Ocwen Loan Servicingmrtg ripoff

Sc Apr 01, 2016 supposedly in florida

ocwen loan servicing inc. has screwed us for the last time... i just found out yesterday that for some unknown reason they have kept my 2015 and 2016 mrtg pymts made in a "suspense" acct and cannot even answer why my pymts have not been applied to our acut they say they will "investigate" well we know how that goes.. i decided to do some investigation of ocwen on my own... in 2012 the were sued and found guilty of numerous loan practices, the list can be found at cfpb website also they are being monitored per the suit by this co and states attorney generals.. you can read all at " you can also file complaints re; ocwen with them by phone or online.. they are supposed to report complaints to the please file your complaints... also like us if you live in other states notify your news stations to do a story ... this co is all over the web re; illegal mrtg practices and it has to stop...we are not going to let this continue anymore you should not either.. my email is [protected] please go public file complaints with the ftc and the cfpb.. they will take it seriously...on 1 website alone there were over 42, 000 complaints "consumer and this is just one web site. i will be doing my homework to get this publicly to ours news and attorney generals office and cfsb.. please do the same ocwen has to be stopped from this illegal activity once and for all... and if you think homeowners do not have the power " remember it took only a monica lewinsky to bring down a president... evil can only exist if no one does anything about it...also file complaints with your local senators and congress people they will listen if they are shown the enourmousy of what ocwen is doing illegally to their own voters... quit complaining and lets all get together and teach them a lesson in "justice""

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