was declined. (They can't legally sell the car out from under if a deposit is down but they can tell you financing is not available and get away with selling to another dealer.) Isn't that what happened John/Lori??? After Reading other peoples reviews and stories, I am high fivein' G-d the car was schist'ed out from under me. Needless to say Carmax financed me in 15 minutes no problem on a car in much better appearance and over all value. I have never had a worse buying experience in my life.(period) John/Lori If you read this thank you from the bottom to the top for not putting my life and the lives of those I hold dearest to me in one of your altered, incomplete, run down, malfunctioning, mismatched, aftermarket, ragged on, wore out, deathtraps !

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  • Si
      Oct 23, 2012

    Same story - different username "beaumont" - a little overkill maybe?

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