O'brien Ford / Service to my 2013 ford escape

I had recently took my Ford Escape in to have two recalls fixed and also it needed a water pump and gasket, so I usually don't have any problems with obrien ford but when I went to get my car, I have to say patty and Casey always help me so they gave me a rental, I went to pick it up after hours and turned in the key for my rental went to take off in my escape and there was a loud pinging noise I think it was the fan belt not put on all the way, so my daughter and I was stranded till I got aaa and had to pay them to take me home, there was oil or dirt all on the passenger seat of my car, and a cover that was laying in the floorboard of the car which I am not sure if the person that worked on it did it or not, very disappointed because first of all if the technician couldn't hear the pinging he doesn't need to work on cars period, and if I'm going to pay 642 to fix it I would appreciate they fix it, this is my daughters car what if she drove it home and totally messed up the engine because of some technician that didn't do their job right, I would had to buy another car and 10, 000 that I payed for it would be down the drain, I want my car fixed right and want it clean without oil on my brand new seats.Also they were suppose to put in my extra key in the car and if they don't have it or lost it I want another one made for free.
Thank you
Sonia beams

Mar 28, 2017

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