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I went to the presentation of the company Ocean Canyon Properties. After that 5 people started to offer different vacations, which I didn’t need. Also they started to offer discount and other stuff. After a couple of minutes, one guy persuaded me and I ordered vacation from them, but it was mistake. The vacation was horrible and this fake package didn’t provide all entertainment and services. Bad company, so stay away from them.

  • AngieN's Response · Oct 19, 2019

    They admitted the fault of the last one but instead of telling you they can help you out, they offer is an upgrade, of course with an additional fee. That previous person conveniently no longer works there.
    I have called Member Services and tried to get out of the contract to be told I can't resale until our contract is paid in full.

    The RV sites are ok but do the cabins or "hotel" facilities they have are nasty and disgusting. Of course they will show you their nice newly built cabins but they happen to never be available when you would like reseve one.
    We stayed at one of their cabins and bedding was not provided for the pull out sofa. We had arrived after hours so we had to make a run late at night to purchase bedding for our kids to sleep on. That night/morning I was also bit by a brown recluse spider which resulted in multiple doctor visits/hospital visit/prescriptions. I now have a forever scar to remind me of this horrible place.

    I thought we might try them again and we stayed in their "hotel" facility which was extremely disgusting. The kitchen cooking tools were useless/broken. The couch was disgusting and nobody wanted to sit on it. The shower was nasty and if I could have chosen to not take a shower I would have. There was mildew and hair on the shower curtain along with many other things not cleaned in the entire room.

    I have yet to hear back from the member services representative and assume I probably will not. I will be looking a legal advice to resolve this horrible company.

    Please take the time to read all the reviews. It seems nice in the beginning until you have been hooked.


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      Oct 26, 2019
    Ocean Canyon Properties - Camping Membership
    Branson, MO - however, they have several locations
    United States

    Do not fall for their lies! Wish we would have read the reviews before signing. We have been members for 3 +years and have stayed less than 10 times counting 2 free stays. I have talked with the the sales manager at Ocean Canyon Properties about the misleading and high pressure sales pitch and lies we were told.

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