NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority)they should find a reliable contractors for the maintenance.

i have a work ticket for 2 years to paint the bathroom, after 2 years of waiting, bathroom has already developed mold and peeling paints. these contractors showed up and everyone of them told us they have to do the whole apartment or most parts of the apartment otherwise, they wont take the job. even though the paint in the other areas are totally fine, they still insist to paint them all. letting them paint the whole apartment is not a problem, but our home is stuffed with tons of things. they need to paint every room, every wall, not just spot painting. so we need to remove all of our things to where?? and we have to smell fume for next few days? r u serious? we just want to get the bathroom fixed and seems like these mexican contractors are taking advantage the shix out of the nycha. leaving tenants to deal with these issues which i find it ridiculous to deal with. they come up unannounced 3 times already, telling us the same shix. paint it all or nothing at all. i want to stop paying rent until they fix this problem.

Mar 05, 2016

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