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Hollywood, United States
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I hate them with a passion. In oct 13 2010 I allowed my girlfriend to drive my car to make an errand. She gets into an accident and she was at fault. Around that time I was insured with Ocean Harbor Casualty. It was an PIP policy, Im sure you all know what that means. Few weeks later they called my girl for a statement and wanted one from me too but I was at work. The next day Im calling Ocean Harbor to give them my statement they didn't pick up so I left a message. Thinking they might be busy if they don't call me back I will try again. I call them back and have been calling for 4 years (2014) they never answered or call me back for my statement. I call customer service they transfer my call to whon Im suppose to give my statement to, never received a phone call back. I have left numerous messages nobody never call me back. I received a phone call from a claims department saying we are on the verge of getting sued by one of the other driver insurance company, that they need the statement from Ocean Harbor so everything would go through. So again we made numerous call to Ocean Harbor and again no answers. I call the claim department to let them know I try calling Ocean Harbor to give them the statement you guys need but they are not answering or returning any of my calls. What am I to do if I have been paying a PIP policy and when something really happen I can't get a hold of Ocean Harbor. Where is all that money I'vebeen paying them for something like this. Today we received papers that me and my girl are being sued. This is ###. I had insurance at the time. Why weren't they returning any of my calls. They were quick to take my money but provides no service. Who does that, only fraudulent companies does that. This isn't fair at all and somebody needs to get to the bottom of this because this is wrong. It is against the law to take peoplemoney and provide no service, come on. Im sure Im not the only complaining about this Ocean Harbor insurance company. Please someone investigate because we work hard for our money to allow a group of ### to steal our money like this.

Jan 17, 2015

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